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That Thou Art!

Updated on June 30, 2016

I believe...

The creation is for the happiness of human beings!

The creation happened for the happiness of human beings. The happiness of the beings is the food for the gods! Everything was created for the sole happiness of human beings. God has no ‘selfishness’. It is man who has cultivated ‘selfishness and greed! This is the main reason, why he suffers now! Even while the creation happened, God has set certain basic rules for the welfare of the mankind! God is the most liberal in creating varieties for the sake of making man happy! While granting the powers of taste to the tongue, he has enabled six types of tastes. For catering to the vision of human beings, he has created seven colors which permeate the entire creation. For sounds, he has created umpteen varieties of the same. He has granted singing ability in koil and other such birds. Man is capable of singing varieties of tunes. Again, there are musical instruments which reproduce several tunes according to the tempos.

He has provided the earth with varieties of flora and fauna to cater to the whims of his vision. He has supplied cool rain waters to appease the thirst of all beings. Again there is fire to ward of cold as well as for cooking purposes. Air is the most essential element for the survival of all beings. Even the fishes that swim under water have got the ability to absorb the oxygen through the fins, specially granted to them. There are hills and valleys, river system and oceans, waterfalls and lakes. The entire things as above are provided for the sake of man fully free. He can utilize the resources as per his choice! In addition god has granted man discriminating capacity and detachment also. Yes, if one chooses to remain indifferent to the whims of the senses, he can remain detached from all the sensory attractions. Love is the most enduring power in the world. Hence even the animals, birds and insects take care of their young one due to instincts. But man could use this love to embrace one and all.

Part of God...

Selfishness and greed killed selfless love!

Sadly, due to selfishness and ego, man has lost the grand opportunity to love one and all. Even with his own kith and kin, he selectively uses affection which is a distorted form of Love. God alone is capable of Loving the entire creation selflessly. Man, though a descent of god, has forgotten the effective use of love with others in society. He feels that it is enough if he and his family remain happy! This is utmost selfish for the man to consider others as alien to him. God has revealed that “All are One, Be alike to everyone’! But the perverted man thinks, “My, mine and my family and wealth! He is concerned only with the happiness of his wife and children and not even his parent, brothers and sisters! What to talk about such persons? Unfortunately, the world contains only such individuals and exceptions have become rare.

I don’t deny the existence of purely selfless individuals elsewhere in the world. In fact, there is rainfall only for the sake of such holy persons. Because of them, even the worst criminals are benefited by rain. The one great thing about god is that He never differentiates between saints and sinners. He is more concerned that sinners must transform in due course to become good people!

I AM....

God is all pervasive. He is in every atom of creation!

Once, Sri Sathya Saibaba has revealed “I AM NATARAJA, THE DANCE MASTER! I ONLY KNOW THE AGONEY OF TEACHING YOU EACH STEP OF THE DANCE! This may seem a normal statement. Only dance masters (teachers) are aware of the pain!

Yes, each one of us is learning the nuances of dancing from the great master seated in our conscious! He directs each one, every now and then to correct our steps and posture according to the Divine Music!

It is only the ignorant folks, who are stubbornly ignorant and refuse to do anything with god, would lead their life in their own style and fancy and end up in a miserable manner. Those who are able to listen must absorb the teachings of saints, sages and scriptures and align ourselves correctly with the Divine desires!

Ancient scriptures beautifully depict god. He willed and the creation happened. In Sanskrit language, it is written, “Ekoham, Bahusyam’ – which means, “I am alone, let me become many! The “Purusha Sooktham” which glorifies the one god states, He ossesses thousands of heads, hands and other limbs! Literally this means that the entire creation is the body and limbs of God!

The same truth is re-affirmed in the teachings of the Lord in the Bhagwat Geeta! Krishna clarified Arjuna “the creation is part of Me, projection of my Will. We can understand the underlying truth! The creation contains the creator! The creator transcends the creation too! God cannot be limited to the creation alone. He is beyond the creation! Hence in every atom of the Universe God exists. The entire space is pervaded by God, which obviously include trillions of galaxies that exist. So far, our astronomers and space scientists have explored only a nano part of space. Space is infinite and immeasurable. It is beyond the ken of human intelligence to explore god since he is incapable of exploring the perceived universe!

Swami Ramatirtha, a famous saint of North India has declared once that there is nothing apart from God in the creation! The above truth can be intuitively understood. Had not Jesus declared? “I and My Father are One! These are all very sublime truths. For the ordinary mind of worldly people, such truths hold no water! They cannot understand themselves, how they can understand God?

In this context, Sathya Saibaba has declared, “I am God, You are God, I know that I am god but you do not know that you are god! This truth is written in many of the holy scriptures of the world, albeit in different ways!


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