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Tend the children carefully, they are the future citizens of the world!

Updated on July 3, 2016

Mother is responsible initially.

Prevention is better than cure!

It is said that “prevention is better than cure”. This norm applies to all situations in life. Though it was intended for health reasons, this proverb has acquired a universal application. But in most of the cases, only when the problem aggravates, people think about the cure. Even there are many stories to illustrate this point. As long as there is water in a pond, the crabs live there. When the pond dries, the crabs have to seek some other places to feed on the fishes. A deceitful crane used the opportunity and warned the crabs living in the pond, ‘sooner, the water will evaporate and hence, I will carry each one to a lake nearby. Relying on its words, one by one the crabs mounted on the crane and the crane took them to a hill top where there is no water and ate them. One crab which was doubtful about the crane’s credential mounted on the back and slowly crawled to the neck portion. The crab was watching with horror, the remnants of other crabs on a hill top. It became cautious and before the crane reached the hill top, it seized the neck of the crane and killed it by tightening its grip.

During the month of July-August, there is sowing season in South India. Those who missed the season have to wait longer to harvest their crops. Hence timely approach to various situations solves many problems. Likewise, children must be taught good behavior and habits when they will absorb everything and retain it long. Hence it is imperative that they are taught early lessons on god by teaching them to recite couplets on the glory of god. Nowadays in the schools, children are taught to sing, “Ba Ba black sheep have you any wool? Rhythmically, this may be pleasing to hear but it has no value. Instead, if the children are taught the various names of god and make them to recite, it would be more advantageous since the names of god have the salutary effect. Children will easily cultivate belief and faith when it is told so about the creator. Since many elders do not have faith in god and scriptures, they won’t allow their children to learn about god!

Teachers responsibility for students.

Parents and teachers are responsible!

Hence it is solely the responsibility of parents and teacher to mold and mend the child during the formative years. Teachers have more responsibilities to guide the young minds. For such a situation, the teacher must be of impeccable character practicing truth and righteousness in their life. If the parents misbehave in front of their children, they cannot expect their children to cultivate virtues. Many parents are quarrelsome in the house and naturally their wards quarrel from early age. Hence, the home is the first nursery school where the children imbibe the habits of parents very easily. In the primitive years, great caution is to be exercised to bring up the children since this is the solid foundation on which its life depends.

All the atrocities we witness today in the world is the outcome of improper rearing of their children by the parents and the students by the teachers. In the villages, a strange practice is seen while growing snake gourds. While the snake gourd is tender, those who rear it will tie a small stone to the bottom of the gourd. When it slowly grows to length, the size of the stone tied becomes a big one. Otherwise, the snake gourd will not grow straight and will become coiled.

In a similar way, the young saplings are protected by providing a tree guard around it, so that cattle won’t devour it. When it grows to sufficient height, the tree guard is not required. Hence it is incumbent on everyone to take utmost care of the children. Also, the political leaders need to focus on the education systems of their country. If they are concerned with the future of their country, they must focus on the education of the youngsters’ especially moral education and character building!

Moral education is the base, Sathya sai schools.

Guiding the children in early years help the society later!

Hence it is the responsibility of parents, teachers, educationists and political leaders to take care of the youngsters who will become the future citizens of the society. Sadly, no country today concentrates on the aspects of training the young minds. Hence there is perversion in society which leads to crimes against women and children. Terrorism is the offshoot of disgruntled elements in society. War, famine, natural calamities and unrest are the results of uncontrolled behavior pattern of human society! Modern society has become more sophisticated but lack fundamental values. Technology can keep man in comforts. It is only a physical aspect. But technology cannot grant peace of mind to him. One may lie on a soft mattress in an air conditioned room. But the mind cannot be cooled by the powers of air conditioner.

Today, people boast that the world has become a global village due to instant connectivity. Has it improved the life of poor citizen anywhere? Physical achievements in science and technology are on record. But there is no improvement in the condition of people everywhere. Communication alone cannot contribute to human welfare. The welfare of a society depends on the character of the citizens alone!


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