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Taliban School Shooting

Updated on December 18, 2014
The flag of the Taliban
The flag of the Taliban | Source

Hey, guys! It's me again! Yes, your friendly and dearest blogger, Mike Shive, has returned! So what's this all about? It'll be all about the Taliban and their gruesome not to mention shameless act of killing innocent students and, as usual, their desecration of human rights.

Now then, why did the Taliban do this? I hate to plug-in stuff from another site, but don't we all get information from one site to another? As seen in, the Taliban did this as revenge for army operations against Taliban member's families and females. A Pakistani Taliban spokesperson, named Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, said; "Because the government is targeting our families and females, we want them to feel the pain."

So you thugs are saying it's not ok for the government to kill your families but it's ok for you to kill other people's families? You bastards have a long history of slaughtering anyone who isn't Sunni Islam. And when I say long history, I mean long history. From 1994 to the present day, to be more precise.

What is the matter with you evil and dirty bastards anyway? What is your problem with other religions? Why can't you just respect other people's religions, their beliefs and philosophies and ideologies and live in peace? "No rest for the wicked", as they say. I'd like to rephrase that and modify it, if you would be so kind. "No peace for the wicked" is more like it, no? I mean these thugs are wicked and evil and they really have no peace in their lives. They're constantly running from more gunfights and deaths.

Of course, you must understand that the Taliban are not afraid to die. Why not oblige them? If you watch Youtube videos about Apache helicopters or C-130 gunships targeting these evil sods, you'll know what I mean about the phrase or the modified adage; "No peace for the wicked."

You can hear some standard radio chatter like; "I got guys with guns", "Request permission to fire", "Roger", "Engage", "Fire", "Firing" or whatever it is that you say during a military combat engagement through the radio. And even some military call signs like; "Reaper, this is Cerberus", "Archangel, this is God father" or "Sentinel, this is Sabre" and "You are clear to engage, good hunting". Then after all that radio chatter, "TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT!" go the M230 30mm Chain Gun. And another "WHOOSH!" from the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. And 3 seconds later, a large explosion that appears to have a blast radius large and strong enough to destroy most anything up to 200 square meters. 2 Taliban fighters vaporized in that blast. And I was actually happy.

"Bloody hell fire!" was what I thought when I saw all that action. I'd seen videos, pictures and even documentaries about the AH-64D Longbow but never saw it in action from the gunner's point of view. My goodness it was glorious. It was summary execution of a group that commits summary executions. I'm very happy that these thugs got what they deserve and thankful that people are trying to stop them. And their madness, lunacy and insurgency.

Hey, guys! Did you miss us?
Hey, guys! Did you miss us? | Source

Now, I don't mean or imply in any way that Islam is evil. Oh, dear merciful heavens, no! On the contrary. I personally know some Muslims, male and female, and we get along relatively fine. No malice. No judgements. No nothing. It's a matter of respect. And I appreciate their respect. For me, personally, respect is one of the top 3 most important traits that an individual can possess. Without respect, I assure you total and complete pandemonium and anarchy. It'd be like living in Somalia where there's no real government except drug lords and war lords running private armies and militias.

Islamophobes would claim that Islam is the most evil religion in the world because it claims it's the religion of peace but look what they give us? Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram and the dreaded Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. I tell you now, in defense of Islam, that if you're an Islamophobe, please see a shrink. For God's sake and your own sake. You're a terminally unhinged moron who stereotypes Islam with Extrimist Islam.

Sadly, the word Islam is synonymous with war, death, destruction, absolution and finality. And the reason for that is because radical extremists, like the Taliban, are just hell-bent on destroying the peace that we have. They're so radically unhinged and terminally extreme that they want and desire eternal war.

Like I said earlier, I'm not against Islam. I have Muslim friends who say the Taliban and company are shaming Islam with their gruesome and bloody acts of terrorism.

Where's the Taliban?
Where's the Taliban? | Source

The Taliban are unethical and unorthodox fighters. We know those two words as being synonymous with armed genocide and guerrilla warfare. They have no care for human life, not even their own. I mean, give one of them a gun and they'll shoot you right after you give it to them. These guys are ruthless killers who kill for the pleasure of killing. And it's not just the Taliban. ALL radical Islamic extremists kill for the pleasure of killing. They love it. Absolutely love it. They'll probably even kill one of their own just to see blood. Bloodshed is most definitely their life's objectives and to cause other people is their greatest achievement and satisfaction.

And may I add that babies, that's right, babies, aren't spared. Innocence. Benignity. Faultless. Mercilessly killed by blood thirsty war mongers. There have been reports that ISIS is headed to the Philippines and I do certainly hope that it's false.

Meet your Maker!

However, if they are audacious enough to do so and move or relocate their caliphate here, I swear I'm going to buy high powered guns and stockpile every caliber of ammunition available in the Philippine market and the number one gun on my list would be the international best-seller, the Автомат Калашникова сорок семь (Avtomat Kalashikova forty seven) or the AK-47. Cheap, rugged, durable, reliable, maintenance-free and powerful. Or the AA-12 fully automatic shotgun. Or why not a custom Dillon M134 minigun chambered for 12-gauge shotgun shells for that matter? As for pistols and sidearms, the Colt M1911A1 is in near-infinite supply in the Philippines so they'll be cheap and .45 ACP (11.43x23mm) ammunition is abundant. But I'd prefer something more compact and just as powerful, say the 10mm Auto (10x25mm). That'll be for me, my elder brother and my dad. For mom, though, something different. An H&K MP7 would be a great weapon for her. Or the Magpul FMG-9.

Mind you, I'm not trying to start a war or another rebel militia group. I'm simply trying to tell you that if ISIS or radical Islamist extremist groups knock on your door, you're ready to send them to hell on a moment's notice. And if you've got a family with majority of girls, for goodness sake, make sure they're armed. To the teeth like an Army Ranger or Navy SEAL if possible. The Taliban are notorious and even internationally condemned for their brutal treatment against women. They believe that a woman's face is one of the sources of corruption. They have been known to beat up women with heavy sticks if the lady removes her Burqa in public. She could be shot or publicly executed if she resists. And I'm not joking. These bastards are sick, just sick. If you're a single mother with women as children or have majority women as children, lock n' load and prepare to defend yourselves.

Map of the location
Map of the location | Source

So how shall I, your dearest Shive, end this review about the Taliban, their company and their attack? Obviously, I condemn it. But condemning won't do against a gun and a suicidal berserker. The best way to stop them, I think, would be if the civilians would just fight back. A people power revolution.


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