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(11) The Devil is Not a Concept!

Updated on September 22, 2017

The Devil Exists

Demons & The Devil

Spiritual Warfare

Stepping out into the Montana snow in early February was excruciating cold! I needed to appease my addiction for nicotine. I was not allowed to smoke in the apartment so I had thrown on my shoes and jacket and stood shivering out on the back landling. This was my first evening in Montana.

My eyes searched out my new surroundings but my gaze immediately stopped as I became instantly fixated on a statue. This weird owl seemed to be glaring back at me from across the yard. It was perfectly positioned and its molded angry stare seemed to be purposely positioned towards the entrance of the door.

Now I know that may sound really silly but there was something about this owl and I hated it. I despised it and I was not quite sure why. I had the urge to trudge through the snow and smash its head into the garage siding and send its nasty evil glare into a million pieces of plaster.

I stood puffing on my ciggarette glaring back at it as I wondered why I was wanting to do this to this nice little old man's statue? I turned away to go inside when something seemed to force me to spin around, stomp down the pathway covered in snow and confront this statue. I hesitated and I did not want to touch it but I did anyways--I had to. With all of my strength I twisted its ugly neck until it faced the side of the building. I laughed because it looked as if it was a small child being punished in the corner. I felt satisfied as I hurried back inside before anyone saw me do this.

The very next morning as I stepped outside I received the shock and surprise of my life. This hateful rat-faced owl had been turned from facing the corner and now was glaring at me again. Someone had apparently turned him around and perfectly positioned him towards the door entrance again.

Danny Baz & The Owl Mossad


I immediately and defiantly marched back down the walkway and turned him around once again to glare into the building panneling. I hurried back inside so not to be seen by my landlord. How do I ever explain to someone who has just rented me a place over the phone that I would love nothing more than to smash his owls face in?

Later that afternoon I had visited with this nice little old man and his wife. I felt sorry for them. They were very old and I thought possibly in their late eighties or early nineties. They seemed to be friendless. I sat upstairs at their kitchen table glancing around the room and listening to him talk. He loved to talk and tell stories. She sat quietly at the table saying very little, just nodding here and there.

As I continued to glance around their kitchen, their living room area I noticed that there were no pictures of anything of substance on the wall. I was a bit shocked by this. It stood out so strongly to me. No wedding photographs, no celebrations, no children's pictures absolutely nothing. "How strange," my fleeting thoughts said to me.

Cursed Items

The Sculpture of a Stone Relic

Again, just as the experience with the owl outside, my eyes became fixated on a small clay-like sculpture sitting in the living room on the television. It sat between two other sculptures but this particular one in the middle screamed out at me. This internal screaming was not about anything good. I had the worst feelings again over this statue.

"Where is that from?" I asked him, pointing over to the artifact with some unnatural energy around it.

"Why do you want to know?" he asked me.

I stared at him and I was stunned by his rude reply. What is the big secret really? What an odd response.

"Is it Inca or something?" I asked again, curious of why he wouldn't tell me where it was from. I was egging him on because that's the kind of girl I am. I have seen many artifacts, some up close and most only in pictures but for some reason I could not identify the origin of this very old artifact. Egypt? Peru? Cairo? Argentina?

I laughed out loud and I told him that I was very good in my searches on-line and that eventually I would find out where that artifact was from so why not just tell me and just save me the time. Ironically, I don't know to this day where it came from because I have not been able to find anything like it online or in the artifact pictures. He never did answer me either.

Coy Cat & Mouse Games

"Why do you ask?" he methodically asked me again.

I was over this little game I could tell he was playing with me. Okay. Do you really want to know why gramps? I will tell you why. "I don't like it! That's why!"

He just smiled a strange grin. I felt the strong urge to walk over to his television set and pick it up and smash it against the wall, knocking the cheesy hotel picture off the wall along with sending that statue to bits and pieces.

"What do you mean you don't like it? Why not?" He grinned and seemed quite amused by my words.

