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Updated on March 4, 2015

Once upon a time in a small town of Bengal there where 3 boys doing there higher secondary- Arun, Ravi and Arjun. The three where the best pals spending hours together. Bunking classes, going for long rides on their mopeds, having occasional smoke hiding behind the bushes around the highways where no one could see them. Amongst the three Arun was the one most interested in ghost stories and was the one with a weak heart in the gang. The gang would spend hours in the night listening to ghost stories narrated by Arun while their parents would think that the boys are studying hard doing group studies to prepare for upcoming exams. Once the stories would be over Ravi and Arjun would gang up and scare poor Arun by enacting horror scenes in which the victim character would be Arun.

Months and days passed and summer was about to set in reminding the boys of the final exams knocking their doors. One evening they decide to go some 10 odd kilometers out of the town to a secluded distant place after bunking their tuition classes. It was an empty land with plots divided to be sold by the land owner. Ravi and Arjun parked their moped and cycle and the three sat on sand that was kept for some future construction work. In their front almost a kilometer ahead was the railway colony with orange street lamps slowly lighting up. The street lamps followed a small empty road from the railway colony to the spot where the boys where sitting going right behind up to the highway which was around 500 meters behind the boys. By the time they settled the sun had set marking an end to the day and a beginning to a dark night. As usual with cigarettes in their hands and submitting to the atmosphere the gang started to converse on paranormal experiences.

Surprisingly that day Arun was the one who was fearless while Ravi started to feel a chill and suggested to deviate from the topic. A boyish game of taunting and poking started where Arun and Arjun started leg pulling Ravi which led to a friendly brawl on the sand when suddenly a shrieking loud voice came from the empty field ahead. The boys stopped at once and looked ahead. The sound was as if a girl was being strangled and it felt as if whatever happened it happened very near to the boys. But they couldn’t see anything. Although it was dark but the orange street lights created sufficient visibility and the land in front was empty absolutely. There were no structure built or no trees that can create a hideout for the crime that the boys felt had happen.

The boys took some time to think over what happened. They were young and hot blooded so they were ready to bring out the hero inside them who would save a girl from the hands of a Bollywood movie villain. The more they thought the more it became clear that there was a shrieking noise, that made it sure that some bad incident in front of them had occurred, but the land was open and clear so why couldn’t they see anything? The whole mysterious incident brought a chill to their spine and they all with eyes wide opened sat on the sand looking at each other and whispering about what might have happened. Their body language had suddenly changed from the carefree teen attitude to a cautious attitude towards their surroundings when suddenly the orange colored street lamps started switching of one by one from the railway colony. It appeared as if someone unseen was coming towards the boys switching of lights starting from the railway colony one by one towards the boys. The switching of continued in a synchronized manner crossing the boys and happening until the last lamp near the highway behind the boys switched of. Thick darkness all around the boys, they could hardly see each other…

All this happened in the span of few minutes while Arun and Arjun started to discuss the events with the teenish excitement where you have a foggy understanding of the difference between good, bad and the ugly. Suddenly Ravi’s cycle that was parked behind fell to the ground as if someone kicked or slammed it. There was no strong wind blowing that would cause such a strong impact on the cycle which Ravi had realized soon enough. He sensed something bad around and did not waste any further time and picked up his cycle only to take off as fast as possible.

Arun started laughing at Ravi and had still not conceived that something was wrong. Arjun sitting beside Arun on the sand told him that they must leave and that something was not right. The shrieking noise, the street lamps turning off and the cycle incident was enough to realize that the need of the hour was to leave that place. He stood up and started walking towards his moped when Arun lit up another cigarette and started puffing as if celebrating the fact that he was tougher and stronger amongst the three. Arjun started kicking his moped which was not starting, he tried to look towards the highway but couldn’t find Ravi, as he had left off. He called again and again Arun to get up and move but Arun was in no mood. He went on puffing and creating a thick smoke around him and enjoying his victory amongst the three. He felt like standing up with the lit cigarette on his mouth and thump his chest proclaiming the victory over fear and showcasing his machismo when all of a sudden he heard a whisper… “Go away from here….” Arun felt as if someone was on his right side and he whispered those word to his ear. He could feel the warmth coming from the mouth of the whisperer when he was certain that there was no one beside him. He was stunned, horrified and felt numb. He stood up turned to left started walking towards Arjun while feeling cold on his entire right side of the body and didn’t dare to look on the other side. Arjun started his moped, Arun sat on the back seat and they left off. While Arjun was unaware of what had happened in the last few seconds Arun kept his head down and started thinking of the events that had happened and inspite of the terror he couldn’t resist from taking a glance behind, and he did. As he turned around his head he saw a faded figure of a women draped in a white saree standing and staring at them….

Written By

Abhishek Ray


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      3 years ago

      Good work, keep writing..


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