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Taurus Horoscope Prediction for 2015

Updated on December 4, 2014
Days N Celebrations
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A mixed year awaits you, Taurus. Bringing with it hopes and possibilities, 2015 will turn out to be fruitful, with its mix of experiences rising from hurdles and a lot many cherished memories to live time and again. Being on a constant vigil is advised. Do not let opportunities pass by while you are day-dreaming a comfortable life. You will have to strive to clear your road-blockers with your own hands. You will meet resourceful people in your field of interest and make new contacts which will eventually serve as path-shiners in the road to goal. Health needs close attention. You might wish to take a break and think things through before starting out a new venture or clinging to something you previously started.


Taurus Love Horoscope 2015

It'll rain love this year, Taurus. Your long wait is finally over as Saturn walks out of your life giving way to intimacy, trustworthy bonds and deeper levels of love and selfless living. 2015 will, as the months scroll by, turn out to be all about commitment, bliss and intense love. The answers to this and much more will be found through self-empowerment and making the first move. Taurus will experience passion and intensity in close relationships giving you immense power to truly accept yourself and your partner as a fierce, vibrant and craving-for-love being. Your lessons learned through 2009 until 2012 will finally answer all why's in 2015. Questions regarding your love life will keep you a little more than occupied. Your patience will give you the answers with time. It is better not to complicate things and engaging in no-breakthrough arguments. Stress in relationships will eventually start to melt away giving way to better days and bliss.

Taurus Career Horoscope 2015

With a new zeal to be there, stand out and make a mark in the world, Taurus will shine in 2015. As the power pack combo of Saturn and Pluto guide you through your professional obligations, Taurus will find himself / herself working smarter rather than harder. Jupiter blesses you with the right connections somewhere in the first half of 2015 which will carry you through for the rest of the year, furthering your plans and aiming all the more. You will find yourself in right places at right times making things turn a cakewalk there on. The Ram should not step back in taking help from your fellows. A little favor doesn't mar the grandeur of your independence. Work your money efficiently to avoid getting under debts.


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