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Updated on August 22, 2010


I am not 100% religious. I am amongst those humans that have a plan for my last days. I intended to play ‘my get out of hell at my dying bed’ card at the last minute (hoping to be of old age). I’ll skip the lies most pastors tell; sin is kind of sweet, that is why we are tempted to commit it. Though it’s wrong, it’s sweet and if it wasn’t sweet, we would not have been tempted by it. Resisting temptation is as hard for humans to avoid as it is for a drug addicts (rehabilitated or not) to avoid drugs. After all, in the Bible, when the devil tempted Eve and she tasted the fruit, she liked it kept eating and even ended up recommending it to her husband who tasted it and ate it. If it was bitter, Eve would have spat it out and dare recommend it even to her enemy.

Been sweet those not change the fact that it is wrong. No matter how one try to justify whatever sin committed, the fact remains the same; IT WAS WRONG. Not trying to sound holy and righteous and all that (I have enough sins stuffed in my closet), but have read a good deal of the bible, mainly the book of revelations to have my doubt on Plan A and begin to consider Plan B (repent far sooner….like right now)


First person that caused my doubt was a prophecy by Nostradamus and I’m not really referring to his predictions that have come to pass but the once that haven’t. There was one that I got from a reliable source (no I didn’t read it anywhere but this guy did and he told me about it) that he predicted the last pope and according to whoever took his time to calculate it, the last post should be Pope Benedict. After him is the beginning of the end of days. I’m not sure if he stated what to expect then but I know another reliable book I read and it is not good.

This book I refer to, generally called the Bible, also stated signs of the end times and right now, we are living in those times and seeing the signs and show worry about what happens next.

:-It talked of wars and though the truth is that though we have been fighting wars since the beginning of time, the choice of weapons of these times should bother us. Like the guns, bombs, grenades and rocket were not bad enough, we had to go nuclear and though worse news is that every Tom, Dick and Harry wants it, the worst is Tom and Dick might just have enough to destroy the world. Now man has always had a reputation of been careless and making terrible decisions but the idea that the ability to destroy the world is now in the hands of man should frighten everybody.

:-The natural disasters happening these days have increased to a rate man should be worried.  There are floods and earthquake happening everywhere so much that before UN and other relief organizations have finished helping a natural disaster affected area, another takes place and it’s still going on. We were not done taking about Haiti we have to worry about Pakistan and the flood, China is already been flagged as a place we might have to worry about and it might go on. I mean we are getting direct rays from the sun….the north and south pole ice is melting at an alarming rate….water and air pollution caused by oil and carbon and increased and will keep increasing….we just survived the first blow of economy crisis and more punches should be expected and we are not prepared for it nor will we be cause there is too much money in a few hands. Rich draining the economy and getting richer while the poor works harder to get rich and never get there. At this rate explain how the economy won’t collapse beyond recovery. (I am not referring to those that worked for their money but those that embezzled and laundered theirs)

There are too many things happening that is speeding us to the last days of earth and little is done to slow it down. The way I see it, there are only three ends to this. It’s either the world ends in a big explosion with no survival, the global economy finally crumble and we either go back to trade by batter or war and kill most of ourselves, or there is a God and he’ll come clear the defects that cause the world to be cramp and make it a better place cause the way I see it, we humans are not trying to. I’ll rather believe there is hope for a miracle than accept the end of all things and since I believe God is the hope, I’ll rather be a part of the effect of the fix than the defect of the cramp. I write this in hope to motivate and maybe get just enough to join me and maybe with luck fix the world……


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    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 6 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      I appreciate your comments that you make on my Hubs. Yes, let me know if my healing system can help. Enjoyed this Hub. I don't worry about the end of the world. I think there is a battle inside us between the negative and the positive. I try to help others win that battle. Namaste...Gary.

    • yazoogal43 profile image

      yazoogal43 7 years ago from Malden

      oh yes, had we not rather live our lives believing in God (which I DO) AND DIE AND FIND THERE IS NOT ONE, THAN TO LIVE A LIFE LIKE THERE IS NO GOD THEN DIE.... AND FIND THERE IS ONE? YES TOGETHER WE CAN SHOW LOVE.......

    • "Clouds Among Us" profile image

      Kevon Scott 7 years ago from New York City - California - London

      This is an inspiring piece of writing, which is so much similar to the book entitled “ Far From Heaven” In this book they explore, and invite you to listen too historical aspects of events.