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Take Heart

Updated on May 24, 2016

Taking Heart is Faith in Action

Every Christian is a solution, but, it takes heart to be a solution. Each Christian pursues righteousness, but, it takes heart to be righteous. Each Christian wants to do good, but, it takes heart to do good. Each Christian aspires to be admired, but, it takes humility to realize genuine admiration.

Each Christian embraces their perceived identity, but, it takes heart to be sons and daughters of God. Each Christian longs to be in fellowship with fellow Christians, but, it takes heart to truly experience fellowship.

It takes heart to love, not as we know but as God does. One can't be a solution if one cannot take heart, because a solution takes effort not out of mere sympathy but compassion. Our righteousness is never righteous, if we take heart we are justified through Jesus.

Doing good by spending money on charities, foundations, and feeding of street children is a good thing plus spreading the Word through it, but it will all amount to nothing if you can't even offer a hand to a neighbor. For those actions are merely acts of good works borne out of initiatives not out of love.

Men’s admiration of the things we do counts for nothing and is meaningless, so why not pursue God's admiration instead? All you need to do is to love and stay low so God will admire you.
True Christian identity is love, it is not what you are perceived to be but it is what you are, God's sons and daughters.

However, you are identified only as such if you love, if you don't mind giving not counting how much and how often you give away (many fall on this part). WE STUDY THIS ALL THE TIME, sad to say it remained as theories in most hearts.

What makes it difficult is we attach ourselves to what we have claiming it to be ours because we own it and because we worked for it. Therefore, there should be a limitation as to how much we should give or share or help because there will be nothing left for us, it's like saying God is limited because we claim to be sons and daughters of God, and we dare say to have Faith.

We want people to repent and walk alongside with God, but every time we see them do things wrong we despise them for being unrepentant, like we condemn in a subtle way.

How can our love ones change and give their lives to Jesus if we keep counting the good things we do, give and share? Is it an act of love or based on human standards?

Unless we Take Heart our actions are going to be considered as mere acts, and the kingdom living will remain in theory as we know it.

Many people has misunderstood the Lord Almighty

For most people who recognize the existence of God it is highly probable that whenever things don’t work the way they hope for...they blame God.
There are also those who see God as a pill that can be taken in times of sickness, they only need Him if they’re in trouble or if they’re facing adversities. Let alone the times of abundance and prosperity.

Man is a stubborn being yet God has consistently shown His affection towards humanity. Think about it, He has to send His only Son to die on a cross for all of us. Many of us were taught of this yet do not understand the very essence of this particular expression of love and compassion. It is because most of us view things on our own and really has no connection with God.

Many of us would like to put God in the sidelines and consider Him as just merely a part of our life. The Lord God almighty is our Creator, King, and Father (but not all of humanity is considered to be God’s Children only those who believe in Jesus as Saviour and Lord).

God is the potter and we are the clay. Is it right for the clay to demand to the potter how it is to be formed? God has clearly established what pleases Him and that is to have Faith in Him. We cannot claim to have that faith if we do things deliberately which God hates, Sin!

Between things of this world, popular trends and Gods’ will which would you prefer? Take note my friends, our media outlets are being used to campaign in conditioning the minds of our society to accept as normal what God hates.

It is difficult to turn away from idolatry (images, statues of whatever forms, celebrity worship), sexual immorality, pornography and homosexuality but it’s not impossible. All you need to do is confess your sinful nature directly to God through Jesus Christ, repent and accept Lord Jesus as your personal saviour. Ask Him to change your heart and He will!

My friends, God loves you and He wants you to be with Him in eternity when the time comes. You may have heard and read that line thousands of times but it doesn’t sink in because many of you don’t take it that seriously unless perhaps when you are in your deathbed. But what if you don’t get to have the chance in dying slowly? What if you died in a blink of an eye without reconciling with God? When will you get serious in establishing a personal relationship with Him?

Friends trying to do good the best you can will not let you go to heaven. A personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way up there.

The Difference between good works and Love

We have all studied and learned history. And the sad part of it is that most of us actually failed to learn from simple things which eventually made the world complex.

Basically, the human heart was designed to love because the creator of man is the Lord God Almighty who is the ultimate expression of Love.

When God created man He intended to have a relationship with his creation, one which He made in His own image and likeness.

However, because of pride things went different for man that further escalated and defined man’s so called attitude.

Man credits himself with everything that he does. When man does a good thing he thinks highly of himself. It is what we call hypocrisy which the bible clearly illustrates.

If only majority of man will truly love their neighbour things would be different. Imagine all good things happen because they are a product of love.

Share, is a powerful positive word which strongly manifests love. Sharing, however, is very unpopular to man, the proof of which is the rising foreign debts among nations which far outweighs efforts of the Cause oriented foundations.

Time is Now

Time is something that we can't afford to loose. We may not have the gift of speech or of persuasion to tell our friends about Salvation. And that is because on our minds we are predetermining their mindset that they might think we are being self righteous.

Well, we have all fallen short before the glory of God. The reason why we share this is because we are tasked to spread the good news regardless of how many times people heard of it, because each time is a different revelation. And we are not worthy of salvation all of us, therefore, this gesture is not a claim of righteousness but of compassion.

People know about Jesus Christ. However, there is a difference between knowing about Christ and knowing Him personally. There is a big difference between knowing in theory and having a personal relationship. This may be impossible for man but for God, however, nothing is impossible. Man is visual in all aspects of belief. Man cannot be in a relationship with someone he has not seen, this is a manifestation of lacking in faith. But because God loved us first it is He who makes us love him thus we are able to love what our eyes have not seen, which manifests that our faith comes from Him.

Friends, salvation is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ it is that simple. It begins with repentance. Ask for forgiveness of all your sins and stop sinning (it may not be that simple but you should take that step), make Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. If you sincerely seek God His righteousness will be upon you.

You will be granted the wisdom to seek God through the bible, and you will be protected from false teachings and deceitful miracles. The next thing you know you will be having a wonderful time in your walk with God.


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