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Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo - They Don't Make You Dirty, They Make You Practical. See How to Be More Sweet and Loveable!

Updated on July 2, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Over on the Cliff a Female Capricorn Is Ready for an "Encounter"

Grounded, Practical, Sustenance, Conventional

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the three earth signs.

They provide for themselves and others.

Their first thought is about the first things. That's what makes them the basic rulers.

Is not food what we need before we can do anything else?

Taurus, springtime and raw materials and sprouting plants.

Pretty basic and natural. Virgo is sitting right there at the harvest.

Capricorn sits in winter and makes for final inventory and hunting and chewing.

Earth Is What You Are. Before You Sweat, Bleed, Cry or Laugh.

What Is Your Earthiness? How Do You Affect Everything?

When you hear an astrologer say of Taurus and Virgo or Taurus and Capricorn, or Virgo and Capricorn -- "Well, at least you're both earth signs?" What does that mean?

A chief phrase: "Earth Sign" tells the subject or the astrologer that you process information and life and stimulation and relationships a certain way.

You could say: "Oh, its the way Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn process information. And people in the know, or think they are in the know, understand what is meant when this is said...but still....what does it mean?

After the final stage of Capricorn, the earth element has successfully achieved its goal in providing physical sustenance and security. It is easy to recognize how each earth sign, as it has been illustrated, represents a a new step towards the goal of the earth element.

Earth Element Qualities Manifested in the Three Earth Signs

Since earth is so inanimate, it might be good to include the qualities here of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Cardinal Earth tends to build. Fixed Earth tends to maintain. Mutable Earth tends to change and make adjustments. Let us now name them for understanding: Like all elements, earth has all three qualities. Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign, Taurus is the fixed earth sign and Virgo is the mutable earth sign.

Clinical Capricorn

Capricorns are driven. Ambitious and absolutely full of plans for them, and for every body. They wish to elevate to leadership and seek high status. You see they did not get to plant, but boy do they think about it much, as they mount their cliffs with painstaking carefulness.

Clinical Taurus

Tauruses are practical, obedient and up to the expectations of the tasks them. They take life slowly, ponderously, thoughtfully. But they refuse to stop in despair. Their sensual natures lend these people to beautiful people, places and things. A Taurus Image is pictures, meals, good weather, well placed "feng shui" and fun and quietude.

Clinical Virgos

Virgos are perfectionists period. If they love you, they are pointing out your foibles. If they hate you, they may deny you there attention. That's how they think. But they do have a burden. You see the whole world is imperfect, sloppy, under construction. T They tend to be extreme realists and have a good intuition regarding attainability. Their analytical natures can sometimes hinder a project but will ultimately lead to the best project outcome. They can look like noisy critics, but they probably have the best hearts regarding those projects.

The Great Mission

At this point, it might be instructive to allude to a point, that will be common to all articles. You see, Twelve people go out on a secret mission in the woods. They want to go to an old mine and see if they can find a treasure there. But, if they can't find the treasure, they will just have lunch at the mine, where there is a little lake and a waterfall. Swim after lunch and go home.

So How Do Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn - Earth Signs Fit Into The Mission?

Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn: The Earth signs possess the virtue of practical sustainability. You have to have an earth sign if you are talking about a trip. If you are talking about a mission. If you are talking about a treasure. If you are talking about no one in the group getting low blood sugar.

What About The Mission?

Early in the plan, Virgo analyzed who would be best to lead efforts, and purely on the basis of body type and personality, they devised a list, and gave it to the Leo, who immediately agreed with it. Taurus purchased food stuffs from the money that Capricorn gathered for the excursion. Going into the mine was what the Taurus did. Taurus busted in the old door. Virgo pulled the old wood and nail and staples apart. Capricorn assigned others for clearing the opening of the cave. Of course, those others were the earth signs, who then assigned others who were less likely to volunteer. When the treasure was dug up by the powerful Taurus, Capricorn had the special boxes, as the Virgo cleaned the money and oversaw the counting. Sagittarius, Scorpio and Leo all agreed that the Capricorn could handle the money because the Goat could put a thief on his butt.

A Little Earth On Our Hands

It is actually quite simple when you have earth signs. They're generally nice, not talkative. They have the dirtiest hands, and they are the most trusted. And they are not proud of all this, they just know that this is the way the world works. For a talkative Gemini to make jokes, as they dump the garbage. Gosh, that's OK. Who can tell jokes like that? The emotional intense Scorpio cusses when he cuts his hand, the Virgo pops a band aid out as the Sagittarius makes a remark. It all works if you listen hard, it all works. But who is at the base?

The earth signs. Jokes, emotion, praise and fun all happen as the earth's forces move through the reality of the project being worked on.

What is The Mission? Dodgeball? No. Basics. Priorities. Ice Cream. Important Stuff.

Earth signs don't listen to yelling when the basics are being discussed.

The Earth Signs believe in everything just like everyone does,

but they understand PRIORITIES. What is first, then second, then third.

This mission works because they have a map drawn up by a Virgo.

Food baskets done by the Taurus, and Treasure packages prepared by the

Capricorn, so no one could steal.

Are they the most fun of all? No.

Are they talkative and excessively cutesy-pooh? No.

Earthy Signs and Their Power


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