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The Chart - The Journey of Sanctification

Updated on May 11, 2020
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

The CHART - A True Believer's Walk with God.

As we gain knowledge of God, the more unsearchable He becomes.
As we gain knowledge of God, the more unsearchable He becomes.

What Does It Mean?

Red Line - The path of the born-again believer from the high point in their non-Christian life being drawn to an encounter with Christ; followed by one's gaining greater knowledge through the Word, learning that God is God and we are not.

Blue Line - Our concern for anything to do with God being nothing but growing in spite of ourselves as the Father draws us to our encounter with Christ; followed by the realization that the gap between the believer and God is constantly growing greater as we grow in grace; esteeming ourselves less and less.

No believer has any problem considering Moses, Paul and the others of scripture as being holy men of God. It is interesting that in Romans 7:24, Paul states ' … oh, wretched man that I am …', not, that I was. The more Paul witnessed the power of God, he never lost sight that he was nothing, except by the grace of our God.

Every saved soul has a chart that reflects their lives before and after their being accepted in the Beloved. Some will grow quickly in knowledge, others will seem to be on hold for a season or two while some other's charts resemble a roller coaster. Per 1 Corinthians 1:26-28, God has chosen the weak, the foolish and nothings of this world to be His. This goes against the grain of those who believe that God chose them because they were special in their own eyes.

It is impossible for a believer not to grow at the pace God has pre-ordained for each individual, for as a loving Father, He will make sure we learn what He wants, when He wants us to know more of Him. We cannot have an expectation for every child of the King to be where we deem ourselves to be; for we have not arrived to where God will eventually take us.

The purpose of the Chart is for every person to examine themselves as instructed in 2 Corinthians 13:5.

Sanctification: Our Personal Testimony to the Grace of God.

NO believer is without a testimony, for without one, you are not His.
NO believer is without a testimony, for without one, you are not His. | Source

My Red Line Journey

I had a great childhood in a small town, did well in school, was an accomplished musician and true to form I went off to college in 1966. In 1967 I found myself joining the Marines. Why, only God knows. I took right to the rigid Marine life and became a Vietnamese interpreter. I was actually enjoying myself as a Marine until February 6, 1968 when my life was turned upside down due to personal and physical injuries. Suddenly, my world seemed to be spiral out of control as I took some serious meds for pain, leading me to massive depression, to the point of contemplating suicide quite often.

In September 1968, I decided to go home one last time on leave, looking for a reason to keep living. I found nothing … until September 19th when a mysterious thought popped into my head that I should visit an older gentleman who always had been super kind to me in the past. I knew he was kind of religious but when I came to his door, he looked at me, then looked at his wife and said: dear, its about time for you to go to bed, David and I need to talk. I met Jesus that night around midnight and as Christian in Pilgrim's Progress, the burdens fell off and I laughed. Not because it was funny, but because I was so overwhelmed by the joy of being free of depression and thoughts of death. When I returned from leave, my men noticed something dramatically different about me; I had lost my foul mouth. I could now actually talk with words greater than a single syllable and use crowd friendly speech. I had not noticed this change until they said something, to me it was really exciting; maybe I was a new creation.

I have never looked back though I have traveled some very difficult roads to be where I am today. A little over a year ago; late 2018 or early 2019, I was teaching from the small book of Jude when I came to verse 3. The phrase 'contend for the Gospel once delivered' rocked my spiritual life as I took it to be speaking directly to me. I had been publishing articles through prior, but now I took the battle to the social media where there is a war for the souls of men raging. I reply to the posts and beliefs of others, whether Christian or questionable, as life lessons for those I shepherd directly, along with hundreds of followers on social media. Now on to the reason for The Chart.

There is a Reason for the Hope Within You.

Many today struggle with testifying to the Hope that lives within; the world needs to know.
Many today struggle with testifying to the Hope that lives within; the world needs to know. | Source

My Purpose for the Chart.

As I stated earlier, every true believer has a Chart to which they can measure their own relationship to God but never for judging a fellow brother or sister in Christ. When I took the Jude 3 passage to heart, I then began earnestly to contend with those espousing bad doctrine, not necessarily heresy, but more than likely biblically illiterate. It has always been amazing to me over the years the amount of the biblically illiterate among the congregations; many who had sat in the pews, years longer than I. I now realize that many of those really nice folks were religious but not saved. They were converts but not disciples. Also, I found that some were just not educated in the Word; they were actually hungry and due to various reasons thought being in 'church' was all that they needed. When they were exposed to the meat of the Word, they became ravenous for more. It became a defining moment in several lives: those who wanted more asked for more, those who desired the status quo moved on and the legalistic changed their address, looking for confirmation of their personal beliefs.

So many are caught up in dead-end situations, have found the preacher to tickle their ears or are like a troubled sea, wondering how all of the here and now makes sense. My object with The Chart is two-fold:

  • First is to bring life lessons through which allows me to post these on the social media sites. When confronting heresy or just plain bad doctrine, the majority do reject my replies, which actually is fine by me. It is those on the proverbial sidelines, looking at the battles being waged and determining which side of the battle they are going to join, if any.
  • Secondly, those who are students of the Word, will be able to garner more ammunition for their own battles. We all need each other in this battle that is soon coming to a climax for the Church worldwide. Iron sharpens iron; I love it when others go the extra mile to defend their positions concerning doctrine. I too, must always be teachable or I will have failed in my calling.

1st Timothy 4:16 – Paul's admonition to his favorite son in the Lord, "Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine…' and in 2nd Timothy 4:3 'For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine …'. That time is upon us NOW. May God bless you during these amazing days with a spiritual strength and increased dependence upon our Lord Jesus for our tasks ahead.


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