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Temptation Is A Sneaky Trickster

Updated on May 26, 2012

I feel compelled to share this article with you about my recent social networking experience. This past weekend, I was inboxed a secret message regarding promoting a very worthy cause. To be honest, I felt 'privileged ' to be included in this request because I don't spend enough time on social networks to be considered "savvy " or part of the "in-crowd " if you know what I mean.

Before receiving the message, I had begun to notice a very similar post being repeated on many of the walls of my "friends " and was quite in awe of it. To my unexpected surprise, I was inboxed the invitation to participate in this secret campaign ... I pumped my chest, begun to feel all smug, and thought "WOW, I HAVE ARRIVED!" I eagerly read the message, followed its directions to a T , and in record time published the requested post to my wall!

This all happened on Saturday. Within 24 hours, I had received more "LIKES " and comments on my wall than ever before in three years of posting Christian views! WOW! Then I started rehearsing in my mind what my response would be when excited friends began asking me details about this impending event from the post.

What happened next completely changed my whole perspective of the events of the previous 48 hours. The Holy Spirit intervened and convicted me of what I had done. Let me explain. As mentioned earlier, the goal of the post is for it to go viral and bring national awareness to a very worhty cause. Wouldn't you be honored to support a worthy cause, especially one that has affected family members and loved ones?

What God revealed to me is that even though the cause and the intent are HONORABLE, the method is DECEITFUL because the post is a LIE! I was suddenly overcome with remorse and repentance, and began seeking God on how to right the wrong. This was truly an unexpected lesson on TEMPTATION.

On Tuesday morning, God gave me the answer. He showed me how subtle and seemingly innocent temptation is; how easily and quickly it is to get caught up in the moment of doing things without seeking Him first. So, He gave me this comment to post on my wall: 'I was reminded of how subtle and seemingly innocent temptation is. It is so imperative to seek God in ALL things (lead us not into temptation) because at the end of the day, a LIE is still a LIE. Forgive me, Father for compromising my integrity by giving in to temptation.'

I also took it a step further and deleted Saturday's post because whether it was a little white lie or a big fat lie; there was no denying that temptation had caused me to compromise my integrity. I never want anyone wondering whether what I say or write is truthful or lies.

I hope that by sharing my experience with you, you will avoid being tricked by temptation. But know that if you find yourself tempted like I was, just know and trust that God is able to deliver you from it.


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