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Tell Me about Spiritual Telepathy !

Updated on June 18, 2013
mind to mind communication by symbols
mind to mind communication by symbols

Telepathy and ESP

Telepathy is a parapsychological phenomenon that involves the direct communication of thoughts (words, numbers, shapes, etc.) and / or feelings from one mind to another without using any sensory media and regardless of the distance between sender and may have receptor and material obstacles (walls, mountains, etc.) that are between them.

The first to give the current name was one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research: Frederick Henry Myers, who in 1882 introduced the term in an article published in Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research. Myers named the phenomenon inspired terms ('telecommunications', 'phone', 'telegraph') linked to the technological explosion of the time, described him as "the communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another is performed independently common sensory pathways. "

The question is not as simple as that because not only that telepathy is associated with the ESP and anomalous cognition but, at least according to the perspective of Esotericism, telepathy is linked to the operation of certain chakras . Furthermore even through unofficial voices, has tried to give a scientific explanation to the phenomenon through quantum physics explanations, but no explanation has been achieved demonstrable and is confirmed as something that goes beyond mere abstract speculation from scientific concepts, why called scientific explanations have been wrapped in the veil of pseudoscience.

Relevant experiments around telepathy

Experiments have been many but one in particular is certainly disconcerting, a blow to the skeptics, so to speak. The experiment was carried out by the Russians in a submarine war. Consisted of the following:

He had one hand a group of ten rabbits and the other a group formed by mothers of the ten rabbits, two groups were separated by 1,200 miles and exercised strict control of each group were monitored heartbeat, brain activity ( with EEG) was monitored every second of every element in the process. The group of pups was killed by electric shock (to die all the rabbits simultaneously) and, at exactly the time when these rabbits were killed, the EEG showed that their mothers experienced a sudden and palpable increase in cerebral blood ...

Other significant experiments were carried out between 2003 and 2004 by Rupert Sheldrake, a biochemist and physiologist at the University of Cambridge. In each of the two experiments Sheldrake, participants had to find out who among a group of four issuers, was calling when the phone rang. The results were fairly representative. Henry tells us why Vincent (director of YEAR / ZERO) in his book "The Hidden Powers of the Mind":

Telepathic communication between individuals.

"The 63 participants in the first experiment conducted 571 attempts, 40% of them were right who were called, while the results were due to chance only 25%. Was then selected four of these participants and subjected to 271 tests, which were videotaped and were performed under rigorous observation. In this case matched by 45% of calls. "

The success rate rose when callers were friends or relatives.

A curious case of the experiment was conducted in Bangalore (India) within the National Institute of Health and Neurosciences. They were taken to two subjects: a common man and the famous mentalist G. Senehi. The two of them controlled all the time with fMRI while trying to reproduce the drawing that a researcher had done and tried to telepathically transmit them. The common man did not perform well the task while the mentalist reaffirmed its fame to successfully accomplish the task. The Mentalist brain showed a right parahippocampal gyrus activation while performing the task, while in the normal human brain was an activation of left inferior frontal gyrus.

Finally, the last case is that of Professor Robert Mirris and Dr. Caroline Watt of the Koestler Institute at the University of Edinburgh. In their experiment was taken a hundred people and asked to be selecting the pictures "mentally sent" by an individual who was in a secluded spot. The success rate was 50%, estimating the probability of such outcomes as 1 in 14 million ...

The false telepathy

One thing to consider is the false telepathy, which is a process in which divines the thought of another person based on sets of reflex movements linked to various mental images that are happening in the mind of that person. The English magician and illusionist Stuart Cumberland, he practiced for the first time on stage leaving everyone shocked viewers with her show "telepathic".

Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle Djwhal Khul

Alice Bailey, from 1919, began writing texts which she said were dictated by Djwhal Khul, a great Tibetan master who allegedly dictated texts that she wrote between 1919 and 1949, the year he died. You could say it is a book about telepathy which in turn was written to get a teaching telepathic ...

