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Tarot Cards: Major Arcana Reading

Updated on October 16, 2019

0. The Fool - beginning, new phase/journey, embarking in the unknown, spontaneous, acting on impulse without thinking it through, carefree, having faith, trusting the flow, letting go of worry and responsibilities, joy, folly, a crazy chance, following heart desires, a sense of wonder, boldness.

I. The Magician - action, what needs to be done, magic tricks, carrying out plans, manifesting consciously, knowing intuitively, motivation, results, intentions, concentrate, focus, committed, the force of the will, power, impact, vitality, energized, communication, skills, adapt, trickery, mastery, deceive.

II. The High Priestess - non-active, allowing events to proceed, calm, not involved, receptive to influence, waiting patiently, unconscious mind at work, intuition, inner voice, great potential, open to possibilities, let flowers blossom, hidden talents, mystery, seeking what is concealed acknowledge the Shadow approaching a closed off area, divine knowledge, wisdom, bipolarity.

III. The Empress - mother nature, giving birth, nourishing life, cherish moments, abundance, rich, lavish reward, luxury, senses are activated, sexual pleasure, vibrant health, beauty and body focus, physical activity, following natural rhythms, feeling/being connected to Earth, fertility, selfishness, infidelity, evolution, accomplishments.

IV. The Emperor - father figure, set direction/tone, protect, guided growth, security and comfort, explanations, sticking to a plan, structure, bringing order out of chaos, an authority figure, leader, commander, controlling, status of strength, meeting with officials, legal matters, law and order, rules, guidelines, irresponsible, anger issues, lack of strengths.

V. The Hierophant (aka. The High Priest) - education matters, pursuing knowledge, seeking and finding answers, keeping beliefs, cultural heritage, honor a ritual, guiding to where to put faith, compassion, adapting the system, going along with the program, committed to a cause, part of the team, working with a group, tradition, legacy, fanaticism, servant, kind, merciful.

VI. The Lovers - relationship matters, love, union, connection, intimacy, sexual energy, passion, physical attractions, setting your beliefs or standards, making it clear where you stand, talking about values, struggling with temptation, choosing between right and wrong, making an ethical choice, refusing to let ends justify means, trust, harmony, romance, indecisions, poor choices.

VII. The Chariot - victory, win, beat the enemy, dominate, focus intent to success, rising above temptation, self-assert, ego-focused, establish an identity, hard control, master emotions, hold in anger, show authority, create destiny, lack of focus, pressure, loss of direction, journey, rushed decisions, vengeance.

VIII. Strength - gallant spirit, stamina, endure, unshakable, patient, maintain composure, refuse to get angry/frustrated, taking time to react, compassionate, forgive, kind, accept, tolerate, soft control, influence, persuade, demonstrate the strength of love, courage, energy, hero, determined, coward, doubtful, weak.

IX. The Hermit - introspective, over-thinking, focus inward, quiet senses, looking for answers, searching, new direction, truth at all costs, guidance, being a mentor, counsel, guru, solitude, withdrawing from the world, giving up distractions, patience, inner strength, prudence, isolation, failure.

X. The Wheel of Fortune - destiny, life threads weave together, fate, miracle, opportunity, turning point, reverse, change of direction, alter events, movement, tempo of life speeding up, getting involved, change, vision, being aware, being awaken, uncover cycles, unusual loss, progress, special gain, karma, expansion, timing.

XIV. Temperance - temperate, middle ground, moderation, compromise, balance, equilibrium, harmony, centered, recognize all sides, renew energy, heal, recover, bloom, combine forces, gather what's needed, create synthesis, join with others, patience, influence, confidence, art, alchemy, union, competition, frustration, discord.

XV. The Devil - bondage, accepting unwanted situation, being controlled, addiction, obsessed, codependent, tied down against will, being materialistic, over-indulge, caught up in physical appearances, forgetting the spiritual, being unaware/ignorant to facts, facing limitations, being in the dark, fearing the unknown, lacking faith, despair, cold world, negative thinking, doubtful, savage, downfall, violence, temptation, abuse, freedom, balance.

XVI. The Tower - sudden change, profound change, disrupted plans, crisis, chaos, things shaking up, erupting in anger, emotional outburst, let everything go, exploding, falling down, crashing, humbled, a blow to the ego, revelation, suddenly realization of the truth, seeing through illusions, getting the answers, a burst of insight, bankruptcy, downfall, past abandonment issues, trauma, surgery, accident, natural disaster.

XVII. The Star - hope, faith in the future, manifestation, wish coming true, counting blessings, great expectations, believe the light in the end of the tunnel, regain motivation, gain inner strength, see clearer, stimulated to higher level, receive answers, sharing with others, spreading wealth, open heart, let love flow freely, hold no reservations, hold nothing back, serene, find a still center, untroubled, enjoy harmony, optimism, spiritual love, renewed faith, negativity, unfulfilled hopes.

XI. The Justice - ethical principles, legal issues, trying to do what's right, responsibility, accountable, acknowledge the truth, handle situations, admit the truth, making decisions, weighing all sides of a story, balance factors, set a future course of action, the right action, accepting cause and affect, accepting results, recognizing karma, harmony, balance, virtue, honor, equality, divorce, dispute.

XII. The Hanged Man - let go, emotional release, accept reality, surrender, end struggle, vulnerable, God's will, change mindset, new perspective, pause to reflect, live in the moment, wait for better opportunity, making a sacrifice, being a martyr, put others first, give up for a higher cause, abandonment, readjustment, rebirth, depression, punishment, delusion.

XIII. Death - put the past behind, complete a chapter, transitions, change of status, move to the unknown, find middle ground, eliminate excess : what does not serve, shed all attitudes, go back to basics, inexorable forces, going through what can't be avoided, ride your fate, accept the inevitable, death of ego, initiation, loss, bad luck, clinging to the past, obsession.

XVIII. The Moon - fear, release inner demons, suffer from phobia, giving in to the shadow self, lack of courage, overcomed by anxiety, illusions, accepting false picture, deceive yourself, unrealistic, chasing a fantasy, imagination, vivid dreams, unusual thoughts, bewildered, losing direction/purpose, confused, aimless wander, easily distracted, deception, trickery, disgrace, double-dealing, secrets, betrayal, awareness.

XIX. The Sun - enlightenment, find sense behind chaos, getting to the heart of the matter, insight, greatness, moment of glory, center of attention, achieve prominence, chosen, joy, vitality, energized, charged up, great health, enthusiasm, assurance, freedom, honor, true self, confident, forgive yourself, believe your worth, satisfaction, accomplishment, light upon situations, prosperity, pride, delayed success.

XX. Judgment - hard choices, see through, see something in a new light, transform, renewed hope, fresh start, inner conviction, impulsive to act, decide to make a difference, answer a need, feeling cleansed, releasing guilts, forgiving yourself and others, sins washed away, rejuvenation, development, rewarded resolution.

XXI. The World - integration, wholeness, bring parts together, dynamic balance, joining, prosperity, dreams come true, achieve hearts desires, flourish, contribute, healing, engage, use your gifts, take pleasure in life, counting blessings, find contentment, completion, perfection, triumph, eternal cycles, stagnation, unfinished business.

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