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Tarot Reading- Really?

Updated on April 29, 2017

What is Tarot?

Traditionally Tarot is a pack of 78 cards with five suits, used in divination and (especially in Europe) in certain games. Generally the suits consist of swords, cups, coins (or pentacles), wands They have court cards, major Arcana, and Minor Arcana. Originally Tarot was called tæroʊ, and other names. In the beginning they were used as common playing cards of the day.

Tarot is used some for more entertaining purposes, others to really seek guidance . Caution should be given in seeking a reader, there many just out for profit.

Common Meaning of the cards Major Arcana

The Major Arcana introduces you to the fool, and his, or hers journey which on earth we are all on.

  1. The Fool – folly, extravagance, intoxication, delirium
  2. The Magician – skill, diplomacy, self-confidence, pain, disaster, loss
  3. The High Priestess – mystery, secrets, the unknown future
  4. The Empress – action, fruitfulness, difficulty, ignorance, doubt
  5. The Emperor – power, stability, protection, conviction, reason
  6. The Hierophant – captivity, servitude, marriage, inspiration, mercy
  7. The Lovers – love, beauty, attraction, trials overcome
  8. The Chariot – relief, providence, war, vengeance, triumph
  9. Strength – courage, energy, action, power
  10. The Hermit – prudence, betrayal, corruption
  11. Wheel of Fortune – destiny, felicity, luck, success
  12. Justice – rightness, equity, morality
  13. The Hanged Man – discernment, sacrifice, intuition, prophecy
  14. Death – mortality, destruction, the end, transition
  15. Temperance – frugality, adaptation, moderation, economy
  16. The Devil – violence, fatality, vehemence, ruin
  17. The Tower – distress, disgrace, adversity, calamity
  18. The Star – abandonment, loss, theft, hope, bright prospects
  19. The Moon – darkness, hidden enemies, danger, deception
  20. The Sun – contentment, material happiness, fortunate marriage
  21. The Last Judgment – renewal, rebirth, change, outcome
  22. The World – voyage, success, flight

Keep in mind the meaning is determined if the card is right side up or reversed. These are general meanings. It is interpretation of another. What matters is your interpretation when reading the cards your self. Learn to trust your impression

The Celtic Cross Spread

Position 1 is the situation.

Position 2 crosses position 1 and this will often bring up the real issue or the challenge. This is the opposing factor.

Position 3 is below 1 and 2 and this adds further detail to the present situation. It is the root cause of the problem.

Position 4 to the left indicates the past.

Position 5 above the cross indicates influences which are leaving and the immediate future. It can also be the goal of the querant.

Position 6 to the right is close future.

Position 7 at the bottom of the vertical line indicates the fears of the querant. This can also be how you see yourself.

Position 8 directly above 7 indicates other people. It can represent matters of the home.

Position 9 directly above 8 indicates the hopes and wishes of the querant. There is often some key guidance with this card.

Position 10 at the top of the row indicates the outcome.

Tarot Spreads

Every spread is unique, and different because of the positions as well as their meanings. Individual spreads will look at and accomplish various and different things depending on which spread, and card has been chosen and who the reading is for, or even about. A key part of developing a good relationship with a Subject is to be able to understand which spread will most suit their or your current needs and provide you or them with the most help.

The Most common Spreads I have both found and have used are;

  • 3 Card Draw- Past Present, Future
  • Celtic Cross
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Career Path
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Relationships ( Love)

There many many spreads and layouts.

Beginners learning to read Tarot

I will provide professional Tarot Readings

Professional,compassionate,intuitive, accurate and truthful Tarot, and Oracle readings,
I have been a professional reader for several years 2008-2014. I left to seek work and my other dreams. I worked at Crystal Era volunteering at fairs, serving customers, and doing readings as needed as well as to co workers via my sales job . I am gifted and accurate. I have also worked professionally with Oranum
My Giftings
Clairvoyant .

I am accurate and truthful, Disclaimer, truth Nothing is written in stone. You and others have free will and choices too.You may click my link or copy paste in Broswer

Guidelines for getting the most out of a reading

  1. Make sure to find the right Reader for you
  2. Know their prices upfront ( No reading ought to cost hundreds of dollars)
  3. Be open minded
  4. Be willing to know the truth even if you do not want to hear it
  5. No one is God
  6. Nothing is concrete. free wills, and people and life changes.
  7. Re search


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