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Thankful or Ungrateful Spiritual Perspective

Updated on November 1, 2015
Harley Pebley (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons
Harley Pebley (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons

When things in life seem to be so somber and there is no way to make it out of financial debt, fix a relationship, and other obstacles we often throw our hands up in the air and just give up. We start to complain on how horrible our life is and there seems to be no hope. This is the trap we all fall into at one time or another. Instead of being thankful for all the good things that have occurred we would rather blame the divine, blame someone else, and we never take ownership.

This whole month has a common theme among many cultures and that’s to give thanks. When was the last time you said thank you to someone without expecting anything in return? We live in a time period where material items take more precedence over our ego than enjoying what we have. If you didn’t have a cellphone, car, television, what would you do to occupy your time? The fact is that most of us are very ungrateful for the many blessings that occur each and every day. The mere fact you woke up this morning and lived to see another day is a blessing in itself.

But why do we always see what’s wrong in our life than what’s right?

  • Comparison – You may find yourself comparing yourself to the next person. You want to be more successful than the next person. Stop comparing yourself to them. If they were blessed with something it was their timing and not yours. Let that go and things will change in your life.

  • Fear of Criticism – We fear being criticized by friends, family, and peers. You know eyes are always watching and gossip never ends. You want to maintain an image but is that image really making you happy? What are you sacrificing in order to keep this false sense of security going? How many times do you go out and feel there’s a proper way to eat in front of people? You should always dress your best wherever you go?

  • Depression – One of the most leading causes of being a negative Nancy is always being pessimistic and feeling despair. Complete and utter hopelessness. You need to make a list like a pro’s and con’s and write down all that makes you happy and sad. Remember who you are and that you are loved.

  • Self-Pity – Face it some of us want the pity party. We feel we don’t get the attention we need from our loved ones or friends. We weep and continue to feel sorry for ourselves but want things in our life to change. Guess what? The moment you stop feeling sorry for yourself and make the changes needed, will the outlook be positive.

  • Expectance – Many of us expect things in life. We all expect money as it’s needed but don’t often want to take the steps to manifest this abundance. We hope that it will be delivered in a silver platter and hope our financial struggles will change. Everything in life has a price and we must put forth hard work for it to happen.

  • Truth – We’ve all heard it and been there. We are faced with the truth of whatever situation we are in but it’s often hard to accept. It’s one of the hardest realities to accept something that hurts. The faster you accept the truth, the sooner you will feel peace within.

I’ll give you an example. I once read for a client and she was in a relationship with someone who she was unhappy for years. She didn’t leave because money was an issue and she asked why things have never changed. At the same time she had many emotions tied to her spiritually like self-loathing, anger, and resentment. You know all the lower vibrations. At the same time she turned away many people who wanted to help her in the past, was rather ugly to people. She blamed her unhappiness on her partner of 10 years and was so upset and in a dark place. I explained the reason she hadn’t been able to move past this was that she was holding on to so much pain and needed to cut those spiritual cords that still attached her to the people who had hurt her and her pain. She finally started to see that she was the one who had created much of the roadblocks and obstacles in her life. It wasn’t easy to acknowledge that but she did and things have now changed for the better. She has distanced herself from negative situations and is progressing down her spiritual path. The future always looks bright after we can see what needs fixing.

Thanksgiving will be here shortly and many of us will say what we are thankful for and blessed. However, if you really think about it. We should be mindful and thankful for every single day of our life. It shouldn’t be limited to one day of the year. This is the biggest misconception. We all gather and eat a lovely meal and say a prayer or two and recite what we are thankful for but then forget about it.

lovely meal and say a prayer or two and recite what we are thankful for but then forget about it.

Don’t live your life being thankful only when it’s convenient. Don’t be thankful when things are going wrong in your life. Live and breathe the thankfulness. Here’s some areas of your life that you might not acknowledge but should be thankful for.

  • Food – Sustenance is needed to survive. Many of us are very fortunate and often throw away leftovers while some people in another country are starving or would do anything for just one morsel of food.

  • Shelter – You have somewhere to stay and sleep away from the elements. Do you know how many homeless people there are in the world? How many people who weren’t afforded or given the same options as you since life has many lessons and turns. Someone who is freezing and shivering in a box or subway because the only blanket they have is a cardboard box. Yet you are unhappy where you live at.

  • Clothes – To have clothing to put on. Do not take having clothing for granted. You are striving to buy the latest designer brand while someone doesn’t even have more than one pair of clothes to wear.

  • Family – Family is all you have. We often take them for granted and yes they may irritate you but they are there. Once they are gone, you will wish they were there and things would have been different. This world can be a very lonely place. Cherish who you have in your life because they are a blessing.

As you celebrate the holiday season in the next few months be sure to do some introspection into areas of your life that you might not be focusing on. Change ways of thinking and put some more thankfulness and selflessness into the mix. You might feel way better and see things from a clearer perspective.


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Much food for thought. A deep and profound Hub. Much Love.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Jamaica

      blessings friend, good article