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What to Expect from your Tarot Reader. Don't settle for less

Updated on July 15, 2014

Dire need of a Reading

You are in dire need of receiving information. You are tempted to seek advice from a tarot or a psychic reader. You make your appointment, and you arrive at the reader’s house. Your emotions are raw, and you are feeling desperate. The reader invites you into her home, and settles your nerves within a matter of moments. You two have a connection. You are beginning to trust in her. She spreads the cards and takes your hand into hers, looks into your eyes, and says, I can help you. Your reading will not be charged for today, because you will need to come back a few times for me to aid you. I will offer you, at a low cost, a spell, and some magical ingredients to get him/her back. You look up, confused and do not know what to do. I am telling you, run.

A Tarot or Psychic reading should only offer you advice on how to find another way, in dealing with your crises.

The Reading

The Reading

The reading is a map of what is transcending now. It will offer you a view that should enlightened you

What to be alert of during your reading

What to be alert of during a reading

What to be alert of during a reading

As a retired professional reader for over four decades, I have more often than not ran into people who have had this first experience. Unfortunately, because of desperation, they often became hooked. You are easy bait, and they know it. They do this in the guise of helping, but more in the reality of ripping you off.

A Reader should do their best to not make you dependent on them. They hopefully will not do fortune telling for you. The spirit planes have very little concept of timing. Occasionally they might be spot on, however the majority of the time they are not. As a professional tarot and psychic reader, my messages came from spirit through the cards. Prophecy in the form of fortune telling is a misnomer. All this accomplish is the- hook-line and sinker into the addictive world of having your fortunes told. This is truly a road, which should not be traveled by a client.

Feeling Nourished by Your Tarot Reader

What you should seek in your reading?

If you are seeking a reading, most likely your life is not working for you. There are two exceptions to this; one is seeking what is coming up, so you will have previous awareness. Second is to test a reader. I have ran into the later often throughout my forty years. This section though is for those whose life is not working for them.

If a certain area or areas are currently causing you stress, you can often receive great advice from a Reader. It is more important to you, to seek a reader who is not predicating for you, but offering you another way. Another way will offer you examples of how to wade through your mounting issues.

What will another way offer you? It will first give you an unveiling of any past similar situations and how you handled them. Secondly, it will show you exactly how this worked or didn’t for you at that time. Here are two examples. One is problems in a relationship. The Reader will be able to see if you have a pattern going on, with the said crises. If there is a pattern, and usually there is at least one, she/he can bring that to your attention, as well as see how it caused past results. Usually with certain patterns, we do not seek to have them repeat. For instance, if jealousy shows up as a pattern for you, and how you have in the past blamed ex- lovers for cheating on you, the reader will ask how that work for you. Most likely it actually contributed to the dissolving of that relationship. The Reader can bring this to your attention, and often will. This is part one of what you need to receive. The other part is informing you on how to work through your issue of jealousy, so it does not inflict pain in your present relationship. This is the way you will receive the most out of a session with your Reader.

There is another way, which works against you. If you ask, is he/she cheating, and the reader has unveiled your jealousy issue, they will tell you that a yes or no answer will only keep you hooked to your issue. Trust is not built between the couple, by seeking a psychic to inform you if they are cheating.

Another area could be finances, job or a work situation. The Reader will be able to detect if you will get a job, as well as advice you if it actually will benefit your mind, body and soul. Often our job does not feed all three of these compartments. If it doesn’t, there will be another way revealed to the client. This is a broad spectrum, and could cover change of employment, seeking training, or to finding something outside of our job that nourishes the parts that are missing. You might right now be asking, why is this important? How does that effect the areas of finances? When we are feeling empty inside, we often spend to fill up that void. We seek instant gratification. This too becomes an addiction. How many people are addicted to food, alcohol, drugs, TV, games, and this list is endless.

In closing this section, it is my personal opinion that a client should never volunteer information to a reader. It would drive me crazy, when someone came to me, wanting to unload buckets of information. You will distort what the reader can get. Be quiet. State you question or questions, and listen to the Reader.

How do you find the right Reader?

I do hope these two brief examples have turned a light bulb on for you, in the area of receiving a reading. A proper reading can be comparable to a clean window, with sunlight coming through. A fortune telling reading is the exact opposite. What would you wish, clean window, where the sunlight can shine through, or a dirty window, where all is reveal is an overcasting of your mess? Do you wish clarity or fogginess? Think on this, prior to making your appointment.

Readers do have credentials, and it would serve a person well to check them. There is feedback, for those who work through a phone/computer line. Technically, I am not pro them, but it does offer a look at the psychic. There are a lot of people who do not wish to hear what the reader said, so they will mark her/his feedback extremely low. This I have personally experienced, and was well aware of other excellent readers who have had the same experience. Feedback though can offer you a small window of insight, into how the reader actually reads. Seek out the adjectives, which describe the connection with the reader. Did the client feel comfortable? Was she/he listened to well? These answers will reveal to you, if a particular reader will work for you. Adjectives used often for me were passionate, compassionate, and blunt. I never did sugar coat, and for some people, this would be difficult to handle

There is a smorgasbord out there, and you can seek a reader, who works on a phone line, from home, a business and many other ways. Word of mouth to this day is the best reference. Prior to my retirement, I personally preferred contact, face to face readings, but have worked psychic lines. Just be careful on how you view the Reader. We are not a God. Do not become addicted to us. A short reading can only give you a glimpse of the reader. You cannot receive the fully Monty of the Reader. It is impossible. You will not receive the proper reading you so righteously deserve.

Why am I writing this hub, especially since I am in retirement? I feel I have valuable information to offer. It can be useful to those who are seeking the proper type of reading. I am seeking to show you another way.

Has the Hub enlightened you?

The usefulness of this Hub

Did you find the information in this hub useful?

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Has the Hub enlightened you?

My desire is to help educate people, in the areas that I consider myself a professional. In writing this hub, this was my only intention. I have included a poll so you can let me know if this has been useful.

I thank you, ahead of time, for your input.


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      3 years ago

      Unaeprllaled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!


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