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Thanks giving from your soul

Updated on December 7, 2015

After a hectic day with the kids, I usually clean the house during the evening time. When everything is quiet I take the incense sticks and show it all around the house pleasant fragrance rises and fills the whole house.

A kind of peace, a sense of calm surrounds me and then it lead me to think how Noah and his family when offered thanksgiving God smelled the sweet fragrance and blessed them.

Imagine after so much of death and destruction a new life, a new hope is being offered to them surrounded by the beautiful rainbow, the blue skies and on the top of the mountain a new beginning is born.

Let us whoever we are whatever our past may be and in whatever situation we may be just start praising GOD just start saying THANKS from your soul day after day and you will begin to see a new beginning, new strength, new blessings, new sprout streaming through your life.

Praise God and be blessed


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