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Tea and Tarot

Updated on May 16, 2009

What Exactly IS a Reading?

Every day more people turn to psychics, tarot readers, intuitives, crystal balls, astrology, you name it, looking for answers to lifes questions.

Life, with it's twists and turns and stumbling blocks is a complex process and in this day and age who doesn't want a little edge? A little glimpse into what may come? A little help to keep you from falling into the pitfalls of the unknown. It makes you feel like you have a little more control. It presents you with choices. It gives you insight into your situation and perhaps even what you should or should not, do about it.

Tarot Readers are not psychics, they are interpreters. The cards drawn for you, the querent, are interpreted by the reader. How do you know those are the right cards? Because they were chosen with you in mind. The Reader shuffles her cards thinking only of you and your question. This involves the reader picking up the energy around them and that of the querent. That is why it is important that you remember to remain open. The cards may reflect answers to your question or they may even take hold on another situation that is relevent in your life.

Intuition plays a huge role in interpreting the cards. Intuition is the ability to know or perceive without conscious reasoning. It is information from sources other than logic or facts.

There are many kinds of readings that you can choose from, a few of the more well known are:

  • The Celtic Cross which is one of the most popular
  • The Astrology Reading which covers a full year
  • The Three Card Spread (Past, Present & Future)

A Tarot reading can last from a half hour to an hour or more, very seldom will a reading take less time as there is generally alot to tell. If your reader is doing a simple three card spread, there are more cards that can be drawn to more fully detail the reading.

For instance. If a reader does a three card spread and chooses The Knight of Cups, The Tower and the Six of Pentacles she may feel there is a man in your future, a sensitive individual who perhaps could change your life if you are willing to take a risk. With the Six of Pentacles perhaps you will meet this man through a volunteer organization or some form of charity. Hmmm...not enough information. So the reader may now wish to elaborate further or maybe you will feel this is still a bit too vague. She can draw another card, perhaps she draws the Two of Cups. This is solidifying the Knight as a possible soulmate, a kindred spirit. In other words, this could be THE ONE. Is another card really necessary at this point? Basically what this small but thorough reading is saying is that there is a man in the future and this is going to be a very serious relationship.

An Astrology reading generally lasts a good hour as there are 12 cards to read as well as the houses that interact with each other. An example would be a querent asks about their financial situation. An astrological reading would mean that aside from anything that might stand out intuitively to the reader, the houses to focus on for this specific question would be the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 10th.

The houses are:

1st House - The self and present circumstances

2nd House - Financial situation

3rd House - Siblings and education

4th House - Home environment; the mother

5th House - Romance, Luck and future children

6th House - Work, Health and Income

7th House - Business and Marital Partnerships

8th House - Death, Inheritances and Lawsuits

9th House - Overseas travel, higher education, aspirations

10th House - Progress and Personal abilities, career, the Father

11th House - Friends, neighbors and associates

12th House - Hidden Matters, fears, self-undoing

Not long ago I did an astrological reading for a new friend and The Devil showed up in her 7th House. She informed me that this was her x-husband who was giving her a very hard time with her divorce, child support, harrassing and stalking her. On the other hand, I did a reading for my father and the Death card showed up in his 12th house. I knew immediately that he was going to die, although he was not ill at the time. It didn't matter where the card showed up. My intuition was at play and that always takes precedent over the placement of the cards. He died within 2 months of the reading. This is not to say the Death card always means Death.  In the 14 years I have read Tarot, this has only happened twice.  The Death card generally means major changes in ones life and the death of the old making room for the new.  When actual Deaths have occured my intuition is what told me the Death card literally meant a death.

This is why a good Reader must also have a good intuitive sense.  The cards are a divination tool.  They assist an intuitive with information. 

I do not have a good memory.  I don't always recall what the cards mean and often have to refer to my book of tarot card meanings while doing a reading.  But I only do this after looking over the cards carefully and seeing what ones speak to me.  Then if there are cards whose meanings I cannot recall I refer to my book and elaborate on what I already know.  If the cards do not mean something to me intuitively, then there literal meaning probably applies. 

Nothing like talking Tarot over a nice Earl Grey today.  I was going to go with something a little more fruity but there's nothing like a nice Black tea the English way (milk and sugar) on a rainy day...

Next Tea and Tarot:  The Major Arcana


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    • profile image

      Storm 3 years ago

      It's great to read something that's both enjoyable and provides prgmdatisac solutions.

    • profile image

      Mulyana 3 years ago

      I appreciate your kind and geeonurs advice a lot!. I have been trying it hardly and did not get those amazing results!. It is nice to see that you got my comment in a good way!God bless you!VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait VA:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

    • MindField profile image

      MindField 8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Fascinating, Moonchild! I really enjoyed this hub. Never been to a reading before but once bid on some fortune-telling paraphernalia on eBay. It was, as I recall, from the early 20th C. and included a teacup with interesting markings for reading tea leaves. I'm another Moon Child, empath, and introvert, and a lover of black teas the British way - on dark *and* sunny days! Come by my Misdiagnosed Introvert hub when you get a chance.