Inside the Bohemian Grove California

The Bohemian Grove for the 'elite' Who'd a thunk it? NIXON AND REAGAN
The Bohemian Grove for the 'elite' Who'd a thunk it? NIXON AND REAGAN
I truly wish I had more photographs to take a look at--wonder if I would find this nazi's face in there among them--bet I would!
I truly wish I had more photographs to take a look at--wonder if I would find this nazi's face in there among them--bet I would!

The Bohemian Grove & The Owl

I stared into his eyes and said, "Down here it looks this small." I pinched my fingers together, "But up there in the spiritual it looks this big to me." I held my arms out as wide as I could as if to hug someone very large. I almost thought I saw a flicker of surprise in his eyes.


"As a matter of fact, I don't like your owl either," I blurted out of my mouth unexpectedly.

"You hate my owl also? Now why is that?" he asked smugly.

I stared deep into his eyes and again loudly replied, "It reminds me of a 'Bohemian Owl' and I don't like it." As quickly as I had spouted those words out of my mouth, his reply came a split second later.

"The Bohemian Grove? I have been in there once, twice, maybe three times. " He had this weird grin on his face and then he stared down between his crossed arms. His wife leaned over immediately and tapped his arm. "That's enough dear," she said firmly and he fell silent.


"That's Enough Dear"

"As a matter of fact, I don't like your owl either," I blurted out of my mouth unexpectedly.

"You hate my owl as well? Now why is that?" he asked smugly.

I stared deep into his eyes and again loudly replied, "It reminds me of a 'Bohemian Owl' and I don't like it." As quickly as I had spouted those words out of my mouth his retort came a split second later.

"The Bohemian Grove? I have been in there once, twice, maybe three times."

He had this weird grin on his face and then he stared down between his crossed arms. His wife leaned over immediately and tapped his arm. "That's enough dear," she said firmly and he fell silent. His wife constantly stopped him from bragging and talking. We liked talking to this old man when he was away from his 'guard' because he would talk and talk about the most interesting things, especially about the United States Government.

Sacrifices & Satanists

Moloch the Owl

The Bohemian Grove contains a massive pagan idol--an owl--pagan rituals of burning/killing/child sacrifices. This is quite disturbing to anyone who loves God. The acknowledgement that our world leaders and elite are inside the Bohemian grove and worse? They are robed and watching plays of such satanic pagan rituals and child sacrifices that it is enough to make one sick. if you are familiar with the Bible you will know who Moloch is and what God specifically tells us about such pagan satanic behavior and 'who' is behind this.

An unexplained energy came over me that I can not describe in any words that could explain this frightening experience. Something was warning me, a strong feeling came over me out of nowhere, it was screaming at me. I didn't know where it was coming from or who was screaming, sending me my flight or fight adrenaline but it filled those two rooms until I felt as if I could not breath.

I have never felt anything like it and to tell you the truth, I was terrified by it. My head was pounding and I needed to get out of their home. It was so strange, so creepy. I felt like jumping up and running out of there but something warned me to not show my fear. What ever this was, whoever this energy whoever or whatever was sending these messages to me warning me and telling me to run, I heeded them.

I pretended...standing up slowly and faking a smile. "I have to get back to unpacking." I was forcing myself to walk slowly to the front door...opening it slowly and smiling. "I will visit again soon okay?" I slowly pulled the door open and as soon as I heard the door click after I had stepped out? I bolted down those stairs as if my pants were on fire!

Freak Out! Freak Out!

Twig was sitting on the couch staring into thin air as I whipped the door open, my eyes bulging from this supernatural experience upstairs! I quickly told him what had transpired and he was not quite sure why I was so alarmed. He had seen my reaction with so many demonic assaults in the past few months that he was surprised by my fear. I leaned over on the couch and whispered in his ear, "He knows about the Bohemian Owl and he says that he's been in the Bohemian Grove three times." How nice can this old man be if he was inside the Bohemian Grove?"

