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Analyzing the Christian World and Life View

Updated on May 8, 2021
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Nyamweya is a Kenyan scholar who has done many years of research on a diversity of topics.

The christian cross
The christian cross

Each person and religion in the world has its view of the world and life. This is irrespective of whether they are conscious of it or not. There are specific presupposition harbored by these people and which influence their view on life and the world in general. A worldview is similar to a set of lenses which may influence the way individuals perceive the world around them. Individual’s worldview is shaped by many factors including religion, upbringing, education and their immediate culture or those brought about in movies, books and even the media.

Religion is a reference and belief in a supernatural being who is referred as the creator and ruler of the universe. The world today harbors many different religions that have different beliefs and gods. Further, these religions have their own view towards the world and life (Kant, 2011). This paper will however evaluate on the world and life view of Christianity as a religion.

Christianity, which is the world’s largest religion with over 2.2 billion faithful is a monotheistic religion that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, which according to them, is the messiah and son of God. Jesus Christ, they believe, is both fully human and fully divine and the savior that was prophesied by Old Testament prophets (Lewis, 2008).According to Christianity, God is only one and is the one who made the earth and entire universe. He also made man in his own image. This however, does not imply that God is physical with bones or flesh, rather, the image of God is with regard to his spirit, rationality and character (Hinnells, 2011). Since all people are made of God’s image, they therefore deserve honor and respect. This also translates that humanity did not evolve from random processes or the common scientific theory referred as evolution to become emotional or rational beings.

World and Life View

In accordance to Rusbult, (2013)a world view is a world theory that is used to explain life in the world. It is a mental mode of reality, a basis for ideas and perceptions concerning the world, humanity, life, beliefs and the answers for the broad range of questions. As we saw earlier, there are various factors that affect world views and these may include, religion, culture, experiences , developed values and many more. This is why various individuals and groups of individuals do have varied worldviews.

Engelsma, (2013) on his part says that a world view is a comprehensive and unified view of the entire creation and its history including the source of creation, the purpose of such creation and the general goal of the creation. Engelsma goes on to articulate that an individual’s worldview is determined by his belief or rebellion in God. A worldview defines people’s life and gives it its distinctiveness. A worldview is the driver of most aspects of life including worship, education, work, leisure, family or marriage, entertainment and so on. In essence, worldview is closely related to the regard with culture and the related products. It as well incorporates the development of man with regard to creation including his or her abilities and talents.


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