Obviously the whole thing seems doubtful, however striking the following: 1) the book shares many common elements with other theoretical esoteric teachings, 2) the book provides details of development that could have been deducted from other esoteric teachings or complement to esoteric theories, 3) the book has a systematic and, for anyone who knows about esoteric issues, presenting the contents are quite acceptable for intuition, consistent with experience in many of his points and feasible for speculation in other areas . Therefore its content is quite believable in the context of esoteric theories more accepted and more common paranormal experiences and documented. Having said all that way to expose certain ideas in the book I found particularly striking or important:

According to Alice Bailey the texts were dictated by Djwhal Khul a great Tibetan master transmitting it via telepathic knowledge thousands of miles away from where Alice lived.

There are two types of telepathy:

The instinct is based on the impacts of energy from the etheric body is a means of communication to the etheric substance of all bodies (which are connected with the etheric, etheric substance of the planet) and is exercised particularly in the area around the third chakra or solar plexus, an area that is in direct contact with the astral body. It is usually expressed in phrases like "I have a feeling" and is telepathy that usually occurs between mother and child, twin brothers, friends, spouses, and, overall, among those who have a strong bond.

The intuitive telepathy is instead a very few have and that requires a degree of spiritual development and training in meditation (unless it is an innate gift) is a telepathy that involves the crown chakra (the last chakra, that of spirituality and connection to the whole) to be that a receiver of impressions from higher sources, which involves the ajna chakra or third eye at both receiver and transmitter intuitions, and involving the throat center (fifth chakra) as formulator and creative thinking astral-etheric level.

For success in telepathic work is recommended:

There should be no barriers between sender and receiver (such as hatred, rejection, envy, anger, etc)

The transmitter should not worry both the recipient and that your meaning is clear, for which he must see it clearly in your mind.

It would be good for a minute or two receivers to build a power link to the issuer, for which it is advisable to think of the transmitter with love and affection, forgetting then the personality of the sender.

Recipients should not be anxious, worried or stressed to receive a clear message. The serenity and focusing on its power of visualization is essential for a successful process.

The two groups of people eligible to receive telepathic impressions are:

Unconscious receivers, which receive impressions with the solar plexus and sent those impressions to the fifth chakra to be processed.

Those who have developed or are developing conscious reception power, a type of reception that is mental in nature and is based on the famous ajna chakra or third eye.

Is there a possible scientific basis?.

Science and Telepathy

In the past the Soviet parapsychologists joined the electromagnetic theory to explain telepathy and other similar phenomena. Following this line, the neurologist W. Bechterew postulated that brain-brain information could be transmitted through waves similar to radioléctricas.

In another line of thought, it has been suggested that there could be psychic energy particles that are carriers of telepathic signal, particles that can, by virtue of their speeds hiperlumĂ­nicas, cross the barriers of space-time. They have been named in several ways, but the most popular are those of the astronomer VAFirsoff quine called them "mindones" and Adrian Dobbs mathematician who preferred the term "psitrones".

The question really becomes interesting when we entered the field of quantum physics and we link the issue to concepts like the "implicate order" and "holographic brain". There is what is called "quantum entanglement", which alludes to the fact that a single wave function describes two separate objects regardless of the distance intervening between them, the wave theory that links can spread throughout the universe and each particle is shown separately in an undefined state and together they have a definite description: it does not exist one without the other. In other words, that means that if you have two or more objects, to describe their quantum states should refer to the quantum states of all other system objects, even if they are spatially separated.

This is obviously the situation underlying the "EPR paradox", whereby two or more elementary particles that have ever been part of one system will keep a causal connection and will not transferring information instantly even if they are separated. What happens in the general level of microscopic systems, but if you think about it, that shares the fact that at the quantum level (one level "deeper" reality that the macroscopic level) everything is interconnected, so exist that "implicate order" to which we referred before, and because of that, and could not understand the universe as a machine but would have to understand it as a sort of huge multidimensional hologram.

