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Updated on October 17, 2019
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Normal everyday guy that enjoys writing about my unique life.

Actual proof that Demons do exist

Just recently I had an unfortunate experience of allowing something that was not here for a good reasons take control of my life. A few months ago I was compelled to take a selfie of myself while I was partying alone In my bedroom. I had just spend some private time with somebody that I cant even remember their name. I remember having music and my colored disco lights playing in the background while I was laying chest down on my bed. I still don’t know why but I decided it was a good idea to take a selfie of myself with the ipad using the Photo Booth App with The Xray lens. The following picture is the shot I took right before the one i took that changed my life.

Image #1


What is that in the picture with me?

Ok, so you can see in the picture my face is off centered, the ceiling fan with lights shining and in motion on the ceiling. I don’t know why, but it’s at this point that I decided to take the picture in the Photo Booth app using the Xray feature that I didn’t even know existed at the time. I think I was yawning or something when I took the next picture, Click...

Oh my God!

What the hell is in the picture with me? This can’t be real, is it real? It’s gotta be just Coincidence with the lighting and the app along with me yawning right?

Image #2

Oh my God!
Oh my God! | Source

Something ain’t right here?

What the hell is in the picture with me? This can’t be real, is it real? It’s gotta be just Coincidence with the lighting and the app along with me yawning right? Well it kinda looks like a demon or creature of some sort. Even today I don’t remember how or why I navigated my way to a popular app PicsArt, with one or two clicks I found myself in the app with a list of choices. I wanted to find a way to separate myself from whatever it was that was next to Me. I wanted to prove to myself that it wasn‘t what I thought it was. I was faced with many different choices of what to do next. Again, I don’t know why but I decided to enhance the picture using another app. I do remember how and why I clicked the next button, it was because it was called the ”Undead“feature. I remember seeing it for the first time in amazement and thinking wow that’s creepy. I Somehow fell asleep and woke up the next morning and forgotten all about it. It was a few days later when I was looking for a different picture that I noticed the photo and duplicated it and then used the undead feature again. There it was, crystal clear, my own personal Demon manifestping itself in my selfie.

The beast within
The beast within

Is that a face of another one?

Look at the bottom right hand side of the picture, doesn’t it look like a face? That’s actually my mirror to my dresser, the reflection however, I have no idea who or what it is.

Try it for yourself.

Don't believe me? Think I am making this up? Go ahead and try it for yourself. i Have tried to debunk the picture almost everyday since day 1 and nothing at all has happened Remotely close to this picture. I’ve takin some alone and with people. Ive taken them in different rooms, with the lights, without the lights, high and even sober but still nothing even close to that picture comes up. I’ve search all through out the web looking for what this thing is and what does it want? If you know or think you know comment below for me please. I believe that it’s the evil inside of all of us that pushes us to do bad things to separate us from God. I played around with different fx’s and colors and it only made me more of a believer.

For all you skeptics out there

I have contacted the apps support email and asked them about how there App works and if they have some sort of feature that would implement a Creature into my photo. They said they do not and that’s not how there program works.

Image #2 with mirror effect  Same selfie as image #3 with the mirror effect
Image #2 with mirror effect Same selfie as image #3 with the mirror effect | Source
Same picture with mirror effect in color
Same picture with mirror effect in color

What do you think?

Do you think that we all have inner demons that try and control us?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 David Moore


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