Twig just shrugged it off, not fully understanding the seriousness of this. As I stated, smart as a bag of rocks at times but I loved him!

I knew that there was a reason for all of these demonic attacks bombarding me for months but I had not discovered the reason why. All I knew was that no matter how much I liked this old man, I would have reservations because of what had just transpired.

Those spiritual warnings that screamed like a siren at me were nothing to ignore, and due to his disclosure that his wife had tried to stop, I had a gut feeling that he may not be as nice as he pretended to be. It still hadn't occured to me that this sweet white haired old man was the very reason for all of the demonic attacks that Twig and I had been suffering from, well before we arrived to Billings, Montana.

Deuteronomy 7:26, "Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing."

The artifact on his television, the owl outside. I realized why I hated them now. As soon as I read these words of God from scripture I acknowledged why I abhorred these items. I knew exactly why I wanted to smash them. I detested and abhorred them because my spirit of truth told me what my logical mind did not understand. These items are cursed with the 'darkness' the liar, the murderer. There were demonic binding on these items. Yes! Cursed items!

Demonic Oppression & the ability to manifest

Untouched photograph. A penis nose? Are you kidding me? Creepy!
Untouched photograph. A penis nose? Are you kidding me? Creepy!
Does that picture above look like me?
Does that picture above look like me?
This was inflicted on me after quietly praying. Burning and pain out of nowhere....this appeared.
This was inflicted on me after quietly praying. Burning and pain out of nowhere....this appeared.

Demonic Assaults Full Force in the Apartment

As for hoping that the demonic attacks would stop after arriving-they assaulted us every chance they got in our new place. Apparently they packed their bags and followed us out of Las Vegas to Billings, Montana.

Hearing the loudest thud, I ran around the corner to see Twig picking himself up from the middle of the floor in the living room. "What happened?" I asked him in shock. Twigs reply? "Something just slammed me across the ankles and threw me to the ground."


I stepped into my tiny bathroom which was attached to my bedroom. I had intended on urinating. I stopped to stare at a puddle of water that seemed to keep manifesting on the counter top every time I went into this room this puddle of water was there. I yelled for Twig to come look at this puddle again.

"What is causing this?" I asked him and hoping that he could explain these unexplainable demonic and supernatural occurrences.

He said he had no idea and that he'd never heard of anything such as this. I wiped the counter top dry and before our very eyes this puddle of water appeared again. We were completely baffled as we both are today over this. As of today I realize that this was one of many demonic manifestations by strong entities.

He left the room and I closed the bathroom door. I stepped over to use the toilet and my head was violently slammed down into the towel rack by an invisible force. It left a red print running across my forehead for almost an hour. I stood there literally seeing stars. I was almost knocked out by this force. I was shocked that whatever this demonic force was, it had the power to not only bash my head into a towel rack but it was able to bring a six foot one guy down to the floor with just a powerful swipe across the ankles.

Demonic Attacks are Real

My Cross was bouncing around my neck hitting my face!

I lay down on the couch in the living room to go to sleep. I was on my back quietly saying my prayers as I felt my cross being picked up by invisible fingers in the dark! These invisible fingers were firmly bouncing my cross up and down across my slider attempting to take it off my neck. Every time it bounced up it hit my face. I slapped the right side of my neck to stop it from jumping. It had jumped around my neck at least five times before I actually unfroze my fear to stop it.


I was standing on the outside patio with the sliding door open. I was holding my coffee cup and a smoke in between my fingers of the other hand and I was speaking to Twig who was standing in the kitchen. I had just reached to grab the screen door and pull it shut when an invisible force pushed my head from behind and slammed the door into the side of my head.

"I can't believe that this just happened." We were both in shock and we had great fear watching this. It is very surreal yet real to watch these supernatural things and not have any rational reason except demons!


