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Ten of the Most Haunted Items

Updated on September 3, 2018

There are many unexplained mysteries in the world. Paranormal experiences are captivating, although they can be hard to believe. Haunted items tend to gain a large following. Despite their terrifying backgrounds, people become fascinated with these stories. Check them out below and see what you think.

The Dybbuk Box

The dybbuk box is a wine cabinet that is said to be haunted by a dybbuk, or a malevolent spirit in Jewish folklore. It is said that a young woman accidentally summoned the dybbuk with a séance, and then sealed it in the box. After it was purchased at an estate sale, people near it began having nightmares, smelling strange odors, and some even experienced physical trauma like hives, welts, and coughing up blood. This item inspired the 2012 movie The Possession.


The Annabelle Doll

Annabelle is said to be a haunted doll. The doll was first believed to be possessed by a young girl who was killed. However, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren believed that a demon was impersonating the young girl in order to move into a human host. The doll was said to have attacked someone, leaving scratches on them. The Warrens took possession of the doll. It is seen in the 2013 film The Conjuring as well as the 2014 spin-off Annabelle, and its 2017 sequel Annabelle: Creation.


Mirror at Myrtle Plantation

This mirror is located at one of the most haunted places in the world, said to house 12 ghosts. Myrtle Plantation has seen plenty of death. The mirror is said to contain the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her two daughters, who were poisoned by one of their slaves. They are apparently stuck in the mirror because although customs of the time dictated that all mirrors must be covered at the time of death, this mirror was not covered in time, and thus, they got stuck inside.

The Conjure Chest

This wooden chest was built by a slave for his master’s first child. The master ended up being displeased with the work, and killed the slave through a brutal beating. The other slaves then cursed the chest to avenge the death of their friend. It is said that this curse caused the deaths of seventeen people, including that of the master’s son in his infancy.


The Woman from Lemb

This unassuming statue is known as the Goddess of Death. The statue is made of pure limestone and resembles a fertility statue. It has a terrifying history – the first three families who owned the statue died inexplicably in a matter of years – including fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons. The fourth family who owned it would perish as well, with the exception of two sons. After this, the statue was donated to a museum, where curator in charge of it died unexpectedly. It is now kept behind glass, and hasn’t been handled for years.


The Chair of Death

Certainly, a chair is harmless right? Not this one. Before his execution, Thomas Busby sat in this chair and ate his last meal. After eating, he said “may sudden death come to anyone who dare sit in my chair”. When it was kept at the pub where he has his last meal, people who sat in the chair would perish in sudden accidents – car crashes, roof collapses, and more. The chair was finally moved to a museum, where it is hanging five feet above the ground so no one can sit in it.


Robert the Doll

Robert the doll was a young boy’s toy in the early 1900s. The child loved the doll, but family members were worried – the boy would talk to the doll, and they often heard the doll talk back. Neighbors would see the doll move from window to window, and the boy would begin screaming at night, scared of Robert. After the boy died almost 80 years later, the doll was given to a new family. The family and the girl who received the doll reported similar phenomena. Today, the doll is kept in a museum.

Valentino’s Ring

This ring made headlines when it was purchased by silent actor Rudolph Valentino. His early death was said to be caused by the ring. Other people who wore the ring became ill or died as well – his lover Pola Negri, an actor cast to play Valentino in a film about his life, and a gangster who purchased the ring and wore it years later all perished. The ring has since been lost.


The Ghost Cane

A child believed that this cane was haunted by the ghost of his grandfather. It scared him so much that the mother decided to sell the cane on eBay. The cane ended up selling for $65,000. An online casino purchased the item, and it is not known if the spirit has been seen since.


The Hands Resist Him Painting

The painting is creepy enough, but the story behind it seals the deal. Owners of the art have claimed that the figures in the painting move around, even disappearing from the painting to appear in the room. Many people who have viewed the painting have felt sick and faint, and some even begin to scream. Some of the original owners and people who displayed the painting have died as well.

What item intrigues you the most?

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© 2014 Nora B


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