But then: what happens if we apply the understanding of quantum phenomena to understanding the brain? The answer is: does the concept of "holographic brain", a concept that tells us that the brain is like a hologram which in turn plays a holographic universe (which is possible as the "implicate order"). Hard to believe? No, especially if we consider that quantum entanglement has been observed especially in photons and recent scientific studies have shown that the neurons and lead photons, which are channeled through microtubules (parts of the microscopic scaffolding cells) and allow synchronization explain the neuronal activity between distances from cell to cell, which is not sufficiently be explained based on electrical activity.

Various theories have been scientifically proven telepathy and some may be valid.

But then: how do we explain telepathy based on the above? Simple: to be explained the mechanics of the brain from a quantum perspective that goes into the "implicate order", you can say, as physicist Michael Talbot said that the brain "can be seen as infinitely interconnected with the rest of the universe"; and so, if we believe together with the neurophysiologist Karl Pribram also consciousness is structured in holographic form, understand that telepathy and other psychic powers are merely the product of immersion in timeless dimensions underlying the holographic structure of our minds Under the "implicate order". And, in a holographic universe, you do not need that information going from one point to another as it is integral to what we call "reality." So far, it might seem that everything is clear but actually is not. Then the following questions arise:

Why certain individuals may be receiving telepathic messages better than others, why some individuals are gifted telepathic issuers and others not?

To the above there is no official explanation but there are clues based on which to sketch an explanation. Brain activity presents a range of frequencies, from what is conventionally called "brain waves". That is now a scientifically proven fact. Thus, generally waking beta wave present, when we sleep without dreaming, we present delta waves, and when we sleep and dream, we present theta waves. If you want more information on the theory of brain waves, you can visit the following link in which are some of them (not all).

Based on some research: the psychic and expert meditators produce much more gamma wave normal people, so called super-states are bound to epsilon waves, lambda and theta (if only for its manifestation in the context of the deep meditation), the ESP is usually given along with the alpha and theta waves. It follows from the following: the ability to emit telepathic messages would mostly linked to gamma waves as would necessarily who has psychic and as usually the issuer-telepath is in a waking state and that state of wakefulness lost in theta, the ability to capture telepathic messages would be linked to alpha and theta waves in certain cases, excluding the vast majority of cases in which the recipient has been monitored in an experiment for this receptor in these cases would have shown almost always the frequencies beta (normal waking).

Most likely, the types of brain waves associated with paranormal activity in the human brain, produce a sort of quantum effect which provides, inter alia, transmission and collection of information under arrangements made possible by the so-called "implicate order".


Telepathy is a much more complex than it seems at first instance. At the outset, his understanding was limited to the esoteric field but currently there are explanations about the same as, despite not having achieved the status of scientifically proven theories, not only are compatible with the scientific concepts they are based on the latest discoveries of physics . Now reaching here so we can get dogmatic for one side as the other, but if we look at things with an open mind, not just see that scientific explanation is not inconsistent (at least in essence) with the esoteric but You can review the case and find relationships between them conceptualization of the phenomenon, or even if you will, to some extent can transform the concepts of esoteric explanation or linked to equivalent concepts in what is science for, thus expand our understanding of the matter ...

And here we can use a phrase of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher who according to some was the first postmodern thinker, the phrase is: << There are no facts, only interpretations >>


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    • angel115707 profile image

      Angel Ward 5 years ago from Galveston, TX

      good hub! I have a few videos on "perfect possession" that are just in general mind-related as well... the extended mind psychic vampires etc. I am telepathic & many are without realizing it. One thing science doesn't cover though, is the battle field of spiritual forces that can alter a thought projection or manipulate a person into thinking something slightly false, once you get good at telepathy you can tell when a person is really thinking something, or if certain entities are following them & trying to provoke their choices...or ours etc.

    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 5 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      Sparkster: your comments are VERY appreciated!

    • profile image

      Sparkster 5 years ago

      Superb hub, very interesting read.

    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 5 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      Amethy: Excellent points! I am in full agreement.

    • Amethystraven profile image

      Amethystraven 5 years ago from California

      Very interesting hub. Thank you for sharing. I like that science, to a degree, has proven that telepathy can and does occur. Some people believe telepathy is evil and don't encourage the use of it. I am very curious about it and encourage it. It's good to know there are other ways of communication other than electronics or paper and pencil.