My cross on my slider never stayed on for very long even in waking hours. It would constantly be tugged off of my slider and thrown onto the floor. I gave it no power and I would bend over, pick it up and place it back on my slider and back onto my neck. It is no exaggeration to say that sometimes it was a hundred times a day, no lie. Twig got so tired of seeing me picking it up and putting it back in place on my neck that he told me to squeeze it with a pair of pliers or glue it.


I opened my utility walk-in closet and a hammer instantaneously was slung out at me! It missed my head, hitting the wall and landing onto the hallway floor. I was stunned and I just stood there in silence. Twig was sitting at my desk typing and he saw it as well.

"Holy crap! "He stuttered..."That just missed your head." He was shocked.

"Yes! But you see that it didn't hit me now did it? Seems to me that someone is protecting me from this at times."


One day Twig and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking across from each other. Poof! Off came my cross again and it landed in the middle of the kitchen table in front of us. This was the last time it flew off. Why? Because as I picked it up and looked at it, the steel hole had been broken and there was no way it could be placed on the slider anymore. Destroyed!


It was beginning to rain and get windy and we had been sitting outside on the patio. Twig and I closed down the umbrella and headed back into the kitchen through the screen door. I had stepped inside first and he was headed behind me. Twig was three steps behind me. He hadn't even had a chance to pull the door shut when a candle holder with five glass candles on a steel design on top of the refrigerator lifted up off the top of the refrigerator and was thrown at the back of my head.

I did not see it but Twig did and he had that same face of fright on him when I turned around. I watched all five glass holders bounce on the kitchen floor, as well as the steel foundation and they made a racket. None hit me and none of the tiny glass holders broke.

"That was just thrown at your head Ghost whisper!" He said stunned.

"Yeah, but it didn't hit me did it? And none of my glass got broken either!"


I pulled the closet door open to grab my jacket and head out to work. I glanced down the hallway to Twig's bedroom. Twig was walking down the hall with a huge butcher knife in his hand and he was headed straight at me. I was terrified! I screamed out "Twig!" and then nothing was there....not even Twig. I heard Twig's voice yelling from behind his closed door at me. I was staring at his closed door and hearing him ask me what I wanted. Freaky.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

Broke & Destroyed!

Continuous throwing and breaking of my love for Jesus is never ending.
Continuous throwing and breaking of my love for Jesus is never ending. | Source

Satan Is Strangling Me!

I had fallen asleep on my couch for the evening and that evil vibration came around me while I was dreaming. My spirit recognized it while I was sleeping and I quickly said my commands of Jesus to make it go away but for some reason it didn't and it only got stronger and more powerful. This was the devil himself! This was no demon but the big chicken dinner. I felt invisible hands grip my throat and begin choking me.

I was struggling for air and fighting and I was now awake on the couch, fighting and thrashing with this force in the dark. Twig had run out of his bedroom and flipped on the hallway light on. He was scared horribly by what he saw and what he heard me screaming at him!

"Satan is choking me! He is trying to strangle me! Satan is trying to kill me!" I gasped for air, coughing for a good five minutes and I got very little sleep the rest of the evening."

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

This Is Not How I Really Look!

Resembles greatly the 'stinky hatred filled lady ? at the restaurant who left me 'not a penny.' I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS!
Resembles greatly the 'stinky hatred filled lady ? at the restaurant who left me 'not a penny.' I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS! | Source
I am holding the rosary that was flung at me--hitting me. No idea of what this claw and leg is in front of me?
I am holding the rosary that was flung at me--hitting me. No idea of what this claw and leg is in front of me? | Source
Trying to get a good look at what this is.
Trying to get a good look at what this is.
closeup of the bottom of a foot? claw?
closeup of the bottom of a foot? claw?

The Bible

I walked into the house to have Twig staring at me with that same look of fear again.

"Your Bible was just thrown from the table top onto the floor." He stood pointing at the spot. "This is just crazy!" he said shaking his head in disbelief and fear. We were both so frightened by all of these demonic things that were happening that it scared us 'straight into Heaven.'

