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Talk about Hate. (All Forms Are Self Destructive.)

Updated on February 11, 2017
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John spent years traveling. He has seen first hand the mistreatment of people (persons) deemed inferior. Man's Inhumanity to Man. Subhuman.

A curse to self. Hate.

Hate is a self destructive emotion that hurts the person who "Hates" more than it hurts the subject or object of hate, Unless the subject of "HATE" is yourself then your self injury is more than doubled. There are a great many reasons given to us each and every day to react in "Hate". Yes; "Hate" is reactive and not proactive. If we do our utmost to keep in mind that that which we project towards others is reflected back to us and in spades. What we give; we will receive. Please all readers, remember to send love and concern and not hate, to the people who cross our paths and to our world. We should resist with our whole being any urge to give in to hate no matter where that urge comes from. It is my opinion that "We waste our energy and our 'Life' when we "Hate". I pray God that my readers will not waste and shorten their lives in the self destruction caused by any form of Hate.

Ninety per/cent of Christians have felt the "Emotion".

There are many forms and degrees of hate and no one is immune from feeling it, Even if only momentarily. All forms of "Hate" will reflect back on us. When faced with this we should try to remember this Quote.- (Vengeance is Mine. Saith the Lord). Also, always keep in mind that a person who has developed great hatred towards another will him/herself be overcome and will be destroyed by the power of that hate as it is brought home to roost in oneself. When we put up a strong, steady resistance to the urges to hate we are much better people, (A better MAN) (A better WOMAN) a greater person all round. Forgiveness is the opponent of Hate. Remember, always, it is much easier to hate than to forgive. Forgiveness is very hard to do. Forgiveness builds, strengthens and deepens ones self esteem. Hate weakens and distorts ones outlook and perspective takes away our self respect and does eventually consume and destroy us.

What causes us to "Hate".

Although we will always put the cause of our hate onto another or onto something outside of ourselves, Hate like Anger is always emitted from inside of ourselves. When we drop or fall into hate we allow what another person has said or done (or maybe not did or said) to get to us and we lose control of our emotions. We are very definitely defiled when we allow ourselves to "HATE". We do not take time out to really assess the situation. We take umbrage and then nurture and feed the real or imagined injury, building it into a full blown abhorrence (HATE). We could have taken control of our feelings at the door of the incidence but did not because we were unwilling to hold back in a time out to find a better solution and thus our feelings were blossomed out of control. So in my limited life experience we are responsible for our "Hate" of anyone or group of beings. Even the "Hate" that we can sometimes feel for ourselves. (We too Are Responsible). Something, outside of ourselves will set the feeling, the emotion loose but only when we allow the feeling, the passion to take control of us will it become full blown Hate. AS "Jesus" said "what comes out of us defiles a person, not what goes into him/her". I would add to that "that what we let fester inside of us will determine what comes out of us". We have been given "Freedom of Choice", the gift of "Free Will". <WE CHOOSE. IT IS OUR CHOICE.>

NO!! I am not a saint. (I have felt the strong emotion of hatred).

Yes, I have felt it and came very close to allowing the emotion to control my actions. I know what it feels like when injustice is forced on any one and a person close to you is subject to an abuse that could have killed them. I know how it feels like when you're the father of the person who has been subjected to an atrocity. I had the knowledge and the training and came close to putting my knowledge to work. What stopped me was The words from the bible and I quote; "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord". Yes I wanted to do serious damage to the perpetrators, I wanted them erased for ever. I am not going into all details. Suffice it to say that that I spent hours in church ridding myself of and taking back control of my feelings. It was a struggle, not an easy one, but I finally overcame my feelings but the "Hate" did not go away easily it took time to finally rid my heart of the feeling.

Keep watch. Be on guard. Take control.

Find yourself a "Mantra" that works for you that will help you keep self control. Keep the mantra short and Pray and entreat that this "Mantra" will always show up and be in the mind in our times of trial. Whatever you do "Never give in to the wasted energy of 'HATE'" The killer of self. The consumer of good, (Hate). Remember always that Hate does no one any good and will consume the self more than the enemy. Also remember the person or persons who have given or committed an injury to us may not be aware that they have done so. This is especially true of those who are closest to us our spouse, parents, siblings, Good friends. (All people). May not Know what they have said, done, or not said or done. You are in control. Take it. keep it. Choose for good. Choose Life. Choose Love.

In the words of "Winston Churchill" my favorite "British Prime Minister' During World War 2. In a speech to the nation and beamed defiance to "Hitler". Quote:- (We will fight them on the Beaches. We will fight them in the towns. We will fight them on The farms. "We will never Surrender".) He had that right Britain was expecting an invasion. I also remember his speech, short and sweet to Eton Graduates. When it was his turn to speak he rose from his seat walked to the podium and he said, Quote:- (Never! Never! Never give up!) he then walked back to his seat. He did come back to the podium and gave the grads an explanation. In Brief.- (No matter the trials or barriers placed in our way. We must never surrender to them and that God is asking us to exercise our courage resist these obstacles placed by the enemy in our path.

And so I echo a great Man and urge all of you to be "Strong"; "Resist the enemy". and "Never ever surrender. Never give up".

Can the "Hate Feeling/Emotion" be understood.

I do not Know if the incidence of Hate will ever be really understood. This is not to say that we will not be able extend some empathy to the one who hates, sympathy to the one who is hated. But I, having said this, also say that we must always try to understand and make some sense of the Emotion that we hold. All cultures hold that "Hate" is evil, Love is GOOD. What does "Hate" look like.

H: Harbors a grudge. Harmful to all. Gives and shows no (charity) (compassion).

A: Abhor, an anomaly and an abomination to all concerned.

T: Terrible in use and shows an uncontrolled Truculence.

E: Easier to hate than to love. It is to execrate and be full of Venom.

Hate is a very caustic and spiteful emotion but it is one that we ourselves have to plow the field, sow the seeds, nourish the plant and encourage to grow. Hate can make us Fiendish, demoniacal, and Damning in ways that can destroy our Humanity. Inhuman and will become cold hearted. Holding no love. WE become indifferent to the feeelings or passions of others. We don't care for the welfare or health, the well being of others and this attitude extends to a great number in a mushrooming effect to those other than where the original injury came from. It eventually comes back to roast and consume us ourselves leading to our self destruction, SO to all That read this I ask Take Note; Be on Guard; Fight against the Urges to HATE. No matter What the circumstances.

Let all of us, we members of the Human Race regardless of our ethnicity or religious roots bring "FAITH" - "HOPE" - "LOVE" to our world. Let go of indifference. Let go of Hate. Just keep to love. Build a better world where people actually do "Matter Most" not "Profits". Develop real "Charity"

Love, Hold, And Respect our differences. Love, Hold, And Respect our similarities, .Love, Hold and respect our differences no matter what they may be. We are all Unique. Hate is a waste of our lives and destroys us and many others.


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    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 14 months ago

      A beautiful 'stream of conciousness,' based upon your concern for humanity, as well as your personal tribulations. This is a lesson for me---for all of us, in fact.

    • profile image

      John 2 years ago

      Read and worthy of comment. Gives lots of room for thought. Build the kingdom of love one person and one brick of concern at a time, Give a smile to all we meet.