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Teaching Children the Five Finger Method to pray

Updated on November 12, 2014

Five Finger Method to Pray for Children

Prayer is essential in our lives. Children learn what we teach them. Teaching prayer to children will help them learn more about their religion and also the importance of God in their life. Many times we neglect to pray and only turn to God in prayer when we are hurting. We need to get back to praying to God and also show our children the need for Prayer and God in today's world.

There are many ways to pray such as doing a Novena, going to a quiet place and praying to God, or going to Church and praying with a congregation of people. Another form is the Rosary and also Benediction.

Novena means nine, so when we do a Novena it is a nine day prayer. It can also be a prayer said in one day for nine consecutive hours. Benediction is where the holy Eucharist is display in a special holder called a Monstrance. With this we learn to praise and adore Jesus in the Eucharist. There is songs and prayers said during Benediction. The priest will raise the Monstrance with his hands in his cloak and bless the people.

A simple way to pray and children learn it quickly is the five finger method to pray. With this method they are taught to use their five fingers on their hand and learn who to pray for on each finger.

The thumb-family and friends. The thumb is the closest to our heart. We use the thumb to pray for the people who are closest to us. We pray for our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and our brothers and sister. Pray for our cousins and all our friends who are closest and dearest to us.

The Index Finger-Teachers. The index finger is the pointer finger. This finger we pray for all those who teach us, instruct us and heal us. We pray for our teachers, CCD teachers, our parish priest. Pray that they will help and guide us and teach us all that is important to know in school and also about God. We can pray for our coaches to teach us the proper way to play sports. Pray for our doctors to have the wisdom to help us when we are sick.

The middle finger-Leaders. Our middle finger is the tallest finger on our hand. This finger is the one used to prayer for all leaders. This will include the president- to lead our country with good judgment, the Pope- to lead our Church the way God would want it to be. Bishops that they will lead our parish priests. Leaders of our states- governors, mayors of our towns and cities. As adults we use this finger to pray for our employers. All these people need to seek God's guidance to lead us.

The Ring finger-the sick and poor. Many people do not realize that the ring finger is also the weakest finger of all the fingers. This finger is used to pray for all those who are sick and poor. We remember family and friends who are ill and in need of special prayers. The poor and suffering who need Gods help in their lives.

The pinkie finger-you. The pinkie finger is the farthest away from our hearts. We use the pinkie to pray for ourselves- the needs and wants we have. We pray for ourselves last because God wants us to be humble. When we pray for ourselves we also have to remember to confess our sins to God. No matter how bad we have sinned we must remember that our God is a forgiving God as long as we are truly sorry for sins we have committed. We are to put others ahead of ourselves. So, that is why we use our pinkie to pray for ourselves.

The five finger prayer used to pray is a simple and easy method for children to learn. Once children learn it they find it a nice way to pray. When introduced to children ask them what finger they think is used to pray for themselves. This is important lesson to teach them, that we put other people ahead of ourselves and after that then we can pray for our wants and needs. Teach children that Jesus taught us “If anyone wishes to be first, he shall humble himself and be the least of all and servant to all.” Mark 9:35

Below you will find a video to help you learn the five finger prayer. Remember it is important to teach children to pray, to turn to God for all our hopes, dreams, needs and desires. It can be used be children as well as adults. It can be used daily to remember those people in our lives. It can be used weekly. Starting on Monday and using the thumb, then Tuesday the index finger until we get to day five and the pinkie for ourselves. On the weekend that is reserved for praise and thanksgiving to God.

There are variations to this prayer. Another uses the thumb to praise God for who his is, index finger for Thanksgiving for all he has done for you, your family, friends and Church. The middle finger is for Intercession- Pray for others your friends, family and Church and their needs. The ring finger is Confession- to say you are truly sorry for all your sins. The Pinkie for Petition- for praying for your daily needs.

Whatever version is used- the Five Finger Prayer is a beautiful way for children and adults to pray our daily prayers to our God. It is simple and an easy way of saying all your prayers. You will find it a simple method for children to remember and be able to use. Too many times we neglect our daily prayers or become lax and put our needs before others. This way teaches us to put family, friends, teachers, Church, sick and poor before ourselves.

Five Finger Prayer

Children Praying

Little girl praying
Little girl praying
Little Boy kneeling to pray
Little Boy kneeling to pray

Five Finger Method of praying

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