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Take me a Way

Updated on December 15, 2014

"Take me Away" a phrase that gives different ideas when we read it. I one day was stalking some pictures when I suddenly came across this photo instead of reading it as "Away" I read it like "A way" so that came out with a new meaning, a meaning full of optimism. We often get tired of life and want to do some thing that takes us some where far from all the problems! We always want to hide; always want to run from the truth just because of the fear that We will not be able to face the outcomes. In hard times We never say that lets stay here and face it with courage there would be a way out of this or I want to know the way that shall lead me out of this scenario, take me that way!
I believe that neither Philosophy nor Religion gives us the lesson of Pessimism. God always asks us to stay hopeful even the natural process of turning days into nights and nights into days gives the bright idea that every darkness ends up giving us a day full of light; there is always a solution, a way to every problem. The only thing We need to do is to recognize that way and to adopt it in order to grow and move ahead leading with a life of courage, self esteem, integrity and confidence leaving all the dark things and misadventures behind. Sometimes we are so attached with few ways in or lives that it seems impossible to let go off them. Nobody, denies it is hard but nothing is impossible and once you sum up the courage to decide, the decision is worth taking and life gives you lots of new ways to take an initiative and then comes a day when people look towards you with eyes full of hope and ask "To give them a way" a way to spend their lives positively and courageously and at that moment you realize that the day you picked this way to spend your life was the best. The word redemption exists for a reason we all make wrong choices and regret afterwards but the best part is to move on and let those things fly AWAY and to let your self take a new start, TAKE A NEW WAY!!


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