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That Sweet Fragrance

Updated on January 17, 2018


Boker tov ve Yom Revi’i sameach!! Good morning and Happy Fourth Day!! Also, Rosh Chodesh sameach!! Today is the start of the month of Shevat!! The eleventh month of the Hebrew year!!

A Blessing for [Rosh Chodesh] Shevat

May it be Your will, Adonai Eloheinu and the EL of our forefathers, that You inaugurate this month of Shevat upon us for goodness and for blessing.

May You give us long life and a life of peace – Shalom

a life of goodness – Tovah

a life of blessing – Bracha

a life of sustenance – Parnassa

a life of physical health – Hilutz Atzamot

a life in which there is a fear of Heaven and a fear of sin - Yirat Shamayim ve’ Yirat Chet

a life in which there is no humiliation – Ein Busha u’Chlimah

a life of wealth and honor – Osher ve’Kavod

a life in which we will have a love of Torah and an awe and reverence of Elohim - Ahavat Torah ve’Yirat HaShem

a life in which Adonai Eloheinu fulfills our heartfelt requests for good.



Sensing the Power of Yeshua's Love

I’m not going to lie, I am not a huge fan of cold and snow. I don’t mind it, per se, for everything under the sun has “an appointed time” (Qohelet (Ecclesiastes) 3:1). Besides, the fleas and ticks have been really bad for the last two or three years and once it gets really cold in the Winter months, the fleas and the ticks will die out more and their populations will not be as great in the next season of warm months. So, I guess, yes, I will be just as happy as the next person when Spring comes across the horizon again.

Do you know what I enjoy most about Spring? Even more than watching my Pear Tree start to blossom and bud?

The fragrances that flit and float on the Spring breezes!!

Can I tell you something? We carry the fragrance of Yeshua upon us … no matter the season of the year. Yeshua’s power is a power of love, and this love moves about in the Earth’s atmosphere, raining upon us and reigning in the cores of our very beings.

We can see the aroma of love when we see the rainbow appearing after a Spring rain.

We can hear the sound of love as we listen to the laughter of our children.

We can taste the aroma of love as the dinners and sweet treats we bake for our families is set before them as nourishment.

We can feel the aroma of love as we are embraced in hugs from family and friends.

We can smell the aroma of love as the anointing oil that is Yeshua is poured to dripping from our heads to our feet. Yeshua was YeHoVaH’s sweet alabaster box, broken upon the cross, and poured out to fill our nostrils with the sweetness of His fragrant love.

Yochanan (John) 12:3--”Then Miryam took a pound of costly perfume of nard, anointed the feet of Yeshua, and wiped His feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.”

Let us become intimate at the feet of Him who is worthy of our worship. Let us humble ourselves at His feet and give our all to Him for He gave His all for us. Let us allow His anointing fragrance to spill over into our lives, filling us, and leaking out onto others around us.

Yea and amein.

There's Just Something About That Name [video file]

Sweet, Sweet Spirit [video file]

O Taste and See (Brian and Jenn Johnson) [video file]


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