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Taking Oneself Too Seriously by Merwin

Updated on May 17, 2010

What Can Be Done?

It really is, way too easy to fall victim to the drama and self promotion that is nearly necessary to advance oneself... not just in the workplace but in all circles, especially in the this country. And, unfortunately it is not all about competition.

I mean... it might start there, trying to get the lion's share of the cheese at the end of the rat race, but then if one is really into it, that's right... in it to win it... doesn't it then become part and parcel with your persona?

Does it not then, at some undetermined point, cause the caring, compassionate you, to dissolve into some pro-active cyborg? You know, the new function that you've become that which states as its mantra, "lead, follow... or get out of my way!" Or, "...if you're not in it to win it then it is your own fault if you fall by the wayside".

The worst part is, that by taking oneself too seriously shows its ugly presence among Christians, in the Pulpit, in you, and in me. We all become so self absorbed into thinking that God's specific purpose in our lives translates into a popular ministry, that God is then obligated to make that happen... because after all if it is "His purpose" it must be big.

In a sense I agree, it must be big because He is big... BUT... how are you defining big? Billy Graham big? Mother Teresa big? Joyce Meyer big?

Possibly... but how about Joe the Plumber ministering with his buddies one to another on their day off big? How about Sister Humble weeping with her weeping sister about her son that was lost in Afghanistan big? How about the body ministry where we "subject ourselves to one another"... "confessing our faults one to another for prayer" big? How about just ministering the truth of tenderness, mercy, and acceptance of Jesus to your wife and family big?

DO NOT LET THE ENEMY CONVINCE YOU OTHERWISE... these are huge in God's eyes.

I think of the Hughes film Breakfast Club... the wisest character in the film was the overlooked Janitor. Even the secular world can recognize this, why is it so hard for the Christian?

Is it so hard because we expect BIG things from God? Well, we should... let us expect huge things in small packages. "Do not despise the day of small beginnings".


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    • profile image

      Matthew James Blacksher 

      8 years ago

      I'm happy with MJB big...Just so thankful He is moving in my life again. Even if at times I may not feel Him there. Good cracker Merwin. Thanks for sharing the wisdom God has given you.

    • skepler profile image


      8 years ago from North Idaho

      :Applauds: I agree that yes "Billy Graham big? Mother Teresa big? Joyce Meyer big?" are all perceived as big... "icons" if you will, for the lack of a better word. However there is a small carpenter that we all know to be bigger, yet he was seen as a janitor could be seen today.

      Fame and fortune are greatest when the fame you receive is the love from those around you. Just as fortune is richest when you value those closest. I find myself to be the most famous and fortunate even though I'm known by few and my bank account reads in the single digits. I loved this article. I think it was beautifully put.

      Yes we all strive for more. whether it be in a social circle or in our jobs, but we defeat the purpose when we selfishly neglect who and what we are (someone's family, support, companion, and spiritual guide)for our own pride in "success".

      I hope I understood your meaning behind this article, and forgive me if I did not. Great read!


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