There was no way to believe anything but what we were both actually seeing and experiencing--we were in the midst of a spiritual war. It is real easy to accept Jesus when you see it with your own eyes. There is no mistaking any of these things for anything but what they really were. Demons and the Devil were not letting up on us. We seemed to be on the "Most Wanted" list and we learned real quickly how to pray!

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

Your Face Is Demonic

Twig and I sat on adjacent couches one evening talking. Out of nowhere he jumped up and ran backwards away from me and he was staring at me with huge eyes of fear.

"Twig what the hell is the matter...what? What?" He looked scared of me and I have never seen him so frightened.

"Ghost whisper...your face..I was listening to you and looking at you...your face turned into the most scariest demon's face." Twig stood far back from me and he was still staring at me in fear, afraid to get closer to me.

"Twig I am not a demon. I am good. Come back and sit down. It was another demonic assault and they are trying to scare you."

Twig almost seemed as if he hadn't believed me. He hesitantly walked over to the couch across from me, still carrying fear in his eyes at me. He sat down but I knew he was still very frightened by what he saw.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

They Squeeze My Heart

Often while I am sleeping they will arrive. I feel them coming around me, even when I am far away relaxing and dreaming. My spirit can pick up their vile vibrations.

On many occasions I can literally feel them reach inside my body and squeeze my heart. I instantly know what they are doing. They are taunting me. For some reason I know that Jesus will never allow them to kill me but they do it to taunt me. I know exactly what they are doing. They are trying to stop my heart and take pleasure in trying to scare me. They do not scare me nor does death. I know my God and God would never allow them to bring me to death. Never! They are allowed to torment me but why?

No Trickery--these Photo's Are All Real

Constant attacks on my body-sores-welts-scratches-burns and being bloodied.I was sitting and praying quietly outside...went arm began to burn horribly--more attacks manifesting outwardly on me.
Constant attacks on my body-sores-welts-scratches-burns and being bloodied.I was sitting and praying quietly outside...went arm began to burn horribly--more attacks manifesting outwardly on me.
Twig was typing to me--when he was gouged again by these evil forces.
Twig was typing to me--when he was gouged again by these evil forces.
Close up
Close up

Bloody Attacks

Waking up one morning, I followed through with my daily routine, bathroom, wash hands, kitchen, cup of old coffee microwaved while new pot brewing, read computer news and try to wake up. I sat with my left hand holding my head up while my eyes sifted through the daily news. The coffee pot was still regurgitating a few minutes later as Twig opened his bedroom door and walked down the hallway towards me.

"Good Morning," Twig said. He abruptly stopped in front of me. His eyes looking at me in shock.

"What? What's the matter?" I spouted at him, already knowing that I am not the 'beauty queen' in the early morning.

"You have blood all over you Ghost whisper," he said shocked.

"I have what? Where?" I yelled out fully wake now as I jumped up from my computer chair. As I looked down at my hand, the left one was draining blood down around all of my fingernails and over my hands. "WTF!" I screamed out.

"It's on your face too and all over your crosses on your chest." Twig stood horrified and baffled. "What did you do to yourself?"

I ran to the bathroom and started to panic as I looked at my bloody face in the mirror. The blood was coming from my hand, the exact place that I had been resting my hand while sitting at the computer. Blood was all over both of my crosses, as well as my chest. I often will unconsciously play with my necklaces and that is why the blood was there.

I quickly turned on the warm water and spurted some soap in my hands, rubbing them together. As I placed my hands under the water I screamed out in excruciating pain! "What the heck is going on?" My mind was screaming out questions because of this strange happening. There was a hole, a big hole of missing flesh from my finger! A huge gutted amount of flesh gone from the left side of my finger! Yes, my "middle" finger. I was panicked!

I wrapped my finger in toilet paper as I attempted to stop it from bleeding. I washed the blood from my face, crosses and chest. I walked back out to the kitchen where Twig was standing and pointing at the refrigerator. "Look...your blood is on the front of the refrigerator too." I stared over at the unnatural swipe of blood on the front of the huge white box. As soon as I saw it, I knew who was causing this. These demonic attacks were so strong!

