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That ugly Chair!

Updated on November 29, 2011

That Ugly Chair!

That Ugly Chair!

"I hate that chair! It sits in the middle of the room, it stinks, matches with nothing, and should be thrown out! I hate the way this old man can sit there for hours, always trying to speak to me, giving me advise on how to live my life! If you could live yours, maybe you would let me live mine!"

That's how I viewed that chair once upon a time. Then he died. There was no longer a purpose for having that chair in the middle of the room. Now I walked in the room and all that stood there was a silent, empty chair. No one to greet me, no one to ask how my life was going. I could finally get rid of that ugly chair!

I took out the chair and stuck it in the attic. But walking in the room and not seeing the chair just reminded me even more of its absence. I missed the chair, I missed the man in the chair. I guess I realized it was a greater part of my life than what I had imagined.

I pulled the chair out of the attic and put it back in the middle of the room. It still does not match the decor, but when I get home I sit there. I sit and think about my day and imagine what he would say.

Moral: Appreciate the people in your life. If they are there, they have a purpose. They also have a season that will come to an end.

Spiritual Lesson: We feel Gods guidance and interference with our life as agitating sometimes. But His absence yells louder than his interference. If you've stuck him in the attic, or the back of your mind, pull him back out. He still wants to know about your day/your life, and He still wants to help you get through it all.


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