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Tarot Spread- The Bifrost

Updated on May 3, 2012
The Bifrost Spread
The Bifrost Spread


In Norse Mythology, the connecting road between Asgard and Midgard (The realm of the Gods & Earth) is seen as a flaming rainbow bridge that soars across the skies. It was Snorri Sturluson in the Prose-Edda that explained that the Bifrost appears like a rainbow, but is made of three colours, and is much more strong, and intricate than other structures.

It is this particular myth that has inspired this spread, and is aimed directly at shedding some light on our journeys. These journeys can be both physical and spiritual, and so questions such as “I am starting a new business, and want to know what to expect,” or “I’m going back to college and want to know where it will get me,” are perfect. General spiritual pathway readings can also be applied to this spread.

I hope this spread proves to be a useful layout in your arsenal, and that you allow the insight of the Aesir Gods to flow through while conducting your reading.

Spread Diagram

Forgive my photoshopping. It's hard work making everything original!
Forgive my photoshopping. It's hard work making everything original!

Copyright Notice

© Copyright 2012 WitchesMIX

WitchesMIX holds full rights to the text within this article, and under no circumstances will any copying, editing or claiming as your own be acceptable. Without asking for permission, no more than a link to this text can be placed on any other website or printed in any text. This is so that WitchesMIX can ensure that it is receiving maximum traffic to it's many sites. If any see this work, in part or in full, on any other site, please email with a link to the site in question. Thank you very much.


The Spread

This spread is fairly simplistic in it's layout, but it's insight into journeys in ones life is rather broad, and is one of my personal favourites.

The first card relates to the beginning of the journey. It tells you where you are now, and how you are behaving towards your voyage.

The second card warns of things to avoid. This is pretty simple, the card that turns up is the exact thing you should try to evade.

The third card suggests things to put in place. Once again, pretty simple, the card that turns up displays what you should try to find and hold on too, this may even relate to a mindset that you should get into.

The fourth card is your main obstacle/ boost. Whether this card is a boost or an obstacle is determined by the positivity/ negativity of the card itself. A negative card will relate to an obstacle, whereas a positive will relate to the opposite.

The fifth card outlines people that are your allies. The personalities outlined in your card are the types of people you should keep around you and confide in. These allies don't have to be people, they could be mindsets or certain resolves set by yourself.

The sixth card points out your enemies. The personalities outlined in this card are to be avoided at all costs, whether they mean it or not they will be a hindrance to your progress. These enemies may not be people, they could be aspects of yourself or certain situations that need avoiding.

The seventh card is your result. it sheds light on your future, or the way you will feel by the end of your journey. Even if your journey ends in failure there can still be positive outcomes on your life and your outlook. You can still grow and change for the better no matter what the circumstance!

Video Demonstration

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Example Reading

To the right is a video that we have recorded to accompany the article, and to do so we have done a reading on WitchesMIX’s future. I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that our future is prosperous and happy, and we’re sure that relates to all involved- which also means all of you! So please, feel free to email us your ideas and get involved!

As of the time this video was recorded we were off to a gentle start, just easing our way into this venture, and so we were very happy when the reading told us this was something good to put in place. We have been built on level headed, solid foundations and should continue on at this steady pace without taking on too much at once.

Our main obstacle to face was that we attempt to let go of some of our stagnant ideas and go for something more fresh, keeping us up to date with the times and remaining excited and captivated throughout our article-writing future. Without this mindset we could run the risk of it hindering our progress and intentions.

We should perhaps seek the help of others that could guide us in the right direction, this someone perhaps being close to home. However, our enemies also may come in the form of those close to home, and intentionally or not will put an obstacle in the way of our plans. This could even relate to ourselves being our own worst enemy, by perhaps becoming too lost in business and neglecting our spirituality. Do not worry, we are going to do everything we can to avoid such things.

Our future was over all very positive and prosperous, and so our non-profit plans may turn into something a little more lucrative. It is important to point out at this stage that our articles will remain free and on Hubpages for thousands to read, and we are always going to offer free public tarot readings to those that want them. Feel free to ask anytime!

Day Of The Week Application

This spread can also be related to a ‘days of the week’ reading, where each card represents what to be aware of or what to expect each day. It can prove a very helpful and fast insight to the week ahead, and is very easy to record and compare to your experiences during those days. Use the table below for the correspondences between each card and its respective week day.

Tarot Cards
Norse Day Names
Modern Day Names
Card 1
Moon's Day
Card 2
Tyr's Day
Card 3
Woden/ Odin's Day
Card 4
Thor's Day
Card 5
Frigg's Day
Card 6
Card 7
Sun's Day


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