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Monthly Tarotscopes: April 2017

Updated on March 27, 2017

Monthly Tarotscope: April 2017

Before we launch into our Tarotscope for the month of April, I asked The Secret Language of Colour cards for a Universal Message for all of us here today, and the blue card of Brilliance stepped forward. Its message is to discover your sparkle this month.

The card says to just ask: “Divine Intelligence I am ready to recognize my own wisdom and allow my Brilliant ideas to manifest and inspire all those around me.”

That’s my gift to you today.

Let us see what the Rider Waite Tarot cards have in store for you this month……

You are in the dirver's seat. Take the steering wheel and turn left to right from personal Will to higher Will.
You are in the dirver's seat. Take the steering wheel and turn left to right from personal Will to higher Will. | Source

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19)

This month of April you may find yourself interacting with a group of 3-5 people where your thoughts clash. You each believe in your own perspective and feel passionate about your beliefs or stance. Someone will come out of this group thinking he/she has won the battle. This person would have used underhanded means to achieve the outcome he/she desired.

Just remember, you are in the driver’s seat, Aries. You need to realign your Will with your purpose to make sure you are on track and stay on track. If it all gets too overwhelming take a car trip one weekend and get away from it all for a while.

A child or teenager who is enthusiastic in nature may become someone you will deal with this April.

A message out of the blue will come to you about a new venture which will get you all excited. Just remember to apply a pragmatic approach where and when you can.

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20)

People want what you have. Stiff competition but you will with effort be able to maintain your stand out position.

An emotionally mature man or man who is 35 years of age or older and of the astrological sun sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, will feature in your life this month. This man will be connected to the world of finances, real estate or property in some way.

Your intuition will be heightened. Or, will increase if you give it half a chance. Practice doing intuition exercises this month. If you are a writer, a dream interpreter or studying Cartomancy, trust your instincts.

Something will not be “what it seems”. So, don’t take something at face value. Do your research for the facts as well including your gut feelings in order to reach a holistic answer.

People want to be with you this April for either friendship or love. So, share your thoughts and feelings with others and see what can take place….

GEMINI (May 21-Jun20)

Out of the blue, you may suddenly realize the truth of someone or some situation.

There will also be the arrival of a sudden message which will get you to alter the trajectory of your present lifestyle. You will feel inspired to act, to start a course of study or to travel. Land or property may be dealt with this month as well. If you sit down and plan out what you need to do and how you are going to do it, you will be fine.

Be ambitious this April.

Be progressive this April

Step up to leadership roles

Strength is also gentleness in action
Strength is also gentleness in action | Source

CANCER (Jun21-Jul 22)

A decision is pending. You are sitting on the fence about it. Procrastinating. Perhaps you are waiting to secure more facts before you finally decide on what action to take? Intuition will be your ally.

This decision is an emotional decision about a young person who is shy, creative or compassionate.

You could also receive an offering of a new friendship or the beginning of a potential love relationship. Or, if you are wanting time out from intimate relationships, a job offer that you will love or feel emotional about, will present itself to you as an opportunity.

Your lesson in life this month is about showing strength in the form of gentleness, kindness and without being of hidden agenda. Use your mental courage to tackle affairs. Sustain self-belief and self-value. And, Shine, ok?!

LEO (Jul 22-Aug23)

Leo, you are thinking seriously about joining up with an on-line dating agency; or, travelling overseas to meet someone and holiday with.

The World is at your feet for the plucking and the plumping. You may meet an imaginative, fiery and proud Leo or a solid Taurus that likes to quietly shine in the background.

This month you feel solid and feel challenged. If an opportunity arises, seize it quickly.

If you start thinking how green it is on the other side, do a to-do list of all the hard work and the monies you have accumulated on the job. Are you proud? Are you willing to hold onto this? Or, are you going to let it slip through your fingers?

If you want to have what you want this month, the more you spread peace, consider other needs and maintain your honour, it will be an enjoyable month for you.

VIRGO (Aug 28-Sept 22)

Is there something on your mind? Are you waking up in the middle of the night going over and over things? Worry no more, Lady Luck is going to give you a lucky break. You may have been obsessing about a person or a situation (or vice versa) but you will be released from that situation.

A sensual female that is practical and a good manager will enter your life this month. She will be connected to your monies in some way or property dealings/investments. This female will either be a Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus. Or, someone with these types of traits. You will learn from her; and what you will learn is to be patient for opportunities to arise.

Good news will come to you.

A difficult situation or dispute will be settled.

