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Thank God for Mental Stability

Updated on January 16, 2012

Thank God for Mental Stability

I was in the process of getting free from the "electronic funk" this morning when I had a fairly intense "Beaming Session". At first, I felt highly stimulated.........but I got this feeling like there was something "not quite right" about it. Then followed a series of thoughts which were highly disturbing. I got this sensation like I was walking on a tightrope above a swirling tempest of "mental sewage". One way or the other, I decided that I didn't want to go "down there".

I've got to tell you that constant repentance and a thirst for mental purity AND a strong reliance upon God got me through this experience. As I mentally "evolve", I find that the battle I'm fighting is to maintain a positive attitude towards my world and a sense of freedom at the same time. I must caution you: you can be deceived by feelings of power which preclude dangerous mental states. When that beam hits you, you find yourself standing with God or something that feels a whole lot like being possessed by something else.

You find God or you find mentally-ill ideation. God takes away every single disturbing thought, but you have to ask Him. This means you: pray for strength, repent for every individual disturbing thought and maintain a very serious state of mind. Freedom is a place where you can make incredible discoveries or make huge mental mistakes. I have reached that state, but if I told you that it was "all me" I would be kidding myself. I have been spared from a state of mental/spiritual illness by God..........otherwise I'd be floundering in psychological misery as I speak.

There is a great deal of danger out there. I must emphasize how bad it can be for someone who has a "happy-go-lucky" personality like myself. You push out and find you get beamed hard. When that happens, only God can provide a state of mind that is both clear and stable. The initial feeling of "power" isn't coming from within you, it is an external, psychic force with the potential to help or severely harm your peace of mind. Could it be that Ultimate wisdom and salvation comes from somewhere other than within ourselves? I will have to say that when you are being "beamed" hard, you'll need God to truly maintain your mental health.

It is easy to get tangled in resentment. Things in your environment may seem very derisive towards the self. Again, you must look to God to make your "gaze faultless". How we see our environment can be influenced by paranoia. This is how the whole game of "stalking" works. You might very well be influenced "electronically" to panic or be incensed by fairly innocuous "signs". It isn't WHAT you are seeing, it is HOW you are seeing that will determine whether you are able to maintain your inner-peace and sense of control.

If your "gaze is faultless" (free from negative EXPECTATION), you won't see anything disturbing. You must operate from within as the "gatekeeper" of your own sanity. Things that are "sinful" are always a problem. If you are operating on a lower level of consciousness, you are open to have the wits scared/angered out of you. If we are "looking for" trouble, you will without a doubt find it. In THIS WORLD, the way you need to think is diametrically opposed to your natural instincts. If you are feeling frightened or angry, everything you see will pander to this "fight/flight" mechanism..........bringing you mental instability, not safety. The truth is that there is nothing to be physically afraid of anymore BUT THERE ARE WAYS OF THINKING THAT MUST BE AVOIDED.

Fear must be avoided, anger must be avoided, the drive for sex must be ignored. I do not think that these mental states coincide with the "7 deadly sins" by coincidence. Our society is making an attempt to evolve it's citizens into better people. It COULD BE an attempt to separate impulsive/selfish people from benevolent/peaceful people. Those who do not become easily angered are not going to become enraged at the sight of someone picking up garbage. Yet, the "taunt" is there if you are out there looking for trouble or insulting stimuli. A series of insulting scenarios might possibly weaken/madden the mind to a point that it gets: "eaten", "possessed" or controlled by an outside source. Remember, if "they" call you "cold" not allow yourself to be insulted. THIS is EXACTLY the right way to be thinking!

I used to go about looking for anyone who might be insulting me so as to protect my ego. Now, if you are in that negative mind-frame: you'll FEEL so insulted that you might get hurt or angry. It NEVER FAILS: if you are open to being enraged/frightened, you'll wind up feeling that way. This is how "stalking" drives people crazy. They are skewered to insanity by their sinful way of looking at their environment. If you are "feeling horny", you'll notice the very things that sicken you. If you are overly-prideful, you find insults. If you are frightened, you'll see very frightening things.

God steps in and prevents us from falling into that "tempest of sickening mentation", but we must ask Him for help. We can find our very mind assaulted by thoughts DESIGNED to disturb us. To UN-DO any of these disturbing ideas or mental images, you immediately repent for it. By doing this, you show that you aren't "buying" this and you pray to God to remove this. It works EVERY SINGLE TIME. I find the unwanted ideation dissipate like it was nothing at all, leaving me free to go about my business.

It doesn't matter why or how this is the fact that THIS WORKS that truly matters. This "beaming" has been referred to as "The Karma Beam", "The Breezes of Hell", "The Filtering System of God" by people who are IN THE KNOW. Just remember, when they "turn up the heat", the BEST THING TO DO IS REPENT FOR EVERY SINGLE BAD THOUGHT YOU HAVE. Music still helps, but God was the determining factor in my remaining: calm, stable and FREE FROM MENTAL DISTURBANCE THIS MORNING. Thank God for mental stability. He's the ultimate answer to any form of "stalking" or electronic harassment.


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