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Thank you God

Updated on March 27, 2012

Thank you God

Twinkling star you see up in the sky.
Its only be seen nice if you saw them with your eyes.
When i was little child i wish i could fly.
To touch those little shiny things which are up so high.

So many wonder we see around us.
Everything is just the grace of GOD.
And so many miracle we see in universe.
All these thing just look like a code.

Everybody says..

For this beautiful nature.

For this vast universe.

For this amazing creation.

For everything around us.

We got the yellow sun and the white moon.
When the clouds became darker it begins to rain soon.
So many flowers and so many fruits.
Everybody enjoy their delicious juice.
We saw the birds and enjoy their voices.
This nature had given us so many choices.
Animals serve us in many way.
Come on raise your voice and just say...

.....THANK U GOD.....

Written by: A.Q.


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