Another Attempt to Take a Photo


The Devil is a Concept? No He is not!

Blood Everywhere!

"How did this happen?" Twig asked alarmed by what he was seeing.

I began to show him exactly what I had done to cause this bloody mess. "I did nothing! I went to the bathroom, washed my hands and if I would have had that cut then I would have screamed as loud as I just did-I didn't have that injury when I woke up. I poured old coffee and put it into the microwave and made new coffee while I was waiting for the bell of the microwave."

I walked over to the counter and I looked to see if there was any blood on the door handles to the cupboards, microwave, coffee pot or can. There was no blood on any of these items! The more things that I looked at and showed Twig, the more upset I became.

"Then when my coffee was warmed in the microwave and I took it out..." I kept pausing and stuttering, trying desperately to make sense of what had happened. "I went to the fridge and opened it with my right hand and I grabbed the gallon of milk with my left hand and with the door still open... poured some and put the milk back in.... Look! No blood on the milk container!" I was beyond startled.

"I did not get this injury or the blood would surely have been on the handle of the milk from my left hand I used to pull it out by its handle. I have only been in the fridge once before you woke up," I yelled out loudly completely scared by all of these really creepy things.

We both just stood there staring each other as we tried to rationally assimilate in our brains what was happening. It seemed to be our normal routine for the past months and months. We were completely baffled and freaked out by it. I didn't like that my blood was on that refrigerator door and I was even more concerned of Twig and what would happen to him if I showed up dead somewhere. They would blame him though he was a gentle giant.

"Look! There is blood on your desktop either!" Twig pointed out. "How weird Ghost whisper, there is no blood on your computer keys."


I listened to Twig as I looked at the bloody smear on the front of the refrigerator. It was just below the freezer top. "Twig there is no way that I touched this. Look at the way the blood smear goes from right to left." We both looked at the unnatural swipe. It looked as if someone was trying to grab onto the refrigerator not open it. I began to reenact the scene for both of us to intelligently understand what had just transpired.

"I would have to stand right here at the side of the refrigerator to make these bloody fingerprints." I was reenacting the scene and both of us had that same frightened look on our faces. I thought that I was going to cry by the deduction that this was one more demonic attack to add to the hundreds.

To be honest, I was so shaken up about this particular attack because it was just that disturbing. The idea that my blood was wiped on the refrigerator when there was no humanly way possible for this to happen completely gave me the creeps.

"So this just happened to my finger without me knowing it? All this blood happened as I sat quietly at my desk reading the news?" I tell you that this is enough to make a person go insane really. Something seemed to be surely trying to make us go insane. Both Twig and I had each other thank God because as Twig says, "Crazy ain't contagious."

Weeks later the blood thing happened again out of nowhere. This time was a bit different though. On both of my middle fingers of each hand, chunk like holes of missing flesh showed up out of nowhere and bled everywhere. I had to wrap with Band-aids for days.


Twig and I had been sitting on the back patio under the umbrella enjoying a cup of afternoon coffee. We had been talking for a good twenty minutes when he stopped what he was saying and gasped! Immediately he yelled out, "Are you bleeding again?" Alarmed, I looked at my hands automatically.

"No your lips and teeth have blood all over them!" He replied in a somewhat scared voice.

I quickly put my hand to my mouth and saw the blood on my hand. I dashed to the bathroom and opened my mouth. Blood all over my lips, tongue and teeth. Perhaps I cut myself by accident? My mind was trying to find a rational explanation. I took a handful of water and swished it in my mouth, moving it around and spit out a huge mouthful of blood. Oh my goodness!

I Inspected my gums and lips I had no cuts. I filled my mouth with half water and hydrogen peroxide and swished again. No burning came from doing this. I rinsed and returned back outside.

