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Tarot Card Combinations and their Meanings Revealed-#8 Strength

Updated on November 8, 2011

When reading a spread of tarot cards, it is extremely important to watch for additional meanings found in certain combinations of cards. For example, four reversed fours suggests heavy travel by foort.

Following is the general meaning of Strength and what it means in combination with certain other cards.

#8 Strength- spiritual or mental strength, fairness, sound investments

Strength (with)

Following the Chariot- the querent will remain strong through future trials

Preceding the Chariot- great effort will be expended before relief

Followed by Death- a serious, nonfatal illness

Following Death- an abrupt end

Reversed following Death reversed- a narrow escape

Preceding the Tower strengthens the meaning of the tower (unexpected news and upheaval)

 Remember to always watch for card combination meanings to get the most out of each tarot reading.


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