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Updated on May 20, 2014

Why Christians Should Understand and Discern Worldview

As Christians, it is crucial to have knowledge on what a worldview is in order to grow in truth as well as assisting others to grow in commitment (Goheen, and Bartholemew, 2008). If we don’t have a Christian understanding with regard to a world view, then it will become easy to have a non- biblical worldview because of the influence from such elements as music, film, television, theatre, academia, books, magazines and so on. Since the world we live in is selfish and fallen, ideas from non biblical or Christian sources will sway Christians to incorporate them into their individual worldview and in most cases, without their knowledge (Tackett, 2014).

For instance, majority of Christians are aware on 1 Thessalonians 4:3 and other scriptures which commands Christians to evade sexual immorality. However, it is many times when Christians commits sexual sins or lust because of the seductive nature of the society that is much sexualized.

It is important for Christians to understand and discern worldview because they need to live in God’s truth. Failure to understand and discern this will result into their witnessing to be misleading and confusing. Most people go through life without realizing that there individual worldviews has been arguably influenced by the world. Such influences may be from the media, secularized historical view, science, and politicks, law and so on (Pratt, 2009). Further, the aspect of the relationship of Man and God has affected people’s thinking more than they can realize. Owing to these aspects, individuals are then taken captive by philosophical concepts that are deceptive and hollow in nature which are then depended on the basic world principles and human tradition instead of relying on Christ (Colossians 2:8).

Through diligent application and trust in God’s truth in every aspect of their life, Christians will be able to develop an in -depth and comprehensive faith that will assist them in withstanding the tide of ideas and concepts that are non biblical. By capturing and embracing God’s worldview and have a trust in it, Christians will be able to make right decisions and to appropriately respond to controversial questions such as gay marriages, abortion, stem cell research, cloning and choices of media (Wolters, 2005). It should be noted that at the end, it is the actions and decisions they make which reveals on what they believe in.

A Christian Answer to Questions Providing the Basis for Worldview

Who am I?

There are many times in people’s life when they do feel that they actually need to try and find themselves. In doing so, they ask themselves in the same old question which has been handed down from generation to generation, who am I, what is expected of me. This search for an individual’s identity begins in early adult life. This is when individuals feel the need in exploring their heart, identifying what they like, solidifying their beliefs and on how they could get on with life. In answering this question and the question of man’s origin, man has tried to come up with some interesting and outrageous conceptions concerning man and his origin. For instance, evolution theory claims that man evolved from monkeys (Ham, 2008).

For Christianity, man is a creation of God who created him in his own image and for his own glory. 1 John 5:7-8 say that there are three which bear record in heaven, God the father, the Son and the Holy spirit. These three are one. There are also three that bear witness on earth, the spirit, blood and water and these three agree in one. It should be taken into consideration that a human body consists of three parts, blood, spirit and water. Water is a representation of the body since much of the human body is water. Blood is a representation of the human soul since the DNA in blood is used to identify a particular person. On the other hand, man’s spirit is the part, which listens and obeys acceptable or unacceptable things (Langley, 2009). According to Genesis 1.1-3, God’s spirit was moving upon the face of the water when he was creating the earth. The issue of man being God’s image stems from here since God is spirit and a part of man is spirit.

Christianity as a religion has by all honest standard of arguments proved to have much weightier evidence in support of its world and life view. For instance, its view towards life is that man was essentially created to bring glory to God. According to Isaiah, 43: 7 God says that he is the one who formed man for his own glory. For Christianity, each person was brought in this world with a special purpose and reason. Although every individual is different with another, there is a special reason why God brought such a person in this world. God’s plan on each person’s life is predetermined and is referred as the will of God (Knitter et al 2010). Christianity has an essential belief that anybody believing in the Lord Jesus Christ will go to heaven to live eternal life. In heaven, people will experience peace, joy and have time to worship and praise God. Hence therefore, Christianities’ view on the life purpose is that man was created to glorify God, through righteous living, and following the will of God (Omura, 2009).

Where Did We Come From?

Christianity affirms that the earth and planet in which individuals live was created by God and that people were put in there to care for it. God is the creator of heaven, earth, and all that is contained therein. This is the general perspective of Christians and the world “all” includes life. World creation is covered in Genesis I-III, which also stipulates the order in which the world was created and man’s destiny. This story starts with the earth being a formless void and darkness covering the deep face of the earth (Genesis 1:2) (Will, 2007).

