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Updated on March 18, 2012

To understand the psychology of a Saint, one must understand his Divine status.

Firstly, while a soul is under the rule and command of maya (the illusion of world which makes firm decision in minds of people that there is happiness in world), aSaint is above the rule and command of maya, and God is the commander and the Master of maya. Thus, a Saint's actions are never influenced by material nature. In fact he keeps maya under his control. Thus, while a soul remains completely under the influence of maya, a Saint holds maya under his command.

Although a human, a Saint, and God (during His appearance period) all act in the same world, their situations are different. We can understand this better by an example.

Suppose a person commits a crime and is sent to jail. He is free to move about in the prison, but within bounds. If the king of that country wants to visit the prison, he comes in with the jailor. Now all the three, the prisoner, the jailor and the king, stand on the same ground within the prison walls, but it does not mean that everyone standing within the Premises of the prison is a prisoner. The jailor is free to come and go according to his own will and the king is the owner of the prison, although he seldom visits it.

Similarly, in the material world souls remain under the bondage of maya as prisoners but Saints are free, and God descends sometimes on the earth planet.

Secondly, the mind and the senses of a Saint are Divine, while the mind and the senses of a human being are material. So, with material mind and senses a person can perform only material actions, but for Saint it is impossible to do any material action because his mind and senses are Divine.

Thirdly, according to the process of creation, God inspires maya then it evolves and the universe comes into being. The human mind is the product of maya. The mind is purely material and collects knowledge by different associations, so a person, according to his feelings, ambitions and decisions, acts in the world.When a person receives the vision of God Kristin, the maya, which is situated between the soul and God, disappears. So, the effects and forms of maya (viz. causal body, subtle senses and the material mind) disappear, and in their place stand Divine senses and Divine mind.

The actions of a Saint are governed by his Divine mind and his mind is directly governed by God. Thus, a Saint's thoughts and actions are Divine, while an ordinary person acts according to his own will and motives and so he himself is responsible for his doings.

See the Ramayan,

Tulsidasji, the writer of the Ramayan, says,

"I am being directed by God what to write." It means that God is the operating power behind a Saint's mind.

Fourthly, every Divine form is a form of God. Thus, a Saint's Divine mind and senses are also a form of God. It means God represents Himself in two forms, one as God Himself, and the other as Saint. So, God and Saint both are one and the actions of a Saint are God's actions. That is why in the more highly evolved stages, a devotee sees the image of God in his Guru's body (if he is a true Saint), and on complete purification of his heart, he experiences the reality of the dual Divine form of God, that is the oneness of his Guru and God.

Although constitutionally God is the supreme Master and Lord, and a Saint is His eternal servant, yet both are the same in the sense that God is absolute Divinity and a Saint is a form of Divinity. For these reasons, the writings of such Saints, who come to this earth planet as Spiritual Masters, are also called scriptures, and are equally honored with the Vedas.

"The doctrines and the writings of the rasik Saints are the original truth and the explanation of the Vedas (which reveal the true path of Divine love realization)."

Lastly, the classification of action (karm), such as good, bad, ascetic, ritual and devotional, is done from the devotional point of view. The doer of such actions receives the outcome of these according to his motives.

A Saint is beyond the rule of maya, moreover, he does not wish anything for himself, rather he imparts his Grace to others through his actions. So his actions belong to the category of Divine. These have no concern with the above classification of actions.

Goodness and badness are born of limitations (maya), not absoluteness (Divinity), so a Saint's actions are naturally Divine.

Saint and God.

There is a beautiful verse in the Bhagwatam, explaining who is Saint. It says,

He whose mind never leaves the refuge of Krishn's lotus feet, even for a fraction of a second, is a Saint." It means a Saint's mind remains absorbed in Divine love all the twenty four hours.

A Saint is such a person who cannot do anything but experience Divine love. Yet it is seen that Saints live in society and act. How does this happen? Through their Divine power.

We can understand the situation of a Saint and God in this way: When the individuality of a Saint is taken into consideration, it is said that God dwells inside the Saint and the Saint dwells inside God; and when the whole Divine phenomenon is taken into consideration, it is said that Saint and God are not two but one in two forms and God Himself manifests His Divinity in, the form of a Saint.

Again, when the Divine state of a Saint is taken into view, it is said hat he is such a personality who is ever absorbed in Divine Bliss, and not is the director of all of his activities; and when the nature of a Saint taken into action. it is said that he is the form of Grace and his each and every action is to Grace the souls.

To Grace is the nature of God, and Saint is a form of God. So the absolute Divinity Krishn and His associates, the Saints, have similar natures, and Their every action is to Grace the souls.

In practical life it so happens that when a faithful person comes in contact with a Saint (as the Saint lives in the society) he receives his grace, and after surrendering to him the person truly starts his devotion. And after complete purification of his heart he receives the Divine vision of God with the Grace of the Saint. From the beginning to the end, only the Saint helped and Graced him in attaining the Divine. So, from this point of view it is said that Saint is greater than God, as he ensures Divine vision and Divine love to a soul.


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    • moneycop profile image

      moneycop 6 years ago from JABALPUR

      thanks ashish

    • penofone profile image

      Anish Patel 6 years ago

      ur wise and loving... thanks again for you..Arab Johnson..

      I can buy you a ticket to freedom but I don't want to...

      Life beckons love to exist...

      A.O.LFreedom from the confines of existence...



    • moneycop profile image

      moneycop 6 years ago from JABALPUR

      yeah u r right...absolutely..

      one must not only concentrate on the alphabets of a book, infact after reading that must be taken into practice and that can make u wise. And if one knows how to love then there is no need to read all this..he is GOD himself because God is full of love thats y he fogets our sins and helps us after so many mistakes. He loves unconditionally.

      Sinner is never a winner...days may be of satyug or kalyug....for that one has to learn the meaning of winning..

      ravan was also a winner...

      i am not arguening as u r living in mumbai and u r much practical then me..i just sit alone in a room and take tution away from all those sins...but yes if i would be in that environment then it would be real test of mine. So i have to make it.

      yes uncontionally loving is the nature of a true saint..of course.

    • Nikita lmfao profile image

      Nikita lmfao 6 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Insightful :)

      But have to follow it up by Saint kabir's saying

      *Forget about book learning, no matter how many books you read, you wont become wise, you wont become the saint. A few words of love and you will become Pandit, try it*

      Unforunatelly nowadays, sinner is winner!! ;)

      The saint is true when he's willing to love unconditionally, am i right ? :)