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Technology and urbanization are the cause of immorality in society!

Updated on May 10, 2016

Character education.

Discontent leads to spirituality

Keeping quiet is the most impossible task for worldly people. Even if they don’t speak out any thing, their mind won’t keep quiet even for a second. Hence the practice of meditation has become the most difficult endeavor for spiritual aspirants. Only after leading a worldly life for several years, one gets disillusioned with the mundane existence and he seeks the guidance of sages and saints. Reading scriptures and philosophical texts at that time will become fruitful. Just as the soil must be ready to receive the seeds on the field, our heart also must become receptive to absorb the spiritual truths inside.

Restrictive Freedom..

Infatuation leads to slavery to the senses.

What every human being experience about the mundane world? It is only coming and going (births and deaths). In between the intervening period, he tries to earn wealth, enjoy sensual pleasures to the maximum extent and die a miserable death since the body becomes weak enjoying the pleasures. Many falsely think that enjoying the carnal pleasures will make oneself rejuvenated. It is a false presumption. Have you felt elated and energetic after each bout of pleasure? No, never. For instance, a drunkard after consuming a fair quantity of liquor looses his sensation of surroundings and he feels that he is floating on heaven. The moment, he recovers from the intoxication, he will definitely feel remorse. All sensual pleasures are momentary, fleeting, and transient and make one extremely tired and weak.

Then, why people chase the pleasures? It is infatuation and false imagination. It is a mirage and never real. Actually we have no sense of judgment. Otherwise, we would have quit those nauseating habits of the senses. When one is intoxicated, he looses his judgment. He commits more mistakes under the influence of drinks. It is the same case with lust. Such crimes are on the rise, the world over due to the onslaught of technological tools. What were considered prohibitive for the younger generation is now available freely. Anybody with a cell phone could contact any other on globe. The social platforms are breeding ground for many crimes against innocent youngsters. No law enforcement agency could prevent porn sites out of the reach of youngsters. The contents are accessible by anybody with a simple knowledge to search and browse.

There were many restrictions for girls in the villages in India.

The print media and visual media have caused much havoc in the minds of youngsters who are glued to the TV programs continuously. Hence in the olden days, there were much restriction in the movement and behavior of girls. Especially in Indian villages, girls were not educated beyond the fifth standard levels. They were confined to the kitchens, helping their mother in the cores of home which includes preparation of food and vegetables and soups for the entire family. When male members visits their homes, they were not allowed even to come to the main halls. They were not allowed to talk even to the boys of their age. The girls were engaged to boys even before they attained puberty. Thus the girls were guarded jealously by their parents to prevent any mishaps. After the girls reach age, they would be sent to their husband’s house. There also, they will be helping their mother in law in the cores of the houses. There were strict restrictions over the dress. All ladies used to cover their face while talking to the visitors. They won’t come in front of other male members of the family. This practice is still prevalent in many villages in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and Rajasthan and other interior portions of the country. This practice may seem the most outdated to the present day girls and ladies who live in urban areas. But these practices have prevented many immoral activities in the villages in the past. Nothing is a taboo in urban living and hence there is increase in crimes against girls and women.

Education must enlighten..

Moral policing was lacking in urban setup.

The Police department has a separate cell to catch the offenders under ‘immoral traffic acts’. It is normal that some innocents are caught in between. Their life is almost doomed once they are caught. There are many agents to the don who run such brothels. Innocent young girls are kidnapped from several villages and sent to the cities for working in ‘red light areas’. In some cases, due to utter poverty, the parents are forced to send their daughters for a meagre sum. Hence there is proliferation of brothels in towns and cities. Almost every city has such area unknown to ordinary citizens. Every time, the Police will raid their dens and catch some in the pretext of law enforcement. After few days, the same girls will be back in their trade since the fines would have been paid by the don.

The Police and law enforcement agencies are hands in gloves with such criminals. Black money generation starts from here. Financing film productions and lending money for big ventures are their part time jobs. Many crores of rupees of black money are circulated every month from such places. Even if they are caught by honest Police Officers, with the help of politicians, Ministers and bigwigs in government, they easily get bail and engage themselves in their own illegal trades with immunity.

All murders, gang wars and other horrendous crimes are the results of such illegal dens. All governments need the support of criminals to win the elections. Also rowdy elements are supplied to the people who are in power for their security as well as fomenting trouble in society is the handiwork of such dons. Unless the government deals with them with a steel hand, crime prevention will become an impossible task.


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