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Texas UFO Sightings in May 2011

Updated on June 24, 2011

Lone Star State Reports Declined Over May 2010

Twenty-one people reported seeing unidentified flying objects across the broad Texas skies in May, opening what may become a busy summer season for UFO enthusiasts and investigators alike, according to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

By comparison, however, the organization saw a year-over-year decline in Texas sightings reported to the group, which has dedicated itself to the study and investigation of UFO sightings since 1969.

According to the group's public case files, Texans reported 38 sightings in May 2010.

You can read the sighting reports in their entirety or file a UFO report for Texas or any other state on the group's website.

McAllen, Texas UFO Sighting (Image Enhanced by MUFON Investigators)
McAllen, Texas UFO Sighting (Image Enhanced by MUFON Investigators) | Source

Smart Phone Pic Reveals UFO in McAllen

On May 4, 2011, a McAllen High School teacher reported inadvertently snapping a photo of a UFO around noon.

The teacher, who was standing in the high school parking lot, sought to capture a "strange rainbow halo" which appeared around the sun, only to find the image of an adjacent object in the sky seemingly more interesting.

Some observers guessed the object may be a planet or satellite.

Low-Flying Lights Along Highway 36 (Kenny, Texas)

A Brenham man and his wife reported seeing 15 to 20 baseball-sized lights in the night sky above Kenny during their travels in July 2006. The report was filed May 5.

According to the respondent, a low-flying craft or crafts emitted no noise as it passed over their vehicle around 9 p.m. that evening, as they were driving along the Highway 36 overpass.

"[These] lights were so strait (sic) in line and so many, I didn't know what to think about them," he wrote. "The thing is [there's] no big airports around this area."

Boomarang UFOs Sighted Over US 75 in Dallas-Ft. Worth

Around the same time one Dallas family reported a UFO sighting from their driveway, another saw boomarang-shaped craft in a grocery store parking lot along US Highway 75, in the Ft.Worth area.

The respondents reported he and his wife saw the UFOs following a line of thunderstorms May 11, which featured a boomarang-like appearance, intense while with sharp tips.

Against a dark vanilla, cloud-filled sky, the craft really stood out.

"The closest one to us may have been 100 feet or more from wing tip to wing tip," he said.

Mother's Day UFO Sighting in North Dallas

While washing their dog in the driveway over Mother's Day, a family reported a high-flying UFO over a dusk Dallas sky on May 11.

"The object was visible to the naked eye as a brightly shimmering sphere, and appeared just to the east of our house," the respondent said.

While watching through binoculars, the respondent said the UFO seemed to self-propel, slow itself, change shapes or split into as many as three parts, and emit a "silvery-white light."

Bright Flash Startles Driver Along Hwy 71

While returning home from Houston along Texas State Highway 71, a motorist reported being blinded by a bright light on May 18 before witnessing five "reflective gold balls" hovering in the sky each with a bright-orange flashing light.

"I was sitting there and out of the corner of my eye I saw a bright light," the respondent said. "I tried to take a picture but the stop light turned green and I had to go."

A U-turn one mile down the highway to investigate revealed nothing.

Truck Driver Spots Glowing UFO in Amarillo Clouds

During a clear Amarillo night, a truck driver traveling along 1-40 West reported a glowing UFO hovering below low-lying clouds May 21. The incident happened Jan. 13.

Around mile marker 35 (approximately) the driver reports seeing a glowing object through his windshield, just below a layer of clouds.

"It was flickering," he said, adding, "At first I thought it was a comet or meteor, but it was traveling much to slow. As I studied it, wondering what it could be, I could only see the underbelly of this craft."

A dark ring in the center of the craft stood out, dispersing the clouds surrounding it as a shield or force field of sorts. Then, it disappeared.

Red UFO Hovers Above Trees in Central Austin

A respondent watched as a solid red light flew over a wooded area in Central Austin May 25.

According to the report, the craft appeared from the northwest over the hills and valleys of the Hill Country and headed southwest at a constant speed.

"I could not see a shape, just a solid red glowing light," he reported. "No other lights on the craft. I watched until it went out of sight."

Triangle UFO Makes Smoke Break Interesting

A nursing assistant reported an interesting smoke break May 23, in which a triangle-shaped craft was spotted flying in Dallas.

The UFO was seen moving from east to west across the skies of South Dallas at around 1 a.m. that morning at a low altitude, she reported.

"[T]here was a light on each side of the back and a white light under the front," she said.

College Station Visited by Several UFOs

Another smoking break, another UFO sighting, this time in College Station.

While on a smoke break around March 1 in his backyard, a respondent reported sighting a cube-shaped box UFO one night, about 45 degrees off the horizon.The rusty-orange object flew less than 200 feet from the ground, and at a distance of less than 250 feet from the respondent. "The craft was not very large, maybe only several cubic meters in volume," he reports.

The craft emitted no sound, he said.

Several days later, the respondent said he noticed a similar event in the northwest sky from his backyard at approximately 7:30 p.m. A "brilliant white," vertically-oriented, cigar-shaped object, about 15 degrees off the horizon, was seen.

UFO Hovers 15 Feet Above Car in Huntsville-Madisonville Sighting

A driver traveling north on Interstate 45 outside Huntsville reported a craft followed his vehicle only 15 feet above the roof of his car.

A bright flashing light alerted the driver to the presence of the craft as it traveled along the highway at 1:30 a.m. Leaning forward and looking up out his windshield, a small, black circular object chased his vehicle at nearly 70 mph.

The respondent said no noise was emitted from the UFO, and flashed a light down on his vehicle once every second. The event lasted nearly three or four minutes, he said, before the craft slowed to follow an adjacent truck.


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      dr. dankko 

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      .This is dr danko I have been witnessen ufos in south tx since 99 now I live in mn ther is getin good wit sightins


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