For Christianity, the doctrine of creation is the beginning of the bible and the center of Christian faith. This doctrine is emphasized throughout the Christian scripture. Christians are expected to commit themselves and understand that the world they live in was created by God as described in the book of genesis creation account (Tozer, 2011). Therefore, Christians are expected to fight in all costs, the evolution doctrine which claim that the earth emanated from the “big bang”. In essence, the entire Christian scripture asserts that the word and the universe general originated not from some matters or objects that were preexistent, but directly from God’s will. The significant element in religion is with regard to dependence. According to Christianity, man must feel that the world, human life and all its constituents is dependent upon God. This is the basic attitude of Christianity (Orr, 2011).

There cannot be a sound excuse for not acknowledging God as the creator of the world we live, the universe and all things. This is because according to Romans 1:1920, all evidence is there in the world that reveals the might power of the almighty God, the creator of all things. Further, science has continued to display massive evidence in support of the biblical creation stories.

Apparently scientific theories of evolution have failed to explain evolution adequately, because in their explanation of the same, they have left many queries answered. Just taking an example for the scientific concept that man evolved from monkeys, people are asking on whether there were any such scientists who was a witness to that cause or still why are still monkeys there, they could have all evolved and therefore disappeared. In addition, these scientists have until now not discovered any genetics that could be able to evolve anything new. Since evolution theories have failed to fully explain the origin of the world, divine creation accounts therefore remain to stand out as the only viable, and intellectual belief for all people including these scientists.

What is wrong?

According to Christianity, there is much evil in the world today because of the sin of our first parents Adam and Eve. In genesis 3-1-19, we read that once Adam and Eve ate the fruit, their eyes were opened and they realized that they were naked. Adam and Eve tried to hide their responsibilities for their individual actions but they could not actually hide from the almighty God. After questioning, God spoke curses to them accordingly. From that day, humanity started to experience physical death. This means that it is the sin of Adam and Eve, which brought death that humanity is experiencing at present. Although death was not the plan of God when he created, disobedience of the first parents is what led to death experience (Genesis 2:17). (Jefferey, 2010).

After the fall of Adam and Eve, both plants and creatures were changed, the serpent was changed physically. Women now started experiencing sorrow and pain in child bearing and men had to toil in order to obtain food. Plants started producing thistles and thorns instead of being useful vegetables and fruits. Relationship was badly affected. In addition, suffering, decay, corruption and aging became part of life.

Many world aspects and the world problems have become a trouble for many people. However, Christians are directed on the issue of marriage, family relationship, selection of friends, child rearing. Although there is much trouble in the world today, Christians can use the Christian values to avoid being influenced by today’s philosophies. They are concerned on the consequences of the world’s sins and the relation of the world civilization (Patheos, 2013). The world has come to embrace promiscuity, has condoned drug use and violation of law has been extolled. However, the Christian is expected to look for other means of entertainment and relaxation. The Christian must consider Christian values when selecting the kind of activities to undertake.

How to Fix It

Apparently the existence of God and his involvement in creation cannot merely be proven or disapproved by arguments. There is virtually nobody who had had an adequate knowledge and certainty to argue that God does not exist or that he is not the creator of the universe and all that are therein. On another hand, although some people may construe that testimonies alone may not be an adequate proof on God’s existence, there is no doubt that they constitute evidence. For instance, far many people have given testimonies to knowing Jesus Christ. Apart from the miracles that continue to happen regularly in life, many have claimed inner strength, peace, and joy that cannot be explained. By honest standard of arguments, Christianity has a much weightier evidence to support its worldview and life view with regard to creation, the status of the world, man and God as the creator of the universe and many other concepts.

Conclusion: Validity of Christian World and Life View

In essence, the Christian atheistic world and life view is able to account for the laws of logic by simply stating that they are coming from God. For instance, Christianity asserts that God is a transcendent God that is he is beyond a material universe since he is the one who created it. In addition, God is the origin of logic laws since they reflect his nature. This means that logic laws are absolute. The atheistic or scientific world view have failed to account for absolute laws of logic and therefore, the Christian world and life view remains the only valid world and life view that is logical.

According to the Christian worldview, the almighty God is the creator of the universe and all that is therein. Christianity understands God as the creator and his creation through the lens of his revelation in the bible, and through the lens of natural revelation in creation, reconciled with scripture and with human reason. This understanding is for believing and living in accordance to his will and thus, glorifying him in one’s mind and life for the present life and thereafter. A Christian worldview can be distinguished from other worldviews in that it identifies God as the source of all truth, which is unique. In addition, it associates this truth back to an understanding of God and his objective for the present life and the next life (Carl, 2009).


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