"I dunno what caused this." I have no explanation for it.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

Jesus Saves!

Go Kill Yourself

The worst spiritual assault inside this home?

I stepped outside one snowy morning, out on the landing to have a smoke. I hadn't been out there for one minute when a very bad feeling came over me. I felt a presence near me? Around me? Attempting to attack me. It was nasty, evil and it was yelling these words to me.

"You are not of God! You are nothing! You never have been anything! You are worthless and you are one of us! It is your destiny to be evil from the very beginning and nothing will ever change that! Why don't you just go in and kill yourself? Go! Go kill yourself now!"

When this assault was happening, it was so powerful and frightening! It was as if there was a slideshow being shown to me within those split seconds of hearing these horrible words. I was seeing flashes every bad deed that I had ever done in my life. This was extremely upsetting to me due to my remorse for these deep remorse. I again heard the voice saying, "Just go and kill yourself--do it now!"

I hesitated and I was engulfed in this horrible feeling of what was being said but something, something deep inside me was telling me not to listen and to pray. I threw my smoke in the snow and jumped down the stairs running into my living room and grabbing my Bible from the center table. I fell to my knees with the Bible clutched to my chest and I was so frightened that I couldn't even pray.

I didn't want to kill myself! What the heck is happening? Oh my goodness this was so terrifying to me! I was crying out for Jesus to please help me. Tears were streaming down my face and I was so afraid of the power of this assault by the devil.

The Power of the Word of God

I do not want to kill myself! What is happening? This is so freaking scary!

" Please Jesus get him away from me! Please make him go. Please. I know that I do not want to kill myself. It's Satan again. Please God take this away from me! Get him away from me!"

God did make him go immediately when I called upon Him. That horrible vibration and feeling was gone! Poof! Gone! The evil was gone and he has not been back again--only his legions. I was shook up from this powerful force of Satan that certainly hated me enough to tell me that I was evil like them and not worthy of God and that I should go kill myself.

I would never kill myself and God knows that as well as anyone that knows me. This is what makes this experience even more extremely frightening. These are no delusions or psychotic breaks. I am an ex-counselor and I can assure you that there is nothing wrong mentally with Twig and I. These supernatural experiences are real and just to know this is frightening enough but worse? People are calling the devil a 'concept?' No you asses, the devil is real! Walk in our shoes and experience all these things and then try to tell say that the devil does not exist. A concept my fanny!

Wait until they see it for themselves! They will be just as shocked as Twig and I were. Using the name of Jesus is the only way to make them leave! That I do know!

Thank you Jesus for protecting me. "The devil is a liar and I am one of God's children." I wonder why Jesus is allowing all of these great demonic attacks upon me?

Paul's Thorn in the Flesh Was Demonic Attacks!

I have consulted with various people, ministers, pastors, people that I would consider 'Holy' and understanding the Bible and frankly what I have found out is quite disturbing. Some 'talk' about Satan but do not understand these manifestations. Many are scared and some even deny that the devil is real. I can assure you that the devil is real. Creepy stuff here people.

Recently I had shared this with one who I felt was very strong with the Lord. I received back a crushing note, very hurtful and it filled me with sorrow, written with such spiritual arrogance and a refusal to even accept scripture.

"Ghost whisper, you are twisting scripture! I don't need to read any more of your creative writing! God does NOT allow the devil to do such things for his purpose! You are doing these things and causing these wounds to yourself and desecrating these religious relics under the hypnotic spell of Satan!" Then the writer proceeded to speak to me as if I was a demon and said the worst things to me! I actually had to step outside and cry! I cried from my soul to Jesus!

Oh my goodness how pained I am in my soul! Lord, I only need you to explain this to me! Please help me to understand this because many, many even those who act as if they are on your team are really not. Sad but true. Oh and Lady you are so far from knowing Jesus that all the degrees in the world can not help you when the truth is being shown and spoken to you! You deny the truth because of your spiritual arrogance, self anointed righteousness keeps you from seeing the truth.

