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Taurus Woman and Cancer Man

Updated on January 19, 2011

Taurus woman and Cancer man are capable of having a lasting, meaningful relationship, but they should be prepared for a fairly slow-paced courtship. This is due in part to Cancer man's cautiousness in allowing anyone into his heart, and partly due to Taurus woman taking her time to decide whether or not he's worth it. This isn't because either of them aren't interested, it's more that they are more practical about matters of the heart than other star sign combinations. It's possible to have a great relationship, though, and if they stick to it they could really have something special. Read on to learn more about the astrological love compatibility between Taurus woman and Cancer man.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Taurus Woman

Few women are as practical as the Taurus woman, and this practicality applies to all aspects of her life, including love and romance. She'll find the Cancer man's gentleness an endearing quality, and she won't really mind if he'd rather not be a strong leader, as she's more than capable of wearing the pants in the family. But she will take her time in determining whether or not he's really the man for her, because she doesn't allow things like emotion to weigh too heavily on her decision making. If he's the man for her, she will need to see evidence of this in all aspects of their relationship, because love and physical attraction aren't the only things that matter. That said, she does need a healthy demonstration of love and affection from her Cancer man, and he just happens to be quite capable of providing her with it, given the soft nature of his own character.

Cancer Man

Cancer man can be very, very moody. He can also be a cranky little bugger from time to time. Taurus woman can handle this better than most women, but even she has her limits. If he spends too much time dwelling in dark thoughts to the point it begins to affect home and family, she will put her foot down -- and when she does, Cancer man had best snap out of it, or risk seeing one heck of a temper from his typically-calm and reserved Taurus woman. Fortunately, they are both fiercely loyal and this will make the rocky times more easy to tolerate, but this does not mean Cancer man should take her calm nature for granted. Cancer man must try to find a healthy way to channel this moodiness when it arises, and take care to make his Taurus woman aware that she's not the cause of it.


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