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Tarot Cards, Tarot Readings and Tarot Card Meaning: Can it predict futures and help make decisions?

Updated on October 5, 2010

When I was eight years old, my mother took me to a tarot card reader. I think she was more interested in my future than I was. I remember all I wanted at the time was to play video games with my best friend “Willy.” I remember entering a dark room being lit by a dozen candles and feeling a bit squeezy in the stomach. Here I was in a strange, dark place that just didn’t feel right to me. This woman dressed in robes sat down and smiled at me as if to reassure me that all was fine. With each group of cards I turned, she explained that I will get married, have three children, work with people and live a long, healthy life. At the time, I had an inner feeling she would be correct. This tarot card reading so far has been bang on. I did get married, have three children and do work with people. So, I asked myself recently, what are Tarot cards and how are they read? The desire to learn spurred writing this article.

While some people are fascinated by the Tarot, others are actually fearful of these cards.  At the time, I was more fearful of the dark atmosphere and mystery in the room than the tarot process itself. There are also some people who believe that Tarot cards can be used to foretell the future.  However, there really is more to it than this because Tarot cards can also give a person some insight into their personal nature as well.  In order to understand this, you must obtain a better understanding of Tarot.

The first thing that you need to understand is that a deck of Tarot cards consists of seventy-eight cards.  Twenty-two of these cards form what is known as the Major Arcana while the other fifty-six cards form the Minor Arcana.  There are also four suits with fourteen cards in each suit.  The symbols that are found on each of these cards is interpreted in different ways, depending upon the reader. 

Interpreting Tarot cards is a skill that will require an investment of both time and patience in order to develop, refine and become proficient in.  Once you have some understanding on how to interpret these cards, you will be able to give a reading.  This reading will begin with the person who is seeking the answer shuffling the deck of cards, laying them down on the table and then picking out certain ones, all while the cards are left face down.  The reader's job is then to place the cards face up on the table in a spread (essentially, this is just a type of pattern).

There are a variety of different spreads that can be used in a Tarot reading.  Each of these spreads has a specific name and is used for performing a specific type of reading.  The most popular spread is the Celtic Cross, which is used for giving a general reading.  It is not up to the person who is seeking a reading to determine what spread to use.  Instead, this is something that the reader must have knowledge of.

Once the cards have been placed face up in an appropriate spread, it is time for the reader to do the actual reading itself.  Here is where the reader reads the pictures and receives subconscious information from the cards themselves.  In doing so, the reader is actually interpreting the meaning of the cards and how it applies to your question.  As a reader you need to be aware that some of these cards will make certain people become a bit on edge.  This is especially true of the death card, which many people often do not realize that this card could actually be referring to the end of a phase in life and not the physical demise itself.  The only way in which to tell which meaning the card has though is by examining how the card applies to the reading itself.

As a reader you will be giving the person for whom you are reading a set of steps that they can take in order to be able to improve their life.  This could be anything from what career they should pursue to information about business deals and whom they should or should not marry.  Regardless of what question you are answering for someone, the Tarot cards are simply a tool that you are using to guide the person to live the life that they were destined to live.

So, do you believe in Tarot? Can it tell your future or advise you on life paths to take? Perhaps tarot taps into spiritual areas that go beyond our three dimensional world. Or, possibly time has already been played out instead of actually running. If the past, present and future are running simultaneously, tapping into this dimension of predicting our future is possible. Could we have already played out our lives and can tap into our future as the future is already set? I doubt this theory can ever be proven, but it makes for a good theory behind the power of tarot card reading.



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    • starlitn profile image

      starlitn 7 years ago

      I like this hub!

    • Eternal Evolution profile image

      Eternal Evolution 7 years ago from kentucky

      Nice hub with some great information, espicially for those new to the tarot

    • michelle-ds-fan profile image

      michelle-ds-fan 7 years ago

      I enjoy Tarot cards. I wouldn't make life decisions based on a reading though. However, I do enjoy reading my own cards just for fun. I find it relaxing.