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SCORNED The Mind of Cain II

Updated on June 1, 2015
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Our passion may inspire us to fight, but how we feel, or our opinion may not be a part of the war strategy.

King Solomon, Sunday School Young Adult Quarterly, June 2012, pg 47
King Solomon, Sunday School Young Adult Quarterly, June 2012, pg 47 | Source

Royal Successor

King David chose Solomon as his successor to the throne (I Kings 1:30). God loved Solomon and he established his kingdom with wisdom. He receiving the benefit from Israel's reign at the height of peace and prominence as a world power (970-931 B.C.) “Solomon is said to have spoken three thousand proverbs and his songs (psalms) numbered a thousand and five. Tradition assigns Solomon authorship of the Songs of Songs, Ecclesiastes and many of the sayings preserved in the Book of Proverbs.” (The Revell Concise Bible Dictionary, pg. 509)

The Wisest on Scorn

King David’s son Solomon wrote about a scorned personality in the introduction to Proverbs (Chapter One). He knew of Micah's bitterness by experience. Solomon was shielded by a royal barrier propped in place by his mother Bathsheba. She protected her son from many dangers throughout the turbulent and bloody era of the House of David (foretold by Nathan the prophet (II Sam. 12:10).

Art by Francoise Nielly
Art by Francoise Nielly | Source

Micah's Wrong Spirit Reveled

Micah, the daughter of Saul was a woman scorned. She knew of royal bearings, being reared in the house of a king. She saw the wealth and riches, the soldiers, courtiers and servants that prepared the lavish bounty of the land for her comfort. She was raised in the protocol of a princess of Israel. There was a distinction placed between her and the other daughters of Israel. She was the King’s Kid. She was betrothed to David, who was a type of a rock star in his day. He played skillfully for the king on a harp and was a great song writer whose works include one of the most popular songs in history, Psalms 23. This gifted singer and song writer, drew much popularity and fame, including many women that made King Saul. This coupled with the recent departure of the Spirit of the Lord from him, made it desperate times for the king. So he reacted by giving his younger daughter Micah to David, after it was told to her father that she loved him. Merab, the oldest daughter was promised to David but Micah was given. Saul said, “I will give him her, that she may be a snare to him” (I Sam 18:21). How would this calculated move of giving Micah to David instead of Merah benefit the King?

Saul’s intention was to cause Micah to be a snare unto David. Saul knew of his daughter’s loyalty to the family instilled in her royal upbringing. She was to be a double agent placed inside of David’s house, but one of King Saul’s earlier attempts to slay David failed, because Micah saved his life from her father’s assassination plot and when questioned by Saul, she lied to protect her own loyalty to her father (I Sam. 19:17). Her lie may be a clue, into the mystery hinting upon Saul’s control over Micah. Later in life she allowed herself like her father to become a victim, tormented by the happiness of her Husband. An integral part of possessing the wrong spirit is becoming jealous or unhappy when others are joyful. This is especially condemning when the Lord causes one joy that result in another’s anger. There are many, even loved ones who are set to weaken ones faith, steal ones joy and cause entropy to ones good fruit by bringing misery.

The Book of Proverbs has been a popular suggested  reading at the start of every day for Christians for generations.
The Book of Proverbs has been a popular suggested reading at the start of every day for Christians for generations. | Source

Scorn Precedes Folly

Chapter One of Proverbs focuses upon four distinct personalities that I would like to examine. However, there are just two categories: the just and the simple. Solomon establishes this in a Chapter One: exhibiting that being just stands alone but being simple has three distinctions, namely: (1) the simple, (2) the scorner and (3) the fool. These consist of the simple category which has again, three stages that progresses from simple then scorner and lastly fool.

The just is characterized as the person that fears the Lord, typified by a son, to whom Solomon shares his wisdom. The son (the just) is warned (1)to hear the instructions of his father and heed the law of his mother. (2) To hear and increase learning (3) attain wise counsel and (4) reverence the Lord.

Therefore, the two people mentioned are the fool and the just. “The Fool says in his heart there is no God” (Psalms 14:1). This is a harsh reality that many have chosen. A fool starts out being simple. Notwithstanding, that it is nothing wrong with being simple, but there comes a time when growth must take place and the old has to give way to the new, as in the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. When a person refuses to acknowledge the need to move beyond a child-like mentality one becomes easily offended. Once offenses come and growth is still not activated, one becomes scorned.

The seat of the scornful is a place of stagnation and pride. The son represents the immaturity of one that is simple and the danger present, as wrong paths are prevalent taken by a It misplaces emotions in an adult world. The offenses of those who are hurting are transferred upon other without cause or consideration of the person that the scorned afflict. Unless the scorned individual accepts the truth they will progress into a state that they are unable to believe God.

These people are called fools. Fools hate knowledge and resist the growth needed to progress with God. Fools love comfort and fear the unknown, accept scorn as a garment and sport it as a representation of something special. When in fact it is rebellion against the way of God and is disagreeable of every level of human existence. Man is simple and God is complex yet fools proclaim to be complex and put God in simple terms. The galaxy wherein man abides is as a speck in the sea of galaxies separating man from God. God has made Himself known through the world that exists but fools still resist Him. This is foolish. The chapter concludes that “For turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. But whoso hears unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.”(Proverbs 1:32-33)

North America and the Pelican
North America and the Pelican | Source

Seeing and Hearing and not Understanding

After hearing and seeing miracles and experiencing wonderful things that can’t be even captured by the human imagination or even rationally explained some resort and many ask like Thomas “how do we know the way” (John 14:5) Jesus response was “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If you had known me, you should have known my Father also.” Still yet soon afterward Phillip asked Jesus “Lord show us the Father” (John 14: 6-8). They had eyes but did not see and ears but did not hear. The spiritual eye and the spiritual ear that God speaks to and through was not yet opened. In this teaching session with His disciples these future church patriarchs struggled to understand. After the Comforter came (Holy Spirit) at Pentecost, the vision and perception to understand who is Christ, became apparent to all in the faith. Consequentially, there remains no excuse for the exhibition of foolishness by those who are disciples. Those mandated to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God must exhibit behavior conducive to one whose impetus is God the Spirit from above.

© 2012 Reginald Boswell


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Great moving words in this article. God is wise and all knowing. We should not propose to know more than what He states and Is. People often quarrel over beliefs when they do not fully understand His ways.