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How To Listen For Spiritual Messages

Updated on March 23, 2013
Are you trying to tell me something?
Are you trying to tell me something?

"If I could talk to the animals, learn their messages, maybe get an animal degree..."

I have found a new past time. I don't know why but just this year I learned about the spiritual powers of animals and the messages that they may be trying to convey to us. I have always been intrigued by animal behaviors especially those that seem to be behaving differently, appear in greater numbers than usual, or show up in unexpected places. Reading about the spiritual powers of animals seemed to make sense and came at a time in my life where I was completely open to believing in this potential power. Just because it was new to me, didn't make it new! I found out that there are many, many books written about animal spirit guides. I mean why shouldn't living entities have something to say? It's easy to think that they have the ability to communicate with each other but what if they are trying to communicate with us? How fun is that?

So armed with several guides, I am now enjoying the messages that surround me. The best part is that I can read the message and then figure out for myself how it fits my current circumstance. It may be right...It may be wrong. It's still a great way to contemplate life. So I thought I would share what I am learning from one of the animals in my life right now.

Squirrel's Message to Me

Recently, I have had lots and lots of squirrels to observe; busily preparing for the upcoming winter months. So, I looked up the message of the squirrel in my Animal Spirit Guide and from my readings and my current circumstances, I believe that this is Squirrel's message for me.

Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Are you getting ready?
Are you getting ready?
It's time, you know!
It's time, you know!

"Get ready."

In a climate where winters are cold and harsh, it's easy to understand the necessity to get ready. But as I think about this as a message, my thoughts take me deeper than just preparing for the cold of winter. It might also be that there is a need to prepare for change as a whole. Now I've already been through my share of change but I know I'm not done yet.

There will be the change in my marital status soon. Although I have physically moved away, I know that I have only just begun to form a new identity away from my old familiar home.

I am also working to change my health habits. Eating alone now means eating differently but I know I should do better. And exercise, although it's becoming a habit, I know I could be more active.

All of these are good changes but require preparation. So, I hear you Squirrel. I need to get ready!

Empty some space!  Make room for a new life!
Empty some space! Make room for a new life!

"Lighten your load."

In preparation for these changes, I think I'm being told to make room for IT! If IT is my marital status, I've been preparing for that now for months. I am ready to just sign on the dotted line! But, I bet that's not all I will have to do. I will probably have to adjust some of my habits, as well (monetarily speaking). Alright, alright, I suppose I don't need to spend so much on clothes anymore! After all, I don't go to the same place every day so no one really knows I wear the same thing over and over again.

This moves me to the second thing then that I could lighten - my closet! Not only do I no longer need an abundance of work clothes, I also can get rid of all those dowdy sweaters and oversized jackets that don't fit this new and improving body shape of mine! I can handle lightening this load!

And then there is the office furniture that I really thought I needed when I left my "married life". However, now that I just sit in my living room chair with my laptop, I wonder why I need that desk and oversized chair.

Why thank you squirrel. You're right! I can most definitely lighten my load! But then you say...

It's time to gather and store extra...
It's time to gather and store extra...
Well, ok, for you it doesn't need to be extra food!
Well, ok, for you it doesn't need to be extra food!

Prepare For The Future

Oh, no! I'm not going to bulk up on food again. I did that once before and it lead me to high cholesterol and high blood pressure not to mention difficulty with physical activity. No, instead, I think that what you mean for me is that I should prepare to focus on eating healthier food and actually staying active. I have learned that, my future, as I have gotten older, needs more effort in these areas.

One more thing that Squirrel might be telling me to prepare for is a cold apartment! The windows in this place, I'm learning, are paper thin! I already have frost on the inside of the glass in the early morning hours. So, it's time to find some insulation for those windows! Luckily, I have a fireplace, so I suppose it's also time to find a location to store some firewood. Good message Squirrel. I'm on it.

What's that? You have one more message for me?

Have you been having any fun?
Have you been having any fun?
It's easy.  Watch me!
It's easy. Watch me!

"Don't forget to make time to play!"

I hear you Squirrel. I have been really focused lately on starting this new life. I know that I have to balance that with more socializing and fun. It's time for me to venture out of this apartment more and go some place other than the gym and grocery store. I need to figure out how to make new friends, but I miss all the old familiar faces and places.

I hear you Squirrel. I am listening. This new life will only be a good as I make it. I need to get ready, lighten my load, prepare for the future, and find ways to have fun. Got it! Thanks Squirrel. You're the best!


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    • jpesch1 profile image

      Jane Peschel 5 years ago from Currently living in Franklin, Wisconsin

      What a wonderful comment. Thank you Violet! Yes, I am enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by chatter! Today, the squirrels were so busy. It's about to get very, very cold. They will be finding places to burrow but then through the tree line, I watched the deer meander back and forth, calmly and at peace in this protected forest. I continue to read the messages over and over again as I feel they completely sum up my life right now. Then someone suggested that I get "Medicine Cards". I received them this weekend and was amazed at the story told by my "Totem Animals". What a rich and wonderful discovery for me! I'm glad I'm not alone talking to things :)

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 5 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Dear jpesch1,

      What a lovely partnership you are developing with your new animal friends and new environment! The world speaks to us always and in all ways, they are always communicating, but so often they fall on deaf ears. I am sure you are finding that the more you listen, the more they speak out. It is kind of sad that humanity's false sense of superiority have separated us from our innate sense of oneness with nature and each other. One is considered daft if caught talking to 'things'. I have a funny habit of talking to my surrounding, and have been caught a few times while apologising to my studio table for example, if I had soiled it or bumped it. My studio would turned around looking at me very wierdly: "Are you talking to your table?" "Are you talking to your chair?" I would turn around and say "Yah, don't you?" and give her my strange look, ha ha.... And you are so lucky to have squirrels to talk to. We don't really have them in New Zealand :-(

    • mariasial profile image

      maria sial 5 years ago from united kingdom

      Its amazing and adorable ... thank you

    • jpesch1 profile image

      Jane Peschel 5 years ago from Currently living in Franklin, Wisconsin

      Thank you, Mary.

    • Mary Merriment profile image

      Mary Merriment 5 years ago from Boise area, Idaho

      I really like this. This is another lesson for me about opening up more of my awareness to my environment. I used to really pay attention to nature and the messages within it. I'm really not sure when I got too distracted and busy to just pay attention. Your message is to me loud and clear... slow down, look around and be more aware! Thank you.