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Taurus Woman and Gemini Man

Updated on January 18, 2011

While Taurus woman and Gemini man will initially be very curious about one another, and perhaps very physically attracted to each other as a result, it will take a good deal more than curiosity to make this a suitable love match. If the pair have complementary aspects in their birth charts that make them more compatible in other areas of their lives, it could work out well for them. But if they don't, they may find this relationship more work than either bargained for, and more work than either really wants to invest when it comes to the upkeep of said relationship. For more details on the love compatibility of the astrological signs of Taurus woman and Gemini man, continue reading!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Taurus Woman

Taurus woman is one of the best homemakers out there. That's not to say she can't also be the main breadwinner of the family if the situation calls for it, but rather she truly enjoys keeping house and creating a warm, loving environment for her man and her family. She's hardworking and dependable and she gets much out of being so. She's steady and surefooted, and when Gemini man comes on the scene she will find his changeable character intriguing. She'll be amazed that he can think and speak about so many things at once, and have so many plans for improving the future. But when she realizes that Gemini man sometimes gets more out of waxing 'what ifs' and doesn't always follow through on them, she may start to feel as though the wind is repeatedly taken out of her sails. It's not that he wants to let her down, it's just that no human can possibly accomplish everything a Gemini man dreams up in his head. That, and the laidback way he approaches romantic encounters could really put her off, as romance is a very sacred thing to her and not something anyone should take lightly -- particularly when she's involved!

Gemini Man

Gemini man will be impressed with Taurus woman's ability to discipline herself, if for no other reason than he has such difficulty doing the same to himself. But while he'll find this an attractive quality initially, he's such a changeable person that he will likely grow tired of her predictable nature sooner than later. If Taurus woman really feels that this is the man for her, she'll need to work on her spontaneity a bit and try to change things up once in a while to keep Gemini man on her toes. Of course, she should not try to change her entire personality to suit his character -- if Gemini man can't cope with having one of the most stable and dependable women on the planet, too bad for him!


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