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Taurus Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

The astrological ascendant, or rising sign, is the mask that we wear when out in public. It's not a conscious decision, that's just what happens! If Taurus was rising when you were born, you will have many traits from that sign and at first glance many people may think Taurus is your sun sign. After they get to know you, that will change some (unless, of course, you happen to have a Taurus sun as well!) but there will always be noticeable aspects of this sign in your personality. To find out more, please read on!


Unless you've got a particularly changeable sun sign like, say, Gemini, your ascendant in Taurus will give people the impression that you are not one to be easily swayed once you've made your mind up. But unlike other signs with similar traits (such as Capricorn) you will not seem cold or even rude when you refuse to go along with something. Instead you will seem somehow refined and wise, and this will earn you a great deal of respect from other people. Your decisions will be viewed as mature and sensible, instead of difficult and controlling. That said, you can be one stubborn mama when you want to be! Fortunately you are not likely to hold a grudge quite as long as a full-blown Taurus, but people will not be keen to get on your bad side, nonetheless.


Appearance is Everything

I'm not going to call you vain, Taurus rising, but you do put a great deal of emphasis on your personal presentation. You enjoy quality merchandise, and the price tags on your clothing are sure to reflect that. When people see you enter the room they will know you've got good taste and they will assume you've got megabucks, even if you don't (thanks to spending it all on clothes and other finery!) But you're not quite as possession-driven as some, so people will not think you're overly materialistic. You will go out of your way to make sure what you do have is quality, however, and your gifts to others will often be similarly priced.

Earthy Passion

The romantic style of those with this rising sign will be very earthy and passionate. There won't be a lot of drama, but there will be a very intense level of emotion and, it must be said, emotional possession. They need to feel like the love of their life is totally consumed by the couple's mutual passion, so they will likely seek out a partner with a significant amount of heat and energy in their own personality. However, this sort of match doesn't always work well (unless Taurus rising has a sun sign in something like Aries, Leo or Scorpio) and as this rising sign ages they will start to recognize the benefits of securing a partner who is more like themselves, such as an actual Taurus or perhaps a Capricorn.


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