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THE BIRDS - A Healing Experience

Updated on September 27, 2010

Distant Healing with Birds

Happily and contently sitting under a tree in my garden, I was suddenly prompted to get up and go straight inside to my computer - a little odd I thought at the time, given that I was on a roll with some writing I needed to catch up on, and was very happy doing so. ‘Something must be up’ I thought to myself … to hear the word ‘Yep’ in instant reply.

I was pleased to see notification that Debra Joy had written me a message.

I had been given what I call ‘the nod’ or ‘the nudge’ by spirit a few days earlier, instructing me to contact Debra just to say Hi and to make contact. I knew the particular reason would become evident in time. I had read all of Debra’s posts in the forums and felt a sense of ‘like-ness’ and of being akin in some way.

I joyfully replied to Debra’s message and promptly sent it off, not really expecting to hear back from her for a day or so.

Within seconds a reply came, telling me of an incident to do with her friend and co-collaborator with ‘the Difference’, Georgina ….

Interestingly, I had also been prompted to contact Georgina, getting ‘the nudge’ some days prior, in fact. I had no idea that these two ladies even knew each other, let alone are true friends. I’d written to Georgina to say Hi and introduce myself … clearly with a higher purpose yet to be revealed.

A reply message was in my inbox from Georgina that morning responding to my ‘Hello’ message … the Universe pulling strings again, knitting up the ties for the forthcoming events so that they would flow smoothly … (of course!) Debra told me in a later email that Georgina had mentioned only the day before that she’d thought I’d sent her an email ... which of course I had, but she’d been away at a conference so hadn’t yet received it.

The plot thickens and the strings tighten.

Georgina’s brother John had been in an accident and was in a very serious condition indeed, and was currently in hospital undergoing emergency surgery. Debra’s message told me of John’s head, brain and lung injuries.

At the mention of that I stopped reading instantly and instinctively reached into my desk draw for my ‘Healing Book’ and promptly wrote John’s name down, sending my prayers along with it.

Going back to read the rest of Debra’s message, the very next sentence was a request for me to place John’s name in my book.

Debra stated that this was taking place NOW …. as in RIGHT NOW!!

John was fighting for his life in hospital right at that very moment. I had to do more that just write his name in the book.

The Universe had timed it just right and I was prompted within to begin a healing session for John. Quickly reading further along Debra’s message, she too was about to begin a healing session. I knew I’d best join her and combine energies, prayers and positive intentions.

I took myself outside to sit in my special spot under the trees and made ready to begin. I was acutely aware of all the bird activity around me - more so than usual. It seemed exaggerated, magnified, amplified.

Trying to fully focus on the healing, the birds stepped up the ante and at times were just about deafening in their intensity. It seemed like every bird in the bush had something to say and contribute … and they were saying it very loudly indeed! I was so aware that I could not only hear the birds directly above and around me, but I could also clearly hear the many voices of those birds far off in the distance … passing on the message.

A tiny sparrow flitted amongst the branches up in the tea-tree which I sat under, trilling and singing constantly - keeping to a consistent rhythm and beat. She kept it up the whole while, as though she was playing the part of the broadcaster – or MC perhaps.

My resident magpie (who my daughters affectionately refer to as my ‘stalker’), sat on a low branch above my head and gave all a glorious and continuous concert, using all of her beautifully soaring vocal talents.

The surrounding trees, by the sound of the enlivening racket, was heavy with birds of so many different kinds, yet unified in one song and intent. Even the hum of the many bees in the gardens surrounding me seemed to be amplified, magnified - the bees vibrantly buzzing their messages with constant, uplifting and unified hum. There seemed to be a higher number of butterflies about the place aswell and at regular intervals the flowing breeze would whip my many wind chimes in the surrounding trees into a melody of bells chiming, sending their clearing and positive energies along with the wind.

It was the birds that really set the scene though. My pet cocky Jo (no, I didn’t name her that myself…) sat silently, almost solemnly, …(on my boot with one talon hooked into the hem of my jeans to ensure she didn’t slip off) - her eyes closed and head down as though in prayer and meditation along with me … her yellow crest feathers lifted as high as they could go, looking a bit like a golden, feathery antenna.

All this seemed to go on for quite some time, although I wasn’t really aware of ‘time’ at the time.

I sat listening to the sounds all around me whilst focusing on sending healing light and energy, palms upright and open resting on my knees, receiving and sending at the same time. I could feel my hands, wrists and arms zinging and vibrating ever so slightly, but with great power and force. I began to feel a warm energy flood through me and up and down my spine. Flowing down my legs to my feet on the ground, I felt heavy but very light also and I could feel myself pulsing with the energies of the earth. I could feel Jo’s weight on my foot - yet she too seemed weightless along with me.

I felt very ‘connected’ to all at that moment.

I asked spirit how things were going with John and was told in a sweet, soft and dreamy-like voice that ‘it was working’. I couldn’t have felt more grateful, happy and relieved to hear that.

The birds, meanwhile, kept up their combined song. Some birds would fly off squawking their message and others would fly in, landing on nearby trees to listen and take part. Long after the healing session ended the birds kept up their activities.

- - - -

Going back to check my inbox afterwards, I’d received a message from Debra stating that John was now out of surgery. Perfect news!

In subsequence messages to and fro, Debra and I both marveled at the ‘coincidences’ and intricate synchronicities the Universe had to put into play in order for us to join forces to amplify the healing experience.

Hearing from Debra the day after the event with news that John was still in a critical condition, but certainly showing positive signs of recovery, was yet more wonderful validation of the power of positive prayer and of what we are able to achieve as One. I also view it as a pure indication and manifestation of the gathering effects of ‘The Difference’ coming to positive fruition and touching and linking us all - and vibrating throughout the world and the Universe.

Joanne   Sacred Scribes


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