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Updated on June 4, 2016

Background Knowledge

This is a very intentional passage of Scripture for two reasons. First, everything that Jesus did was very intentional and second, John recorded more of Jesus’ discussions with this woman than He did most of the other encounters throughout the book including His discussion with Moses & Elias on the Mount.

At first glance when you read John 4, you might not have noticed that Jesus mobilized His very first missionary in this chapter. Vv. 28-31 show the Woman of Samaria leaving her water jar behind to tell everyone about Someone who knew the Truth about her and spoke hope to her.

Even though she did not have a great reputation in this city, she boldly told about Christ which leads to v. 30 which shows that she got the people to come out of the town and to Jesus. V. 42 shows that through this woman’s ability to point the crowds to Christ, the town believed. Even though they were very clear in saying that it wasn’t her record, but Jesus’, she convinced them enough to come out to Jesus and hear the Truth – saving a whole city.

Missional Application

Similarly, while we are on the mission field, we shall not be pointing people to ourselves, we’ll be pointing them to Jesus, and trusting the Holy Spirit to plant and sew seeds.

While on the mission field, we’re going to run into people like this woman who feel no hope and who feel dry. Reflect on how your conversations with broken people can offer people Living Water like in vv. 13-15.

John 4:38 says, “I sent you to reap that for which you did not labor. Others have labored, and you have entered into their labor.” Jesus is also sending us to a city where the ministries we are partnering with have been laboring, and we’re blessed to partner with them and reap even though we have not been the ones pouring years of ministry into the ‘soil.’ Reflect (and journal) and pray on this.


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