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Updated on March 2, 2017

The early dawn foreshadowed the great awakening. A pallid golden light mirrored, by the great cliffs, rose high above the sea. The earth trembled, and a crash, like thunder rumbled upon the deep threatening seas. Huge dark waves rose to tremendous heights. The Great Goddess rose from the Sea..

Her tawny golden hair, fell like silken tendrils upon her knees. Her large emerald eyes glistened like diamonds. She wore a white sparkling gossamer gown. She raised her staff towards the sky. Luminous white light lit up her face in blazing glory. Silently she stood tall and proud upon the shimmering sea. Beautiful mermaids, and leaping dolphins danced around her with joyous delight. Sea creatures of every sort, surfaced to greet her, with great love.

Lovingly and with compassion, she spoke to the people of the earth. Many of you have called upon me. I have heard your sorrows and great lamentations. A great challenge has been given you and once again you have failed.

You have been given free will, to make the choices, that you have chosen..You have been given the power of thought. and thought creates your reality! What have you done with your abilities to create? It is true, you have created great civilizations!

Many of you have created great wealth, and you have accumulated many possessions. You have all the great technology, that ever existed in ancient civilizations.

Ah, the question is, has it made you happy? What is it for?

I ask you now, to remember long ago, an ancient memory, you were there, and I was there with you! You were very happy then. It was a great time of peace and joy. Love prevailed upon the land. Do you not, remember the ancient songs, that we all sang together. Music and dance filled the air. The people lived in great harmony and spiritual enlightenment.

Slowly love turned to hate. Lust, greed, slander, lies, murder and ancient hatreds became rampant.. Wars ravaged the land..mankind fell into misery, they soon turned their backs on the great wisdom of their teachers. They turned towards the pursuit of sensual pleasures, drugs and alcohol to cover up their pain.. Soft and weakened by their dissipations, they soon fell into sorrow, suffering, old age and death.

The earth began to shudder, and groan. The smell of sulfur, stenched the air, with noxious fumes. Hot boiling lava began to flow from Mount Mu. Dark threatening clouds gathered across the horizon.. Great swirling funnels blanketed the sky. Lush vegetation gave way to parched, cracked earth. Great quakes shook and trembled the ground. Landscapes, became unrecognizable.

Far away,in the distant sea, a great thunderous noise was heard. A huge towering wave, which had never been seen before, was roaring ashore. Determined to destroy everything in its path, it found its mark.

The great lands of Atlantis and Lemuria, took one last heaving breath. They sank quietly into the depths of the sea. Millions of terrified people perished. A few indeed would survive, the great boat they journeyed to far off lands.

I have come once again to warn you, my precious children, heed the warnings.

Awaken from your dreams. We know indeed you are all like actors in a play, but you really believe the play is real! We do know your thoughts, your dreams, disappointments, and your yearnings...

Remember your happiness is not here..your homes that you have built, have been destroyed or fallen apart, your great civilizations have disappeared, your great loves, your families, and friends have perished or abandoned you.

You have sought many roads to happiness, but all of them have failed. Many men have given up in despair, when they realized no matter what road they took, disillusionment soon set in..

This could have been their greatest opportunity. They could have sought the Great Godly Wisdom, within.

Build up that which lasts, remember, whom you really are, and why you have come. You do have a great purpose in being on this earth. Create that which is noble, and true! As a child of God., you are very holy. See truly the holiness of your sister and brother, and try to see their fears and anger as a call for love or help..

Love one another. Remember love will indeed lighten your way, through all darkness and despair.

Create that which is beautiful, and good. Help those in need. Pray, meditate, and give thanks!

If a huge wave comes, then reach out your hand and calm the sea, always knowing that death, is not real, for God is always with you..

There is a way to live fearlessly, in this world, in a peaceful state. "I am always safe in the world" is a statement of power, but love and compassion is the greatest power of all!!

Life is eternal. The body as such, is not real, and some day you will realize that, when you have fully awakened. Its all been a dream, within a dream...

We will assist you, if you choose to call upon us. Call upon your Father, by whatever name you call home. Jesus, your avatars, your wise teachers the archangels or ascended masters are all here to assist you.

Know you are never alone. Go in peace, knowing you are always loved! I am always with you.

I am the Goddess of the Sea, your Divine Mother.and I love you all equally, my children be kind and compassionate to one another and forgive one another, all the mistakes made by each other.. Count up all the good things that a person does instead of dwelling on their past mistakes. We will indeed guide you and give all the correct information in how to heal your lives and your relationships. which will evolve into a win-win solution, if you so listen.Your sinlessness is guaranteed by your Father..As you choose to grant mercy to others, you too will be given mercy. Death has no effect upon your beautiful spirits nor does it destroy anyone..Please do not harmone another through arguments, or war your women, men, neighbors children or your so called enemies in a physical way. The law of God's is only LOVE.. Only God's plan will work, all else will fail All will be corrected through the illusion of time and through each other. You will always live within God. You never left home, you just thought you did! The angels that thought they fell from heaven were indeed the person or persons who show up in your own personal mirrors of life.Look deeply within in your own mirror and you will see your own angel staring back at you.. Create a new image by your own choice, my dear ones..Do not defend yourself with murderous words. Words of anger, will only weaken you, causing you to suffer, feel depressed, vulnerable and sick, prone to accidents and death..Change your thoughts, to right-minded thinking. Always defend others from physically harming you, themselves, or others.

A loving Father never commands his children to murder or harm another and neither do I. Love one another as I love you.

With these final words, The "Goddess Of The Sea" sank, softly down into the deep, blue sea...


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  • Jay C OBrien profile image

    Jay C OBrien 3 years ago from Houston, TX USA

    This article is a description of God/the Ideal as a loving compationate God who is non-violent and oft forgiving...most merciful. God/Allah/Krishna is warning of an impending disaster should we not change our violent ways.

  • Donna Suthard profile image

    Donna Suthard 5 years ago

    Thank you, you have spoken well...

  • Chuck RitenouR profile image

    Chuck RitenouR 6 years ago from Front Royal, Virginia

    Blessed be.