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Updated on October 23, 2010

Communicating with Spirit

Michelle walked in through the door, a nervous air all round her. I’d been shown her in a brief ‘vision’ the night before whilst in the *shower (*see end note) ... but the lady in front of me seemed small and grey, frail almost. I’d been shown a vibrant young lady exuding self-confidence and lively - but the Michelle that stood before me was a ...... It looked as though she’d also brought a shadow along with her as well.

Michelle had brought a ‘passenger’ to our session, one that looked identical to her; same hair, eyes, stature – even her outfit. She had a twin or mirror in the spirit realm that was right beside her, chatting away incessantly and waving her hands in front of Michelle’s face, trying in vain to get her attention.

I started the session by asking Michelle if she was aware of the presence with her.

She heaved a huge sigh of relief and stated ‘Thank God!’ with force and passion. I stayed quiet and just let Michelle talk. She seemed to have a lot of get off her chest.

“Yes, yes. I know something or someone is around me ALL the time. It drives me totally nuts! I think I know who it is though ... but I don’t know what she wants. Sometimes I don’t even know whether I am hearing my own voice in my head coz it keeps saying things I’m not even thinking about. Am I insane!? I feel like there’s two of me. I can’t even explain it!” Michelle blurted out in a rush.

As she was speaking, Michelle’s spirit friend moved directly in front of her; almost superimposed if you like as I could still clearly see Michelle through her, behind her. It looked as though they were indeed ‘one’.

I was then briefly shown two babies – identical twins. “Do you have a sister? Or rather, did you have a sister? A twin?” I asked.

“Yeah I do. Did at least. How did you know that?”

“That’s who the presence is” I replied. This confirmed what Michelle already believed and knew within herself.

Michelle went on to tell me that her twin sister had died at birth – a stillborn. Her parents had told her about her twin Lucy when she was very young ... and she’d remembered playing with an ‘imaginary friend’ (who was very real to Michelle at the time ...) who’d looked just like her, prior to starting school. Her ‘friend’ had stayed with her throughout her life, but had become more and more incessant and intrusive in the past six months or so.

I asked Michelle if anything of significance or importance had taken place in that time, something life altering or life changing.

Michelle replied that she’d (finally) married her fiancé of five years, and they were now about to start planning for a baby. She and her partner were looking forward to starting a family.

Lucy (Michelle’s passed over twin) then began saying “Hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye hello.” I repeated this message to Michelle. She scrunched up her face in query. “What does that mean?” She asked.

I had no idea.

‘Spirit Lucy’ then showed me a baby wrapped in pink nestling in her arms, and was given the impression that the baby she held was her ... as though she was the baby she was showing me. I relayed this to Michelle, but we were still quite perplexed. I felt strongly though that Michelle would be pregnant with child sooner that she anticipated. A baby girl I’d suggest.

I told Michelle this and she was very pleased. I asked her to keep in touch as I was curious about what was to come for her.


Two hours later I received an email from Michelle. On the way home she’d stopped off and bought herself a pregnancy test. She’d said that she’d found herself parking the car and buying the test as though she was on automatic-pilot. Taking the test once home, Michelle was shocked (but not really ...) to find herself pregnant.

7 and a half months later Michelle emailed again to say she’d given birth to a baby girl they’d named Lucille – Lucy.

She went on to tell me that ‘spirit Lucy’ was now gone and although in a strange way she missed the constant companionship, she felt that ‘baby Lucy’ was now taking her place in her life. She also said that she believed 100% that her sister ‘spirit Lucy’ was now her daughter ‘Lucy’.

Now Michelle KNEW what ‘spirit Lucy’ had meant in our session when she’d said “Goodbye, hello, goodbye, hello.”

I emailed back and congratulated her, wishing her the all very best. I knew she’d make a wonderful mother and that in the future there’d be more babies to come for her.

* Endnotes

Those in the spiritual realm are able to communicate easily through water - this is why we often have great, inspired ideas, remember things, invent things and are able to clear our minds of ‘monkey-chatter’. The water can be used as a conductor for communication/messages from our passed over loved ones, spirit guides and angels.


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