Who has turned your world upside down? Or, are you deciding to go with the flow?
Who has turned your world upside down? Or, are you deciding to go with the flow? | Source

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Are you going backwards and forwards over something? Finances may be coming in and then going out pretty quickly too. But you know how to juggle and balance things out.

Positive affirmations with an expectant attitude, will take you far this month. Go out and promote your skills and talents. Don’t be shy. Share them. Modesty leaves you way behind. Seize the day!

This April you could very well meet a guy who is 20-35 years of age who has a sharp mind and is quick witted. He will make you curious. But he may be one of these people that say and do one thing one day and then completely change it the following day. Therefore, he may come across unreliable to you. This guy however, will act as a catalyst for you to change direction.

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21)

There is a relationship you could be involved in that is obsessive or addictive. Drugs, alcohol, monies or kinky sex may be involved making you feel chained up or manipulated. Or, maybe you have this other person under your grip? Never the less this month is about co- dependent relationships.

Spying and stalking may be going on in your life this month. Including rumour mongering or backstabbing. Your family members may be able to help you, though. Their relationships or style of loving may serve to remind you what is healthy loving and what is unhealthy loving. What about your Grandfather? Or a senior male who loves his dogs? Talk to him. He may have some good advice for you.

There will be a wedding, engagement or celebratory occasion this month where your family members will attend and this may be a good time to talk over what you have been experiencing.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec21)

This month you will be vibrating to more money or a job advancement. That is fine by you as you are ready for the extra responsibility and hard work to come. You would even welcome a leadership role. But be prepared to sacrifice something to get what you really want. Your sacrifice could be letting go of control and going with the flow.

This April you will be completing one cycle of financial earnings or income. You now have a deeper sense of your worth and the value you bring to a situation. Consequently, you want and need greater compensation.

People admire you for being a good parent (a good leader). People admire your sensitive, nurturing and compassionate style of leadership.

A lucky break is coming your way
A lucky break is coming your way | Source

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Are you clairvoyant? Highly intuitive? that you feel you could follow the Divination Arts? Listen and follow what your dreams reveal to you this month, Capricorn. There’s gold for you here.

This month instead of falling into the trap of seeing people or situations in a simple black and white way, start reminiscing about your sweethearts of the past and how they made you feel soft and gooey. That will soften you up, to begin to looking at others in a more open minded or emotional way.

Shoot for the stars and moon both materially and spiritually this April, Capricorn.

Someone from your past may come back to you. It will be someone who valued your honesty, benevolence and inventiveness. Be mindful not to judge them too harshly as time changes all of us but memories of the past stay fixed in stone.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)

You feel locked in. You feel caught in a trap and you can’t see your way out even though there is an opening for you.

Is there a court case or some situation you are seeking Justice in? If you are, and you have been dealing with this situation in a fair and balanced way, the Justice card says the court case will then work more in your favour than not.

A female who is warm, loud, takes up your attention is more than likely to be a person of the sun sign of Aries, Sagittarius or Leo. This female is quick in making decisions and she runs on her gut instincts. She will model to you a healthy sense of self together with healthy abilities in self-assertion. This female shows courage in adversity. This female will help you see the way out of your entrapped situation.

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20)

This month a situation will come up where you feel you have to use guile or stealth in order to break free and start off in your new direction in life.

You will find yourself trying out a new belief system that asks you to have blind faith for it to work out well in your life. But I feel one of your challenges is that your heart and mind are not on the same page. Therefore, you find yourself being pulled in many directions. Just take a moment and sit down and write out how materially/physically, mentally and intuitively, you are going to make this new system work for you.

Success for you this month will come through self-discipline

An Aries male or female will be significant to you this April

Please remember....

Remember? Only take away with you with what you resonate with. The rest? Leave it behind, okay?

Have an interesting month!


Information provided by Threekeys is of a general nature and does not take into account your complete personal circumstances. Information provided is not to be relied upon as, nor to be a substitute for, specific professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting on or reframing from action as a result of any information from tarot reading/communications can be accepted.

The Tarot readings are for curiosity and entertainment. No guarantees of any kind are meant to be implied reading a Tarot Reading/communications. The Client has the Free Will to choose. Whether or not they will follow any idea or guidance gained in a Tarot reading. A Tarot reading is not to replace Legal, Health and Financial professional advice. If you feel you need such advice, please consult an appropriate licensed professional. It is taken that you are over 18 years of age.

Source of Images: Rider Waite Tarot Deck

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