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Thank You Satan For Showing Me How Great God Really Is

Updated on February 26, 2011

I decided on this title after a response I received from a heller. Here's what I said concerning my being led to some important truths of God: "I demanded that the real God show me the truth years ago and He showed me. God is a whole lot greater than what hellers believe."

And here's what this particular heller responded with:

The only thing I am convinced of my friend is that you are not aware of who gave you that answer you demanded...that wasn't God. You are blinded by darkness--you are not the devil--you have them around you--your thoughts are being influenced by the liar. That was not God that spoke to you. That was one of the real'hellers' telling you that. (That is where they come from--wink wink) Now why be here on my friend and Jesus's friend's page bothering her work for God-taunting her work for GOd--if you are 'supposedly of God' and knowing God? It is best you go away and think clearly about who showed you the 'truth.' You are welcome to my pages-do some reading--and one day--when all is said and will see the real truth about the 'real hellers' and the real hell that exists. When you acknowledge the truth of what you are doing and why--feel free to come back here and apologize to Dr (name removed) okay?

Huuummm?? So in other words, it was Satan that told me that God has a plan for mankind that He is working. This plan, though filled with much tribulation for all, will ultimately lead to the salvation and eternal happiness for all man-kind. See, God knew all along that people would be sinning machines and that He would send His Son to die on The cross so that He could eventually save all mankind. This sacrifice was all part of the grand design of God. All of the blindness and evil of humanity was for a purpose greater than anything ever thought of. The very greatest gift we could be given. The gift that we must all suffer for, learn to love for, learn to enjoy little rewards in life, learn to repent for. But we will never be able to earn it. In fact, we may do our best for God and man, and all that we can earn is an eternal coffin of nothingness. But we will all learn to appreciate the good things through tribulation during life and judgment (now or later) for several reasons, including to appreciate the greatness of salvation. Our suffering will lead to the greatest appreciation, more so than any man can imagine.

These are some of the things. . . . . These are some of the great truths that I thought God had shown me. Well, according to this heller and several others, it was Satan that showed me these truths. I never realized that Satan showed people truths. Satan shows those poor and deceived souls that god will save only a few and roast the rest in a fiery eternal dungeon called hell. Satan teaches some that god will merrily separate himself from those people for eternity and Satan teaches others that the lost will just cease to exist forever. But apparently Satan was very generous with me. He led me to He led me to Hell-Fact or Fable. He showed me evidence of God's fingerprints all over creation. Satan must have been having a good day or just wanted to see what it feels like to do good and to teach truth. Perhaps Satan and God switched positions for a day. I don't know. But if it is true that Satan showed me the greatness of a perfect and real God, then I say thank you. Thank you so very much you old serpent ya!!

Or do I speak in jest?

Good day, hellers!!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Hell N0 

      7 years ago

      Discussion continues on following hub:

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Hell N0 

      7 years ago

      I'm still wondering where you found the word hell in Revelation. That mistranslated word is not there. The Lake of Fire is purification and only lasts for a time. The Kingdom Age is the time in which Christ and His chosen bring the remainder of humanity to repentance. Those words in Revelation are symbols. Every word. The words are "signified". All of them. Including the Lake of Fire. All throughout the bible fire is used to not only signify purification, but also signifies God Himself. Brimstone?? A symbol due to its known purification and cleansing qualities.

      32:32 Yet now, if thou wilt forgive their sin--; and if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of thy book which thou hast written.

      Don't think that's talking about the Book of Life since this took place before the holy spirit of Christ was given to anybody. In fact, it's silly to even suggest that.

      Now, you sent me fan mail stating "Love your Hubs" or something. How, when you haven't read any, save the latest spoof concerning who christians believe has spoken to me? If you read all of my hubs from the beginning you will see for yourself that I have destroyed any and all notions of eternal torment in a place called hell. I've mixed in a little satire to poke fun at hellers but most of my earlier works are serious and cover each aspect of what christians believe about hell. I cover it all from translations to eternal (eon), to what God's word says about modern day Babylonian churches. So get reading, and then send me another post.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice HUb, I love this!

      This is a response to your comment on my Hub about Hell.

      thanks for your comment, but i guess its the reverse, this is for you to find out and this is what you should do.

      Once again, read this article to assimilate it, after which you go through these Bible passages, Revelation 20:11-21. Hell was not meant to be for us, but for the Devil and his followers. Ever since Man fell short, man was also condemned to die but due to the cleasing by the precious blood of the lamb, we are redeemed, but whosoever refuses and His or Her name is not in the book of Life, then they shall be casted into the LAKE OF FIRE! If you say this is not scriptural then I guess, you should better explain the Bible portion I wrote here. This is so real to the extent that even in the Old testament, when moses was trying to intercede for his people, he asked God to blot his name from the book of Life, if He (God) will not rescue the children of Israel (Exodus 32:32). So Hell NO. If this is not scriptural enough, then I want you to explain why there is no hell.

      Thanks for your comment and its nice we share for a better understanding. I wish you can give me your much needed reply.


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