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Texas UFOs

Updated on October 28, 2011

There are many stories of Texas UFOs sightings over the years. From mystery lights flickering over cities, mass sightings of alien spacecraft, even a crashed UFO. Perhaps Texas has so many UFO stories simply because it is such a large state and thus there is more area for UFOs to fly over. Perhaps it is because of its location to UFO hotspots such as Mexico and New Mexico. Maybe the aliens just like good Texas BBQ? Whatever the reason, Texas UFOs have become part of our nations folklore and a source for UFO research.

Texas UFOs in Stephenville

Famous Texas UFOs

In June 2009 there are numerous but scattered reports of UFOs across the US and Mexico. Texas UFOs are among the many reports of unidentified objects flying in the sky. Few specific details exist about the exact nature of the sightings. What makes this sighting both unique and credible is the fact there is a cluster of reports in the same month. Most of the time there are mass sighting of UFOs, there is an significant astrological event occurring such as a solar eclipse.

One famous Texas UFOs sightings have been called the Lubbock Lights. Lubbock, a medium sized town in the Texas panhandle, had several reports of UFOs during the time period of August and September of 1951. These Texas UFOs sightings began when a group of professors from Texas Technological College, now Texas Tech University, reported to the local news paper that they had witnessed several groups of 10 – 20 lights as bright as stars flying over head. After the story was published in the local paper, other residents of Lubbock came forward with similar stories.

The Lubbock Lights sightings became a national news story with Carl Hart Jr. took five photographs of a formation of these Texas UFOs flying over his home. Not only were the photos published in the local paper, they were published across the nation and in Life Magazine.

The Aurora Incident is another famous Texas UFOs stories. About 50 miles northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is the town of Aurora. A news story published in Dallas Morning News states that on April 17, 1897 an UFO crashed in the town of Aurora, Texas. The story goes on to say that the UFO hit a windmill before crashing on the property of Judge J.S. Proctor. The story goes on the say that an Alien body was found at the crash site and was buried at the local cemetery. The crash derbies were disposed in a water well. This is the same well where the windmill that the craft hit was located.

Many believe this incident is a fake Texas UFOs story. They town of Aurora was having hard times at the time of the news article. The town had gone through a Boll Weevil infestation wiping out the local cotton crop, had been under quarantine for an outbreak of spotted fever, and a much needed railroad bypassed the town by 27 miles. At the time of the reported crash, Aurora was in danger of becoming a ghost town. Many believe the story written by S.E. Haydon and published in the Dallas Morning News was an attempt to bring interest, visitors, and the visitors’ money back to Aurora.

On January 8, 2008, there is a sighting of UFOs in the town of Stephenville, Texas. Stephenville is located southwest of Dallas. Hundreds of residents of this small town report seeing UFOs flying over the city. In this Texas UFOs sighting, the witness report that the craft they saw ranged in size from smaller disc shaped craft to football field craft to a craft nearly a mile long. This sighting resembles the mass UFO sightings in Arizona on March 13, 1997. Some of Stephenville’s’ residents report that the UFO were being pursued by military jets.

The Military denied having aircraft in the area of Stephenville when the sighting are first reported. Then on January 23, 2008, two weeks after the incident, the US Air Force stated that there were 10 F-16 jets in the area conducting training exercises. The Air Force stated that the information was not released sooner for security reasons.

The Stephenville incident captured national media attention. Many residents and witnesses in Stephenville are still looking for answers explaining what they saw that night.


Texas is famous for its Texas BBQ and for its Texas UFOs. From the 1800’s and the Aurora incident, the mass UFO sightings in Stephenville, and the almost daily reports of unusual objects report to UFO research sites, Texas remain a hot bed of UFO activity. Fortunately, Texas UFOs incidents are still not as common as a good BBQ sandwich.


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