“And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me.”

To Buffet means to hit, punch angrily with fist. I can assure you that Paul's thorn in the flesh was demonic attacks. He was punched and hit and tormented by demons and Satan himself. If I could tell you how many times that I have been punched in the face, slapped, bloodied and hit you would understand why my bridge fell out in the middle of work in 2014. I have had my face slammed into everything from church pews, car doors, door frames and cupboards so many times I can not count. It surely keeps one humble. But the very best? I have received the most amazing revelations from the Lord and the devil absolutely hates me for it. He knows that he can not stop me from proclaiming the name of Jesus regardless of what he does. God is in control.

People wonder why Paul asked that the Lord remove these afflictions but I understand deeply why he did. Who wants to get the snot punched out of them by things they can not even see or get hit with invisible fists when you can't see them coming? Oh people if you had any idea of this spiritual war actually existing you would surely want to come under the blood of Jesus.

Would demonic attacks hinder Paul's ministry?

Of course they would and I have learned this first hand. Do you know how many people have called me a devil, demon or blamed me for these buffets from Satan? Do you know how unwelcoming they are to me in their churches because of it? Too many Christians to count. If they had a real clue of the devil they surely would be very careful not to call others a 'demon or the devil' and they certainly wouldn't call the devil a 'concept.' Wrong! What lukewarmness to even say such a thing. I can tell you differently, as well as my friend Twig. You better wake up before the Lord spits you right out of His mouth. That as well is not a concept.

Paul's Thorn in the Flesh

The Thorn in the Flesh was Demonic Attacks!

The thorn in the flesh! What was it? Could possibly the thorn in the flesh have been demonic attacks against him? They certainly are horrible but worse? The terrible things that people say about you and accuse you of! Even those who are Holy say the worst things about you. I almost believe that Paul's thorn in the flesh to keep him humble was these demonic attacks.

Yes my friends, Jesus does allow these things upon people and the scripture does back it up from what I see. God allowed Paul to be tormented by a messenger of Satan to keep him from getting puffy. The devil was also allowed to torment Job. These 'holier than thou' people say that this is me twisting scripture. No! I am not twisting scripture! God allowed Satan to torment Paul for God’s own good purposes and always within God’s perfect will.

I am praying that these demonic attacks will stop against Twig and myself. We are NOT demon infested! Demons do not make you leave your sins and praise Jesus with song and prayer all day long. No they don't. The devil is a liar and you so called Christians are cruel and despicable in my eyes! I will declare that God has given me the strength and the grace and a small bit of understanding of these demonic attacks....and yes, the grace he gives is sufficient.

2 CORINTHIANS 12:7 “To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassing great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.”

Your Grace Is Enough !


The Ignition of a Flame

Nazi's Hidden Among Us

Many of you who are reading this may be quite confused by this story. I had written this on the instructions of God for His own perfect will and His own perfect appointed time. It has been seven years that I have been waiting for God to fulfill what He told me that He would fulfill. God does not lie and He always is faithful. Seven years of a walk in this fire with only God to protect me and guide me.

I have numbered the stories by chapters. Start from the beginning and read chapter to chapter and do not skip around or you will miss what God is showing you. It will allow you an understanding, a basic foundation of me, my life, my spiritual experiences with God, the demons and the devil. I pray that God allows you to grasp the full profound spiritual meaning of my story and how this all happened and where it started! This is the first part of my testimony of the Living God, Jesus Christ. It started with a prayer to God and it was activated in the spiritual and manifested in the physical.

Due to many, many things involved in this story, Politics-corruption-Nazi's and of course ...good versus will see my series in many categories. I am not quite sure where to put them due to so many variants. I will scatter them as if they are leaves on a windy day-hoping that the very lucky will get a chance to view "History in the making" and above witness God's justice...prophetic and a warning to all who have not called upon Jesus as Messiah.

May God bless you!

© 2009 The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments


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