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Tentacles of Satan

Updated on April 6, 2012

The devil has power and he does everything in his power to convince us of that, but the truth be told, we are human beings and having free will gives him that power. We are free to choose how we live our lives and we are free to follow who we want and there are really only two choices: the narrow road that leads to salvation or the wide road that leads to destruction.

What we do in our lives reflects the condition of our souls. Satan has many tentacles that protrude from his prison cell; many lines of power that flow from him that seem to control our lives. Our bodies are called to be the temples of the Holy Spirit, our minds are to be focused and pure, our souls are holy, but because of Satan’s tentacles we cloud the creation of God through our actions and our choices. Let me explain.

The Temple of the Holy Spirit

We are called to live healthy lives. We need to eat right and exercise. We need to drink enough water and eat well-balanced meals with the right amounts of nutrition. We only have one body and what we do with it is still our choice. Even when we live “right lives” it is true that we still sometimes get illnesses, but still we are called to fight for our health and well being. So, what do we do? Some of us choose to smoke, do drugs, drink excessively or even over eat—whatever we choose to do that is what is called a tentacle of Satan. Some may call it a vice or a bad habit, but whatever one calls it—we are giving power over us to Satan and giving him the authority to inflict on us pain and suffering.

We all know that smoking is bad for you, so-much-so that each pack of cigarettes and can of chewing tobacco has warning labels telling you that using the product could lead to sickness and death, but nevertheless we continue to use the product. Tobacco is a vice that comes with a warning label, but still we take the chance with our lives and health every time we light a cigarette. We are bound by the habit, we are addicted to the smoke, the feel of the nicotine that goes into our body and our bodies become accustomed to death. Strange how we say we want to live, but we flirt with death daily. Our bodies were designed to work for us and allow us to function in this world, but we destroy our bodies by what we do to them. Why do we allow Satan to have the tentacles in our lives? Why do we allow him to reign over us with sickness and unhealthiness? We have the choice to glorify God with our lives, we have the choice to show the world we are free from sin and live righteous lives, yet we allow the darkness to overshadow us and corrupt us and in turn our children.

Our Mind, Our Thoughts

Just as important as our bodies are our minds. The mind and the body are connected. Often we corrupt the temple of the Holy Spirit because of what is going on in our lives. When we are stressed out or sad, some people reach for food and over eat. In turn, some of us eat so much that we gain a ton of weight and now we have allowed Satan yet another tentacle of control to rule over us. Why? We see ourselves in the mirror and see someone fat and useless and in turn because of the depression of being overweight what do we do? We eat more to try to “feel better” or we smoke more, or do more drugs to get us out of that depression or that place of intolerance of us. Can anyone see how the wickedness of each tentacle of Satan can branch our and grip us even more tightly? Our minds are linked to us and ultimately to God. He can read our thoughts and He knows what we are thinking, however Satan does not have the ability of read our thoughts, but he does study us and watches our every move. Satan in the scriptures is called a roaring lion that goes to and fro. The lion that waits patiently for its prey, waits for them to get tired, get hurt or get comfortable in their surroundings. Then the lion pounces upon them and devours them.

Satan does the same thing. He waits for us patiently. He studies our lives, our friends, and our every move. He waits for us to get tired and depressed, he waits for us to lose family members, get ill and unhealthy. He waits for us to get comfortable in our surroundings and/or take the goodness of God for granted.

And, then it happens—he pounces on us and grabs us with his tentacles. He keeps us bound in invisible chains and keeps us under his control all because of our choices. Our choices are the key to salvation and happiness. We can be happy in the worst of conditions because we know God is always there, we know He provides and we know that He loves us. Our souls are holy. Our very being is the very breath of God. We know how good God is, but we let circumstances dictate who we are. We let circumstances dictate or lives, which gives Satan a small foothold, which turns into a full grab, which leads us to a prison of our own design.

God Never Allows Anything to Happen We Cannot Handle

With that being said, we never go through anything we cannot handle. This is a promise from the book of 1 Corinthians 10:13. No matter what happens in our lives, God never lets us get in over our head. Our lives and our salvation are important to Him, and His greatest desire is to be with us in Heaven. He wants to be united with His creation; He wants us to be free. One of the greatest gifts He has graced us with is free will, it is also one of the worst things that we have in my opinion. However, if God forced us to follow Him and serve Him, then the love that we have for Him would not be a free will choice.

We have the freedom to serve God and be as free as possible from the tentacles of Satan if we seek after the holiness and purity we so desperately need. God wants us to be perfect as He is perfect, and as I have written before, the Greek word perfect means whole. God wants our minds hearts and souls to be whole—He wants us to be complete. We can be free—as free as we can be—living in this world, if we unite with God in His plan for us.


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    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 6 years ago

      The advice contained in this hub is paramount, esp. the fact that we DO have free choice, and a manifestation of Saving Faith is obedience.

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      I think that the cross is one of Satan's major tools.After all,it is a graven image.Spiritual concepts is what Christianity is all about.Satan inspire material worship and idols of man made identities. He is the author of all negativity,bad images,conduct of evil,and sins of the world.

      Great hub my friend,i am glade you brought it forth.

      God is a spirit,and to know Him is to know our spiritual existence beyond scientific and technical equations.