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The God of Yesterday

Updated on May 9, 2017

The God of Yesterday

Joshua 1-3

It is not easy being a protégé of a very successful person. It becomes really challenging when that person leaves/dies and you have to step into their gigantic custom made shoes. This was the case for Joshua, a naïve faithful mentee who looked up to Moses his mentor who happened to be a friend of God. Moses had experienced God and had become an expression of God. This same God was his own advocate. I mean this guy had seen a side of God and he had personal one on one encounters with God. He was no ordinary ruler. The extraordinary ways of God were so ordinary to him.

Now Moses dies and God buries and Joshua takes over the mantle of leadership and when you read Joshua 1 you can tell that he is afraid and God has to remind him by psyching him up 4 times to be strong and of good courage. God also assures him of his continual presence with him just as he was with Moses. Uncertainty is a very uncomfortable space to be in, when you know that you must move and that the future is beckoning but you do not know which direction God is calling you.

These are the times when we sail into prayer and bang the doors of heaven and rarely do we give time to God to speak or at times we rely on the methodology of yesterday hoping and praying that it will work in our today and when it falls flat on our faces, we grumble. It would have been easy for Joshua to get a rod and just like Moses touch the edge of river Jordan and wait for it to part.

This time God changed his way; the Levitical priests were instructed to carry the ark and step into the Jordan and as they did this act of faith that was a first time in Israel’s history, the Jordan stood in one heap and the Israelites crossed over into the promised land.

You have been praying for a long time, I think it is time you allow God to speak. Try the listening prayer today and ask him “Lord lead me, show me, guide me, tell me the how, when, who and where?” don’t rely on yesterdays instruction, there is a new prompting for your situation today.


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